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Best Cooling Blankets and Comforters 2019 (Our 8 Top Picks)

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Invest In A Good Cooling Blanket For Better Sleep

Rising temperatures can make sleeping in our beds uncomfortable. When sleeping in a hot room, living with night sweats, or suffering difficulty sleeping, the best cooling blanket for hot sleepers may help you achieve more restful sleep while regulating temperature effectively too. You can’t sleep comfortably when you are sweating in your bed. It doesn’t have to be this way, though, if you invest in cooling blanket and comforter.

The right temperature has a significant impact on the quality of our sleep, so it must not be ignored. It can be difficult getting a restful sleep if your environment is unbearably hot, or if you are prone to night sweats. Sleeping with an open window, putting on the air conditioner, or sleeping without bedding may not be enough to help.

Control Your Body’s Temperature

A cool blanket to counter rising temperature or sweating problem is what you’re looking for. Another way you can sleep more deeply is by investing in a comforter that suits your body temperature. There are quite a lot of different options, though, and picking the best one is far from being a walk in the park. Hopefully, our 8 top picks will help you out.

Best Cooling Blankets and Comforters

#1 WhatsBedding White Cotton Comforter
cooling blanket tencel
  • Best Tencel
  • Machine Washable
  • Soft & Hypoallergenic
#2 Madison Park Liquid Cotton Luxury Blanket
Madison Park Liquid Cotton Blanket
  • Best 100% Cotton
  • Machine Washable
  • Multiple Colors
#3 Climabalance All Year Down Alternative Comforter​
cooling comforter
  • Best Polyester
  • Machine Washable
  • Hypoallergenic
#4 Design Weave Outlast Woven All Season Temperature Regulating Blanket
cooling blanket white
  • Outlast Cooling
  • Balances Temperature
  • Hypoallergenic
#5 BedJet V2 Climate Control Beds
cooling blanket for couples
  • Best For Couples
  • Cooling & Heating
  • Climate Control
#6 Cocoon CoolMax Blanket
cooling blanket small
  • Travel Size
  • Breathable
  • Easy To Care For
#7 Downlite Hypoallergenic 230 TC Down Blanket
Blankets With Satin Trim
  • Hotel Like
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Washable & Dryable
#8 Utopia Bedding Woven Cotton Blanket
Utopia Bedding Woven Cotton Blanket1
  • Best Value
  • 100% Cotton
  • Washable & Dryable

WhatsBedding White Cotton Comforter

(Best Tencel)

cooling blanket tencel
  • Tencel Cotton Content
  • Soft & Hypoallergenic
  • 5-Year Warranty
  • Machine Washable
  • Corner Duvet Loops

WhatsBedding White Cotton Comforter is the best and coolest Tencel comforter we’ve tested. Made of 300 thread count Tencel Cotton fabric, this cooling comforter naturally wicks away moisture for a cooler and more refreshing sleep.

It also adds a layer of softness to your bed. Furthermore, the material is hypoallergenic and 100 % Cotton, which makes it the perfect choice for those who suffer from allergies and/or asthma!


  • WhatsBeddign White Cotton best cooling comforter is trendy and light in weight thus does not feel like it’s exerting pressure or weight on you.
  • Has the right amount of thickness that provides comfort any time of the year.
  • It is easy to clean, does not wrinkle and can be machine washed. It still looks brand new even after numerous times wash.
  • WhatsBedding White Cotton comforter is designed with box quilting and a Box-stitched pattern which prevents filling from shifting and prevent down leakage.
  • Corner loops not only look beautiful but protect comforter from shifting.

Madison Park Liquid Cotton Luxury Blanket

(Best 100% Cotton)

Madison Park Liquid Cotton Blanket
  • Machine Washable
  • Imoported
  • Luxuary Cotton
  • Multiple Colors

We chose Madison park Liquid Cotton Luxury blanket as one of the best cooling blankets because it was the best and coolest 100% cotton blanket we’ve tested. The Madison Park Liquid Cotton blanket is woven from the highest quality cotton spun into an extremely smooth and soft material that feels like liquid cotton. Snagging and piling have been virtually eliminated for long-lasting durability. Featuring an ultra-soft and silky feel, this Madison Park blanket gives out the best of luxury.

Madison Park Liquid Cotton best cooling blanket is one of the softest cotton blankets on the market. It is made of the highest quality cotton which is spun into a very smooth and soft material called Liquid Cotton. The blanket’s cotton material virtually eliminates pilling and snagging which gives a long-lasting blanket you won’t have to replace year after year.


