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Most people would be forgiven for thinking that an adjustable bed is only good for hospitals, the elderly or individuals recovering at home. In recent times, this type of bed frame has become very popular in bedrooms. 

An Adjustable bed which is a multiple hinged sleeping surface that elevates at the head and foot sections of a bed has many sleep benefits

Apart from the convenience of sitting upright in bed, an adjustable bed also comes with many health and sleep benefits, which we explore in detail, later in this guide.

This adjustable bed buying guide looks at the features and benefits of this bed frame. With a bonus review of the 2020’s, 5 best adjustable beds in the market.

Best Adjustable Beds 2020

#1 Sweet Zzz Adjustable Bed Frame
# 2 Katy Adjustable Bed Frame
best cheap adjustable bed frame
#3 Leggett and Platt Prodigy 2.0
Prodigy 2.0 Leggett and Platt
# 4 DM9000s by Dynasty Mattress
#5 Glideaway Ascend Adjustable Bed
adjustable bed

Leggett & Platt Williamsburg

(Best Overall)​

Best Overall

Sweet Zzz Adjustable bed frame was our overall best pick because it is a luxury base at a budget price. This heavy duty 850 lbs. capacity bed frame has all the features of a good adjustable bed. It features a perfectly balanced head and foot elevation in the Zero gravity function, that makes it feel weightless.

One of the beds best feature is its comprehensive massage feature that includes a head, foot, and full-body wave massage at three intensity levels.

The frame itself is beautiful, the motor is very strong and German designed, and the remote control is convenient. 

You are guaranteed a peaceful night’s rest on the sweet Zzz Adjustable because the motors are hardly heard. Its in-house motors are well concealed producing little to no sound.

Other than this, the bed features under bed lights, that help you find misplaced things under the bed. Or trace your path in the dark.

Overall this is the best adjustable bed frame we tested based on quality and price.

Katy Adjustable Bed Frame

( Beat Least Expensive )

best cheap adjustable bed frame

Beat Least Expensive

Katy Adjustable Bed Frame is a quality inexpensive adjustable bed. This bed frame focuses on the most important function of an Adjustable Bed, elevating the head and foot areas of a bed.  

While some features are nice to have, they are certainly not a must in an Adjustable bed, something the Katy Adjustable realized earlier on.

So, take away the under-bed lights, and massage function, and you have a sturdy well-made adjustable bed that costs just a fraction of other similar bed frames.

Katy’s adjustable base has two quiet motors for the head and foot sections.

They help tilt the bed up to 65 degrees on the head side and 45 degrees on the foot side which is more than most adjustable beds.

To accompany this, the bed frame comes with a wireless remote that can be used to adjust the bed accordingly.

This bed frame is pretty simple to set up and doesn’t require tools. It’s available in several bed sizes including Twin XL, Queen, King, Split King, and Cal King. 

We think this is the best, inexpensive adjustable bed for anyone who just needs to raise their bed at the head and foot only.


Leggett and Platt Prodigy 2.0

( Best Luxury Choice )

Prodigy 2.0 Leggett and Platt

Best Luxury Choice

The USA made, completely silent Leggett 2.0 Prodigy is our best pick for the luxury option. Built by the oldest adjustable bed manufacturer in the USA, the prodigy 2.0 is made to last.

It comes with many features that provide a relaxing, comfortable and convenient sleeping environment. 

Prodigy 2.0 features a pillow tilt function that helps you sit upright in bed with your face comfortably facing forward. This feature helps you read, work, eat or watch the T.V comfortably.

Prodigy 2.0 also comes with a capacitive easy to use remote, which is operated with just a touch. It has a special preset feature for snoring, that lifts the head to a 7-degree angle.

This helps prevent snoring by opening blocked airways. The remote also comes with a safety lock feature that locks the remote.

This bed frame comes with an Android and IOS App used in place of the remote.

 The App helps you set multiple preferred positions or adjust a massage’s intensity.

Speaking of massages, Prodigy 2.0 comes with a full-body wave massage and isolated head and foot massages. A perfect way to relax after a long day.

DM9000s by Dynasty Mattress

(Lumbar Support Feature )

Lumbar Support Feature

Unlike many other adjustable beds, Dynasty Mattress really thought about how they can eliminate lower back pain completely. When they decided to add an extra Lumbar Support feature. 

