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Bear Mattress Review (Unbiased Review)

Bear Mattress

(Gel Memory foam)

bear mattress

One cannot talk about memory foam mattresses without the mention of Bear mattress. One of the most innovative and cooling memory foam mattresses in the market.

It uses its patented cover and graphite foam to offer a cooler and more comfortable sleeping experience.

As a mattress, it tries to stand out in this busy and competitive market by being the mattress most fit for athletes. However, we tested this mattress and we believe it is much more than that. Read below to find out. 

What Is The Bear Mattress Constructions? 

The Bear mattress uses a 4 layer design to achieve a well-balanced cooling, comfort, and support that caters to most sleepers.

  Breathable Celliant Cover


The Bear cover is half of its uniqueness with its Infrared Yarn Technology that supposedly uses the body’s natural energy to promote a leather sleep.

Though that is a little hard to prove, we did our own testing and we were more than satisfied with how the cover feels and performs.

The freshness we felt in the morning might be in part thanks to this cover, but I think the Bear mattress as a whole did the trick and not just the unique cover.

  Graphite-Gel Memory Foam


This is where the magic happens. At 2-inches high this Graphite-Gel memory foam has two jobs.

First, it acts as the main comfort layer of the Bear mattress by reducing pressure on the shoulders and hips.

Second, it dissipates unwanted trapped heat in the mattress and helps the air to circulate better.

 Responsive Transition Foam


This is simply a 2-inch high density poly foam layer that balances the softness of the mattress.

What it does is to make sure that the heavier sleeper does not go through to the firmer base foam and in turn, have back pain.

While also makes sure the lighter sleeper still has some cushion and won’t feel the Bear mattress being too firm by the base foam.

  High-Density Base Foam


This 6-inch HD polyfoam is the firmest part of this mattress and the main support layer as well. It gives the Bear mattress a proper foundation to set its comfort layers on.

Being firm and dense, this layer increases the overall longevity of the Bear mattress as well.  

Great 80%

How Are the Support and Comfort? 


The comfort of the mattress determines how quickly you go to sleep and stay asleep while its support determines if you feel any pain or discomfort in the morning.

If you go to sleep quickly but wake up with pain, then the support is the issue and the opposite is also true. So now let’s talk about the comfort of the Bear mattress First.


 Bear mattress Comfort 


For comfort, Bear relies on its 2-inch Graphite-Gel Memory Foam and the 2-inch transition foam as well. The memory foam reduces the pressure points on your hip and shoulders while the transition foam keeps your spine in alignment

 Bear mattress support 

For support and longevity, Bear uses its 6-inch base foam. Its firm enough to support heavier people and keep the mattress away from sagging for a long time.

Bear also uses the 2-inch transition foam for support as it makes the transition from soft to firm much more gentile and comfortable.

You notice that the second layer is used for both comfort and support which is why its called transition layer!

Support and comfort
Great 80%

Does the Bear Mattress Sleeps Cool? 

During the test, we felt that the Bear mattress lives up to its advertising about being one of the coolest mattresses in the industry. Here is why

This is actually where Bear mattress thrives and performs better than most memory foam mattresses. Every layer in this mattress is designed to offer a cooler sleep individually as well as help other layers to reduce air trapping and increase air circulation.

Starting from the Celliant® Cover which is one of the most comfortable and coolest covers used in a bed in a box.

Then the use of Graphite-Gel Memory Foam that is known for its moisture reducing and cool characteristics. If you touch a Graphite Foam, you’ll feel that it is much cooler than room temperature and that it is cooler than any other foam by its very nature. This is the mean reason why Bear sleeps cooler than most beds out there.

Finally, both the transition layer and base foam layer are made with open cell HD foam that helps the comfort layer to reduce heat-trapping.

Great 95%

 How Is the Edge Support of The Bear Mattress? 


Like most bed in a box mattresses, the Bear mattress’s edge support is somewhat lacking. Do remember that it still offers enough support where you can sleep on the edge and not feel like rolling out of the bed.

However, when sitting on the edge you’ll notice a good amount of sink. That is because this mattress like the rest of the mattresses is designed for sleeping and not sitting.

Edge support
Excellent 80%

Does Bear Mattress Have Motion Transfer or Noise?

Very little, almost unnoticeable if fact. Mattresses with two inches of memory foam will trap movement and transfer very little motion to the partner. However, the Bear mattress has two inches and also has another 8 inches of high-density foam instead of coils. 

Its all-foam design along with the memory foam it uses gives it the ability to be almost completely silent as well. So, being both silent and disturbance-free, the Bear mattress is very couple friendly. 

We tested the mattress for motion transfer on a wooden bed and then on the floor. We understood from this that the Bear mattress is completely silent and most of the disturbance felt is from the moving of the bedframe.

If you wish to almost completely nullify movement disturbance make sure your bed frame is sturdy and sold while also being against the wall. 