  • Reduced shrinkage after wash
  • Regulates environment temperature for year-round comfort
  • Reduces piling and snagging for long-lasting durability
  • Provides luxurious comfort
  • Can be used alone or layered with a comforter for extra warmth
  • Spun for a highly soft and smooth hand-feel

Climabalance All Year Down Alternative Comforter

(Best Polyester)

cooling comforter
  • Hypoallergenic
  • All Season Comforter
  • Prime Shipping
  • Machine Washable

We have Climabalance All Year Down Alternative Comforter in our 8 top picks because it is the best and coolest Polyester comforter we tested. Climabalance All Year Down is one of the best cooling comforters as it is suitable for all the seasons. This comforter is produced with the highest quality polyester.

The filling of this cool comforter is 100% pure. it is all polyester without any impurity. It provides along many hypoallergenic features. It protects you against all those harmful things that can trigger allergic reactions. In every way, this cool comforter cares for you and your sleep.

It is very soft to touch and feels even fluffier than a cloud. The maintenance of this best cooling comforter is quite simple. You can easily wash this product at home without any helping hand in the machine.



  • Climabalance® Technology for improved sleep quality and sleep time
  • Unique and worldwide patented design by the leading German-based duvet and linen manufacturer Gebr. Sanders. Improves deep sleep phases up to 50%. Tested and developed in numerous independent university facilities.
  • Luxury Comforter transports humidity 3x faster than a regular comforter
  • 100% Hypoallergenic microfiber fill and is super light, fluffy and cozy
  • Sleep Scientists Design – Climabalance comforter is a masterpiece. The comforter reduces night sweats and promotes light sleep. The Temperature Regulating Comforter uses hi-tech mesh fabric to transport excess heat. This prevents perspiration and adjusts your sleeping temperature perfectly.

Design Weave Outlast Woven All-Season Temperature Regulating Blanket

(Outlast Cooling)

cooling blanket white
  • 50% Outlast, 50% Polyester
  • Outlast Technology Absorbs
  • Balances Temperature
  • Hypoallergenic Construction

We chose Design Weave All-Season Temperature Regulating Blanket to be among our top 8 cooling blankets for bed because it was the best and coolest blanket that employs the outlast technology. It’s not too hot. It’s not too cold… It’s just the right temperature.

Outlast technology, originally developed for NASA, utilizes change phase materials (PCM) that absorb, store and release heat for optimal thermal comfort. Outlast technology buffers against temperature fluctuations, helping to keep your personal microclimate steady and comfortable. Outlast technology does not only wick moisture away from the body; it helps in proactively managing sweat before it begins.

When your body becomes too hot, it naturally releases excess heat and sweats to cool the skin. Outlast is handy in easing spikes in skin temperature that cause sleep disturbances. It absorbs and stores the excess heat. As you begin to cool, the excess heat is released back to the body for optimal thermal comfort.



  • Outlast™ Technology absorbs, stores & releases heat
  • Balances temperature between you and your partner
  • Monitors temperature around your body and maintains optimal sleep temperature
  • Hypoallergenic materials resist dust mites and other allergens
  • Diamond stitch pattern in white
  • The filling is 50% Outlast and 50% Polyester
  • Included in the package is 90 by a 90-inch blanket
  • Made of 300-thread count and 100% cotton sateen weave

BedJet V2 Climate Control Beds

(Climate Control)

cooling blanket for couples
  • Cooling & Heating Comfort
  • Wireless Remotes
  • Prime Shipping
  • Best For Couples

Amazing For Couples

BedJet V2 Climate Control blanket is very unique in that it has a cooling mechanism for you and your partner. The Dual Zone bundle for couples gets half the bed cooled like Alaska, the other half warmed like Hawaii.

BedJet V2 Climate Control System is sleep-inducing cooling and warming system for beds with intelligent biorhythm sleep technology. The patented BedJet is the worlds first ultra-rapid cooling, heating, and climate control system made just for your Bed. It’s silky quiet and uses just air.

Cooling & Warming System

BedJet V2 is an electric cooling blanket with most powerful cooling, warming and sweat drying system you can have available in a bed, with near instant response. It quickly eliminates moisture and sweat from the bed thus it is an instant relief for night sweats, hot flashes, and stuffy memory foam mattresses. BedJet electric cooling blanket brings climate control right into the bed itself. It pumps air right between the sheets, thus does not affect the rest of the house.

The remote provides basic options but also everything else you need digging up check into the app.