Apart from the expected elevated head and foot functions, with the Zero gravity feature, the DM9000s features an optional Lumbar Support beam that protrudes at the lower back area of the bed frame.

This helps close the gap between the mattress and the spine. To support the natural curve of the spine and relieve the back of any extra pressure, alleviating most if not all of the lower back pain.

That’s why we picked this adjustable bed for best Lumbar Support feature.

One of the most notable things about the DM9000s is how well built the bed is, that the manufacturer guarantees a 25-year warranty for the bed’s frame and 10 years extended warranty for parts and labor.

This adjustable bed features separate head and foot articulations, with a separate pillow tilt and a separate leg lift.

As such, the bed comes with 4 separate, well-concealed motors. That provides a quiet zonal massage in four separate areas.

Glideaway Ascend Adjustable Bed

(Elevate Lift Tilt Feature)

adjustable bed

Elevate Lift Tilt Feature

If you have a sever case of acid reflux, then you might need an adjustable bed frame with the tilt feature where the inter base tills to reduce acid reflux. 

From the ones we tried, we found the Glideaway Ascend Adjustable Bed frame to be the best in this regard. Do keep in mind that this feature always comes with a larger than usual price tag. 

This frame elevates at both the head and foot. Helping one sit upright in bed to read, eat or watch T.V. It’s zero gravity function helps relieve lower back pain; a sleep position used by NASA for its astronauts.

It comes with three zonal massage functions, perfect for multiple pressure relief. Its wireless remote control helps you preset your preferred positions. 

The 2 USB ports found at the side of the bed are a nice addition. They help you conveniently charge your devices.

They package their adjustable bed with all the necessary tools, which makes this bed frame fast and easy to set up. 

Adjustable Beds Buying Guide


Understanding Adjustable Bed Features and Their Benefits?

Adjustable bed frames are somewhat mechanical in nature. Understanding each of this bedframe’s features will help you pick the right one. Remember, an adjustable bed is quite a costly purchase and directly impacts how you sleep. With that in mind, you want to be clear about your needs from the onset, to land the best bed frame for you.

In the following section, we briefly describe each feature and its benefit. This will give you an insight into what to look for in an adjustable bed.

  1- Elevating Head and Foot (Adjusting)

The main component of an Adjustable bed is its head and foot elevating feature. In most adjustable bases like the ones we have analyzed in this guide, the head feature rises 0-60 degrees while the foot section elevates 0-45 degrees. This is beneficial in many ways.  

Elevating the head helps you sit upright in bed for such tasks as reading, eating, working on a laptop or even watching the T.V, That’s not all, similar to a pillow, tilting the head of an adjustable bed helps combat many health conditions such as snoring, sleep apnea, and more. 

The lower lifting feature, on the other hand, helps relieve swollen legs and reduce the pressure that causes lower back pain.

   2- Massage Feature

Some adjustable beds feature a massage function. This can be a single full-body wave run through the entire bed or localized vibrations in the head and foot areas.

Massages help relieve pain, improve circulation, and relax the body. This function comes with different intensity levels that can be adjusted with a remote control or even an App.

While it’s not a must-have, the massage feature is nice to have on your adjustable bed, especially if you love regular massages or need to ease certain pains

The motors that produce this function can produce sound. What you want to ensure, is that the massage feature in the AB that you choose doesn’t produce too much noise that it disrupts your sleep.

  3- Pillow (or Head) Tilt Feature

While most adjustable beds have head and foot elevating features, it’s usually not enough. 

Most adjustable beds can only rise up to 60 degrees at the head. In that angle your body is not raised enough for your head to face forward, instead, you are stuck in a ceiling staring position. So you can’t really watch TV or read books comfortably without adding a pillow. 

Pillows need constant adjusting when they slip, and considering the amount of time people binge-watch shows, sitting in such a hunched position long enough can hurt your posture

That’s why Adjustable bed companies add a pillow tilting feature. This feature tilts up to 15 degrees more helping your head rest at a 90-degree angle. 

This is the best position for someone who wants to read, eat, work on their laptops or watch T.V in bed. That’s why it’s recommended to choose an Adjustable Bed with a pillow tilting feature like Leggett’s prodigy 2.0, reviewed above.