Motion transfer
Excellent 95%

Is the Bear Mattress Good for Sex? 

To have a good enjoyable amorous time you need to make sure that your mattress can provide enough comfort so movement is not discomforting on the bed, Support so that the mattress doesn’t start sagging in a year time, and bounce so that the sex rhythm is steady and good.

Unfortunately, most memory foam mattresses offer the comfort and support you need without the bounce and responsiveness necessary. Bear isn’t much different in this regard but because of its 2-inch transition foam and its medium-firm feel, it still has a good amount of responsiveness making better than some memory foam mattresses for sex.

For Sex
Excellent 80%

How Firm Is the Bear Mattress?


Medium-firm: On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the firmest, the Bear mattress has a firmness scale of 7 which is a medium-firm. 

Though the Bear mattress is suited for most sleepers, it is better suited for back and stomach sleepers.

Now I tested the Bear mattress on my side since that is my natural sleep position and I found it to be well accommodating for my needs. Side sleeping still let good because the 2-inch memory foam right on top and the transition foam that is right under it to reduce the effect of the firm base.

The Bear mattress does not have any firmness choices and is a one-sided mattress (meaning you cannot flip it).


How Durable Is the Bear Mattress?


Though we cannot judge a mattress that we test for weeks and confidently say it will last for years, we can say that the Bear mattress is built to last!

All three layers of the mattress and the cover are made of higher quality materials that will last a long time. The mattress construction is compact with no convoluted foam or fiber pillow tops that only feel nice in the first year.

From its higher than average density memory foam and polyfoams to its advanced cover, the Bear is here to stay and not here for a quick cash grab.

Excellent 85%

Where is the Bear Mattress Made? 

The Bear company sources its materials in the U.S and their mattress is made and designed in the US. 

They cover vender is based in South Carolina and their foam manufacturer is in Georgia. Their headquarters are based in Hoboken.

Being U.S sourced and made means that the Bear mattress seldom goes out of stock. We never heard a complaint about them being on backorder or customers waiting weeks for delivery. That is because mattresses are made to order from materials that are US sourced. 

Of course, that is not the only benefit of US-made, you can also be sure the quality is better than overseas mattresses.


Does Bear Have Any Unpleasant Smells or off-gassing? 


We didn’t smell anything major at all. The Bear mattress does not off-gas like most memory foam mattresses. 

This mainly happens because their foam is US made and CertiPUR-US Certified. Also, having their mattresses made to order means that they don’t stay in their boxes for long staying fresh.

Great 80%

Is Bear Worth it for the Money? 


Based on the quality of the foam and fabrics, the Bear mattress is very fairly priced. You get the benefits of their Celliant cover, Graphite-Gel Memory Foam, free shipping, 100-night trial and a 10-year warranty for under $1000. 

The mattress is also American made, 10-inches and comes with patented technologies for better sleep.

Great 80%

 How is the Bear return and trial? 


The Bear company offers 100 days of trial meaning you have 100 days in which you can ask for a return. However, the Bear company like most bed in a box companies, asks for a minimum of 30 days before you can ask for the return. They believe that you need this long to give the mattress a fair trial. 

Hopefully, it doesn’t come to that but if you do ask for a return, Bear is fast with their customer service and we haven’t had any issues with them whatsoever.

Trial, returns and refunds
Great 85%

Bear Mattress Warranty 

The Bear mattress comes with a 10-year warranty with basic and standard features. The warranty includes the Celliant cover also for 1-year which is extra since most companies do not include the cover of the mattress under their warranty. Bear is known for their advanced unique cover and so they want to cover it as well in their warranty.

The warranty covers any sagging greater than 1-inch that wasn’t the result of customer abuse. In this case, they would replace the mattress for you.

Though they do not mention this in their warranty page, be sure to keep your mattress clean and stain-free as that usually voids your warranty. 

Great 80%

Shipping & Financing options 


 Shipping Options


As usual, the regular next to your doorstep delivery is free but Bear also offers White glove delivery for $100 and White glove delivery and removal for $150. Please note that these charges are nonrefundable in case you want to return the Bear mattress afterward.

 Financing Options


The Bear company offers financing through Affirm. The terms are 6, 12, or 18 months for as low as 0% APR.

Final Verdict 

There is a lot of good going on with the Bear mattress, from its Graphite-Gel infused Memory Foam to their Calliant cover, it’s certainly one of our favorite mattresses.

The Bear mattress is unique in its approach to sleep and will always be one of the best choices if you’re in the market for memory foam mattresses. 

Overall Rating

Our team gives the Cloud Supreme Breeze 8.8 out of 10 in Overall Rating

Great 80%
Support and comfort
Excellent 80%
Excellent 95%
Edge Support
Great 80%
Motion Transfer
Excellent 95%
For Sex
Excellent 80%
Excellent 95%
Great 80%
Excellent 80%
Trial & Refunds
Great 85%

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