  • Instant Cooling & Heating
    Silky quiet digital DC motor provides for a luxurious temperature-controlled sleeping environment, cooler or warmer whichever suits you
  • Eliminates Body Moisture and Sweat
    Quickly removes moisture and sweat from the bed. This is an instant relief for night sweats, hot flashes, and stuffy memory foam mattresses.
  • Biorhythm Function

    A program is included that personalizes heating and cooling temperatures for every hour of the night
  • Control Remotely
    Never get out of bed with the wireless remote, or use the intelligent Bluetooth sleep App for control from your smartphone or tablet
  • Simple & Easy Install
    Only BedJet doesn’t change the structure and feel of your mattress, with no stiff mattress pads, no mattress toppers, no wires and no tubes of water to sleep on.

Cocoon CoolMax Blanket

(Travel Size)

cooling blanket small
  • Small & Lightweight
  • Breathable
  • Easy To Care For
  • Prime Shipping

We picked Cocoon CoolMax Blanket to be among our top 8 best because it was the best cooling blanket for bed travel size we tested. Cocoon CoolMax blanket is a favorite among travel devotees because it easily stows into its own compact stuff sack (about the size of a drinking glass) and unfolds offering warm, lightweight and luxurious comfort.

Compared to airline-issued blankets (if you can find one!), Cocoon travel size cooling blanket for bed is a moisture-wicking blanket, is breathable and feels super-soft against your skin.

The fabric is a smart mixture of nylon, cotton and treated polyester making it light, soft, and breathable. The blanket stuffs into a tote sack the size of a three-pack of juice boxes. And it’s as versatile as a pocket-knife.



  • Can be used on planes, trains, in your car, at the cinema, at home and anywhere else you might need to snuggle up
  • Ultra compact and lightweight travel blanket
  • Special midweight CoolMax knit material
  • Breathable fabric wicks moisture away effectively
  • Small and lightweight enough to be carried everywhere else
  • Travel companion for keeping warm and cozy
  • Comes with a convenient drawstring pouch for easy storage
  • It is small and lightweight enough to be carried along wherever you go

Downlite Hypoallergenic 230 TC Down Blanket

(Hotel Like)

Blankets With Satin Trim
  • Hypoallergenic
  • 1 Inch Satin Trim Detail
  • Machine Washable & Dryable
  • Made In China

Downlite Hypoallergenic 230 TC Down Blanket has the feel of the luxury hotel bedrooms beddings. They are lightweight cooling blankets and are a perfect way to add comfort and style to your bed. If you are a warm sleeper – just use the blanket by itself. If you sleep cold and need extra warmth simply pair with your favorite comforter. This is a hypoallergenic comforter made of 550 Fill Power, high-end duck down.

One of the main issues with comforters of the kind is that the down tends to shift quite a lot. This one is sewn through the construction, and this addresses this annoying issue quite conveniently. The blanket has 1-inch satin trim detail which makes it particularly soft and gentle upon contact. It’s also machine washable for further convenience.

The best thing about this is that you can throw it in the dryer without worrying that the fabric will get ruined. All in all, this is a solution that is easy to take care of.



  • The material is 230 TC Cambric Cotton
  • Resistant to allergies due to hypoallergenic 550 Fill Power White Duck Down
  • No, fill shifting because it is Sewn Thru Construction
  • Available in colors White and Ivory
  • 1 Inch Satin Trim Detail
  • Easy to clean and maintain as it can be machine washed and is dryable.

Utopia Bedding Woven Cotton Blanket


Utopia Bedding Woven Cotton Blanket1
  • breathable
  • 100% Pure Cotton
  • Machine Washable & Dryable
  • Best Value

Utopia Bedding Woven Cotton Blanket is made from pure cotton yet it’s not expensive, therefore it is the best value blanket in the market we’ve tested. This best cooling comforter is a luxury 100% cotton blanket at an affordable price. Utopia Bedding Woven Cotton Blankets are expertly tailored, features a ring spun cotton which provides optimal softness and hassle-free maintenance.

100% Cotton

The fabric is made from 100% Cotton which provides the ultra-soft feel and easy care. Its ample size makes this best cooling comforter perfect for cuddling and storage. Throw over bed sets or have on hand in the living room for naps and extra warmth. It can be matched easily with other products, such as Duvet Covers, Bed Skirts, Flat Sheets, Fitted Sheets, or Pillowcases.

Easy To Wash And Dry

This best cooling comforter is washed and dried easily. It can be tumble dried or hung up to dry. It is easier to clean cotton fabrics than other kinds of fabrics. They release dirt and grime easily, so there is no need to use harsh soaps and chemicals to get rid of stains and dirt on cotton fabrics.