  4- Wall Hugger Feature You Pay?) :

On a regular adjustable bed without a wall-hugging feature, your body is raised and moved forward, away from your nightstand. This is a problem because you have to twist to reach back for things placed on your nightstand. This can hurt your neck and back. 

The wall-hugging feature works by sliding the bed backward while it rises up at the head to ensure it keeps you in the same position aligned with your nightstand.

  5- Customizable Height (or Adjustable Legs)

Most adjustable beds come with adjustable legs. This type of legs usually features several connected sections that can be removed to adjust the height of the bed. 

Other manufacturers use a smooth slide, push-button technology to help adjust the height of the adjustable bed’s legs.

This helps you adjust the height of the bed to match with your preexisting bed frame or other deco in your bedroom. However, if your bed frame has inbuilt storage, you can go for a Zero clearance model like the one that Blissful night makes.

Zero Clearance:

6- Anti-Snoring Feature

If you or your partner snores, you can choose an AB that comes with a preset anti-snoring feature. What this feature does is raise the snoring individual’s head by 7 degrees which helps open up their airways, therefore reducing the vibrating sound that produces snores.

7- Weight Capacitytable Legs)

Weight is a very crucial factor when choosing an adjustable bed. Adjustable beds have a weight limit. This type of bed frame involves a lot of movements and it’s also a considerable purchase. You can destroy it if you exceed the weight limit provided.

To avoid this, consider your weight, your mattress weight which typically ranges from 80-120 lbs and the weight of any other person who will sleep on the bed.

Most adjustable beds can support from 500 lbs and above. Try not to pick a bed that closely matches the weight of both you, your partner, and mattress. Pick one with extra capacity, for that occasional person, child or even pet that might jump into bed with you. 

This way you won’t be worried about destroying the bed, every time an extra weight is added on top.

  8- Programmable Positions & App Download

In most adjustable beds you will have to press the head or foot feature on the remote control several times to achieve your desired position. This can be annoying and downright tiring to do daily. That’s why it’s essential to get an adjustable bed with programmable memory features. Often times, this feature is incorporated in the remote control or an App. 

Once you reach your desired position, you simply save that position for future use. From there, achieving your desired resting position is as easy as just a press of a button. You can also use the pre-programmed positions that come already set in the remote.

  9- Under Bed Lighting & USB Ports

Another trending feature in Adjustable beds is the under-bed lighting. This feature helps light your path when you wake up in the middle of the night, without disturbing your partner. It also improves the aesthetics of your bedroom in the dark.

Other than light, some adjustable bases come with USB ports for charging your devices. These two components are not necessary but do add useful convenience to your adjustable bed.

  10- Furniture Style Frame

For a prettier looking bedroom, you might want to avoid exposing the metallic frame of the adjustable bed. That’s why some Adjustable bed manufacturers like DM9000s by Dynasty Mattress create a furniture style decking which covers the metallic parts and mechanics of the bed frame. 

This is also possible if you have a wooden bed frame. If you don’t want to place the AB inside another frame and are looking for a standalone, you can choose one that has a furniture style outer decking for aesthetic purposes.

11- Return Policy, Warranty, and Shipping

It’s always good to ensure there is a good return policy or a warranty for the products you purchase, especially for expensive items such as an Adjustable Base.

Check the terms and conditions in the Policy and Warranty before you purchase an adjustable bed. Ask questions, make sure you understand all the implications. Some AB manufacturers also include a free white glove delivery service like the Lineal brand from Saatva, reviewed above. 

Adjustable beds are heavy items and a free white-glove service would really come in handy.

Benefits of Adjustable Beds?

  Comfortability and convenience factor

Adjustable beds help you sit upright in bed for such tasks as reading, working on your laptop, and watching the T.V. Because of this bed’s ability to hinge in multiple places, it rises at the head and foot to give you optimal positioning in bed.

These features are important, especially for an individual recovering from injury or surgery. The raised sections of the bed, help alleviate pain, offer a comfortable sleeping position and make getting in and out of bed easier.

  Lighten Back Pain

Back pain is caused by muscle or ligament strain often caused by uneven pressure dispersal or incorrect support of the back. Aging also contributes to lower back pain as the spinal discs thin due to loss of fluids over time.

Sleeping in an inclined position helps reduce pain in the lower back. The Zero gravity position of an Adjustable Bed is known to relieve all backpressure.

Sleeping with slightly raised knees allows weight to be lifted off your back. This happens as your knees gain extra support in a raised position. Helping reduce the pressure exerted on your spine.  

The raising of the upper body, on the other hand, helps support the natural curve of the spinal cord.

Elevating your mattress at the head and foot positions allows your back to rest in a cradle-like position which supports its natural curve. The slightly raised head helps decompress the lower back, releasing it of extra pain-causing pressure.

The slightly angled head also helps maintain proper alignment of the neck’s section of the spine to avoid neck aches.

  Improve Digestion

ou have heard that you shouldn’t sleep immediately you eat, but rather you should stay active for up to two hours. This anecdote is meant to help you allow time for food travel along your gut for digestion to commence. 

Sleeping flat immediately you eat can disrupt this digestion process. Often slowing it down, causing food to come back up which causes indigestion and heartburns

In its severity, this condition is known as acid reflux, where it’s victims experience a burning sensation in their chest. Something that can cause an individual, sleepless nights, when they lie flat on their bed.

Sleeping in an elevated position helps prevent acid from traveling back up your esophagus. Raising your adjustable bed 6-8 inches helps you curtail this issue. It also betters digestion, which helps you absorb and retain more nutrients.

  Alleviate Sleep Apnea/ Snoring

Sleep apnea which occurs as a result of the tongue and throat muscles relaxing and blocking the body’s airways during sleep affects over 25 million Americans. The weight of gravity on these soft tissues causes them to relax and fall over the openings of breathing tubes leading to blocked airways. 

People suffering from this condition can stop breathing at certain times during sleep, something that can lead to heart disease. By raising an adjustable bed, a person suffering from this condition with the help of a CPAP machine can breathe properly throughout the night.

Therefore, adjustable bases in conjunction with other medications are recommended for this condition.


Adjustable beds also help with snoring. Similar to sleep apnea, snoring is caused by blocked airways. When throat and tongue muscles relax, they can block the body’s airways. The contact between the air produced by the lungs with these soft tissues produces a vibration which results in snores. 

Tilting the adjustable bed by 7 inches at the head helps open up blocked airways, which promotes proper airflow and circulation. 

While both of these conditions can be solved by simply placing pillows beneath one’s head, pillows can slip and cause these conditions to manifest again. An adjustable bed ensures this doesn’t happen.

  Lighten Leg Swelling

Many people suffer from swollen legs, especially people who work on their feet all day, those who suffer medical conditions, or even pregnant women. This swelling is called edema. Doctors describe edema as swelling caused by retention of excess fluids in body tissues. 

While it results from natural causes such as pregnancy or standing too much, it can be a sign of an underlying disease. Lying flat will only worsen this condition, as more fluid is trapped in the tissues leading to more pain and sleepless nights. 

Doctors advise raising your legs to reduce swelling. Raising your adjustable bed’s foot position helps to ease swelling of the legs, helping you sleep better.

The same applies to those suffering from Varicose Veins.

  Joint Pains and Arthritis

Arthritis is known to cause swelling and tenderness of the joints. People suffering from this condition experience pain in the joints and stiffness. An adjustable bed helps alleviate joint pains, by reducing the pressure exerted on such pain points.

Sleeping in the Zero Gravity position of an adjustable bed has been known to reduce pressure on pain points, helping to alleviate pain from conditions such as arthritis.

  Improves blood circulation

Most adjustable beds come with a massage function. What this does, is help improve blood flow to your joints and muscles. Even without the massage function, the bed’s ability to help you shift into different positions easily helps improve blood circulation in the body.

By tilting the head upwards, you allow your body to breath better as you sleep. This enhances oxygen supply to remote regions of your body, which helps restore your body tissue relieving you of pain and stiffness.


There you have it, a reason to get an adjustable bed. In this guide, we have reviewed the five best adjustable beds in the market today. Lineal from Saatva came out as our overall best, for its comprehensive features, sturdy design, and good price too. 

Others like DM9000s, which is an imported model stood out for its exceptional lumbar support features, and overall sturdy design that runs a gamut of adjustable bed features.

The guide also describes the different features of an adjustable bed, stating their benefits briefly. To top it all, this guide explores the various health and sleep benefits of an Adjustable Bed.

What did you think about the features? We hope you are now better suited to choose the right adjustable bed. 

Thank you for reading, have a restful night’s sleep 😉

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