Use it as a layering piece in the cold winter or as a standalone on warmer days.


  • Soft luxury bedding for an affordable price
  • 100% cotton weave that is easy to care and maintain and lasts longer
  • Tailored elegantly and hems are sewn with utmost expertise
  • The package contains one breathable cotton blanket white in color full size
  • Oversized to accommodate the natural shrinkage of cotton

Cooling Comforters and Blankets Materials:


Another name for Tencel is lyocell fiber. It is derived from wood pulp and considered a great cotton alternative, especially for those with sensitive skin. For patients with sensitive skin caused by atopic dermatitis, Tencel is preferred over cotton for blankets and comforters material because of its softness, temperature control, and wrinkle-resistance. This is a fabric that feels like silk with great sweat-wicking properties. This is an excellent choice material for nighttime sleep in blankets and comforters.

Environmentally Friendly

Tencel is environmentally friendly. Most of the wood pulp used to manufacture Tencel is sustainably harvested from the Eucalyptus tree. It is generally processed with a non-toxic solvent in a ‘closed-loop’ solvent spinning process (solvent is recycled and not lost to the environment). The pulp is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.

Tencel Is Not As Breathable As Cotton

While Tencel is fairly cool, it’s not quite as breathable as cotton, and can have a slightly clammy feel. Tencel represents a milestone in the development of environmentally sustainable textiles. One of the great benefits is the variety and exceptional comfort you can experience with Tencel/Lyocell beddings.

Tencel was created with color in mind, because of the fibers’ high absorbency. The fabric can be dyed to high-quality standards.


Cotton Is Breathable

Cotton is a natural fiber that’s soft, comfy, and breathable. We love cotton because it is plush and gentle to the touch, cotton gets softer with each wash. Plus it’s very easy to care for—you just toss in the washer and dryer. Cotton is very effective at absorbing sweat and moisture, resulting in an incredibly pleasing material to sleep on.

Cotton wicks moisture away from the skin and leaves a layer of warm, dry air. Helping to keep the body cool and comfortable, there are fewer better materials for a comforter than cotton. Cotton blankets can vary in weight and texture, making them a year-round bedding staple. If allergies are a concern, cotton is an excellent choice since it can be washed in hot water.

Cotton Quality

One of the biggest issues people have with cotton is about the huge disparity of quality within the category. Egyptian cotton is often considered the best quality cotton on the market. This is because of its longer and thinner fibers, which allow for a higher thread count than other fabrics labeled 100% cotton. It is also grown from plants with very little lint, so it is very unlikely to pill. The difference in both feel and lasting power between Egyptian and generic cotton is significant.

Egyptian Cotton


Egyptian cotton is known for its ability to create extra-long staples, or fibers. These fibers produce threads that are thinner than other cottons because of their longer length. This thread is smaller in diameter yet stronger than other cottons. Smaller thread means that more threads per square inch of material produce a more luxurious fabric which is stronger, lighter in weight, yet breathes well.

Egyptian cotton’s long fibers produce cooling blankets and comforters that are thin and sumptuous yet extremely strong and long-lasting. The shorter fibers of generic cotton, on the other hand, can poke out of the weave, leading to a coarser, weaker fabric.

Many people think that choosing high thread count in beddings is the only gauge of quality. This is not true, as in the case of Egyptian cotton the threads in are longer, stronger and closer together. Furthermore, Egyptian cotton fabrics resist pilling or “surface balling” after repeated washings, as the cotton plants used to make it don’t produce a lot of lint, unlike other cottons.




Satin is a man-made fabric. It is a woven material made from one or a combination of three fabrics: polyester, nylon acetate, and silk. Silk might be found within the fabric content of satin, but the first satin material was made out of silk and is still known today as satin silk. Satin has many of the same properties that you’ll find in the more expensive, natural silk fabric.

Luxury Feel

Satin blankets and comforters are silky smooth and provide tactile pleasure that leaves you with the impression of great luxury. You get a soft cool feel beneath the cover. It’s easy to distinguish the front and back of a satin sheet since the backside of the fabric is dull in comparison.

Certain types of satin are best suited for bed fabrics: bridal satin and charmeuse satin. Sleeping on a satin bedding you experience its luxurious sensual feel against the skin and richness in color. People prefer satin over silk because of the complaint that silk is too slippery. Satin is not as slippery as silk, which makes it a better choice for those people. Satin beddings are the perfect next step down for a well-designed tactile fabric.

Not all satin is created equal, so you’ll want to check the labels or description on websites to determine how your new bedding will be cleaned.



While bamboo can be made into fabric, it’s typically rather stiff and rough. Most often, what you find labeled as “bamboo” are actually rayon. This means the bamboo pulp went through a chemical process to dissolve the pulp, re-solidify it, and then spin it into the thread. This process involves harmful chemicals and is potentially hard on the environment, making bamboo beddings less environmentally friendly than its manufacturers claim. It does produce a very soft, durable and silky fabric, though.

Bamboo Is Breathable

Bamboo is as breathable as cotton and feels good against your skin.
Bamboo bedding is becoming increasingly popular because of its properties that produce a very luxurious feel – but without the excessive costs of other luxurious materials.

There are a few variations of bamboo comforters based on the manufacturing process, with some resembling silk while others can be more like cashmere. Those closer to silk offer the same benefits but at a fraction of the cost.

Providing breathability, softness, yet the ability to retain warmth puts bamboo comforters up there with some of the best.

Virgin Polyester

Since 1940s

Polyester was first manufactured in the 1940s as a cheaper, more durable alternative to natural fabrics like cotton. For many years, polyester fabrics were not breathable, and therefore trapped perspiration against the skin. Fiber science and design has come a long way, however, and now polyester fabrics are specifically manufactured with lots of micro-pores for great moisture-wicking and breathability. The “moisture-wicking” pores allow perspiration to travel from your skin to the outside of the fabric so it can evaporate, keeping you cool and dry.

Hydrophobic Properties

The hydrophobic properties of the material ensure that moisture isn’t absorbed by the fabric itself, so unlike cotton, it cannot operate as a moisture reservoir against your skin. As such, new polyester fabrics are ideal for beddings.

Bedding made from moisture-wicking polyester can at once be soft and breathable. If you are prone to night-sweats or just want to keep really cool, the right moisture-wicking polyester allows you to experience comfortable, dry night’s sleep. Not all polyester fabrics are moisture-wicking through, so be sure to look at the label: the fabrics will be labeled “moisture-wicking polyester” or “performance polyester.”

Thread count and fabric weave can also influence a fabric’s breathability, insulation, and softness, so it’s important to keep them in mind as well.


Outlast Technology (Phase Changing Material)


Outlast® technology, originally developed for NASA, utilizes phase change materials (PCM) that absorb, store and release heat for optimal thermal comfort. Outlast® technology is comparable to ice in a drink; as it changes from solid to liquid, it absorbs heat and cools the drink, keeping that drink at the desired temperature for longer. Outlast® phase change materials called Thermocules work in the same way, but are microencapsulated to be permanently enclosed and protected in a polymer shell.

Outlast® technology is not wicking technology, which manages moisture by reacting to your sweat and pulling it away from the skin. Outlast® technology proactively manage heat while controlling the production of moisture before it begins. That’s the Outlast® difference.

These Thermocules are permanently incorporated into fibers and fabrics used to make bedding, and many other end products. With Outlast®, optimal thermal comfort and regulation is achieved.

Final Verdict

Cooling blankets and comforters help you balance temperature swings so you get a more restful night of sleep. If sweaty beddings and soaring temperatures are keeping you up at night, you need a cooling blanket. The blankets are made of a proprietary fabric designed to help keep you cool all night long for a sweat-free slumber that leaves you feeling comfortable and refreshed. The blankets should also be soft and cozy, making them the perfect choice for everyday use.

What Is A Comforter?

A comforter is a type of bedding made of two lengths of fabric or covering sewn together and filled with insulative materials for warmth, traditionally down or feathers, wool or cotton batting, silk, or polyester and other down alternative fibers. Like quilts, comforters are generally laid over a top bed sheet, and sometimes also blankets.

The comforter only forms one piece of all of your bed linens. It is intended to sit on top of your sheets and those who want a layered look might prefer this. Comforters are usually sold in bedding sets that have coordinating separates and makes decorating easy.

You can strip off the heaviest top layer of your bedding and store it in your closet until the first cool autumn night. But sleeping under sheets just isn’t the same. Sheets don’t have the same snuggle-factor a blanket does, and they don’t allow for the possibility that, at some point during the night, you might get a wee bit chilly and need more.

And that’s where cooling blankets and comforters come in. The best ones are made from breathable, moisture-wicking materials like cotton, bamboo, and linen. And not only will they help cool you down, but their heat-regulating properties can also even make you warm.

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