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Best Firm Mattresses 2021(Top Five Best Hard Mattresses)

Firmness is one of the fundamental features of mattresses to consider as you shop. Everyone has their own preferences. Those who weigh less or sleep on their sides are typically better off with a plusher mattress while the majority of people can find what they’re looking for in a medium-firm mattress. However, for those who weigh more or prefer to sleep on their stomachs, a firmer bed is more likely to offer the accommodation you seek.

One of the first things you ought to do when you go ahead and start looking for a bed is to identify the type of sleeper that you are. Do you prefer to sleep on your sides, back or stomach? As long as you get that sorted out correctly, you are good to go.

How Firm Your Mattress Should Be?

The next thing to consider, and probably the one that would ultimately determine your choice, is the mattress firmness. We are going to take a closer look at some best firm mattress on the market. They are the best firm mattress for back pain usually preferred by people who like to sleep on their backs or stomach.

Everyone Is Different

What feels extra firm to you might not feel firm at all to someone else, because comfort is subjective. Your weight is also a factor. A heavier person will experience a mattress differently than a lighter person. The important thing is to determine if a firm mattress will give you a good night’s sleep and how firm of the one you need. Your sleep style, overall health, age, and other factors should also influence your decision.

Are you trying to find a good mattress for back pain?

One of the hardest medical conditions to cure and treat are those relating to chronic back pain. Over and over, you find people searching the ends of the world for the best mattress for lower back pain just to get a little relief.

The following list of mattresses are the best firm ones for 2021 after our test.


Best Firm Mattresses

#1 Natures Novel Mattress
natures novel mattress review
#2 Plushbeds Botanic Bliss Mattress
2" Botanical Bliss by Plush Bed review
#3 Katy Mattress
#4 Bear Mattress
bear mattress
# 5 DreamCloud Mattress
Dream cloud mattress

Natures Novel Mattress

Best Overall

sweet zzz mattress

Best Overall

The reason why we picked the Natures Novel as our best overall is because this mattress is the firmest in the list while still having excellent contouring and pressure relief.

Latex is always going to be firmer than memory foam, but Dunlop latex has less contouring than Talalay latex and so by using Talalay latex at 30 ILD over 1,086 individually encased coils the Natures Novel is a true firm feel. 
The 1,086 individually encased coils which gives it a supportive base layer and its firm support. This is followed by a layer of Talalay latex on top which gives the mattress good pressure relief and comfort. This makes the mattress both supportive and comfortable.
Built extremely strong, this mattress is also recommended for heavier people (225 – 260 lb.)

How is the Natures Novel Mattress The Best Overall?

  • Being at 7.5 in the firmness scale, this mattress offers surprisingly good pressure relief and comfort.
  • Given that the materials used in this mattress are very high quality, the asked priced is very reasonable making the Natures Novel a great value.
  • Natures Novel is OEKO-TEX class 1 certified as safe for children under 3 years. The mattress comes with a lifetime warranty and a 100-night sleep trial.
  • Sweet Zzz is one of the oldest bed in a box companies and has one of the best reputations out there. They are a member of 1% For The Planet, support Breast cancer studies and help feed the hungry with every purchase made.

Plushbeds Botanic Bliss Mattress


The Botanical Bliss Latex Mattress

Best Customizable

With 3 interchangeable 3-inch Dunlop latex layers, the Botanic Bliss is a great customizable latex mattress. 

If you want to build the firm mattress that we tested, you need to have the D75 first then the D85 then the D95. This way you’ll have the 8 of 10 firmness. 

The Plushbeds might feel a little pricy but remember that this mattress is organic certified and will last you a very long time.

The Botanic Bliss utilizes natural cotton as its cover and natural wool as its fire retardant making the mattress 100% natural. It comes with a 25-year warranty and 100-night free trial.

How is the Botanic Bliss Mattress The Best Customizable?

  • with three different layers each having a different firmness level, this mattress is very customizable as you get to move the pieces around to get to what best works for you.
  • organic Dunlop latex, organic cotton, and organic wool are the components of the Botanic Bliss making one of the greenest mattresses on the Market.
  • The Dunlop latex used in Botanic Bliss mattress responds to pressure and weight. This allows the mattress to respond to an individual’s specific pressure points and relieve individual pain.

Katy Memory Foam Mattress

Best Budget

Best Budget

Katy mattress has an unbelievable value. The mattress utilizes a natural quilted Aloe Vera and cotton cover and fire retardant that gives the mattress a 5-star hotel bed feel while the O-Cell Memory Foam ensures a peaceful and undisturbed sleep.

During the test, we felt that the Katy mattress has a very good balance of soft but firm made possible by its soft quilted cover, medium feel O-Cell memory foam and extra firm HD ventilated base foam. This waterfall design is often associated with luxury mattresses, but the Katy price tag says otherwise.

Katy has a 1-inch quilted natural Aloe Vera and cotton cover then a 3-inch 4lb density O-Cell memory foam then a 7-ich HD Ventilated base foam.

How is the Katy Mattress The Best Firm Budget?

  • For a mattress made with high quality natural and eco-friendly materials, the Katy mattress has an exceptional value.
  • Natural Aloe Vera and Cotton cover keeps the sleep surface cool while the O-Cell memory foam and Ventilated base foam circulate air to offer a cool sleep experience. We never noticed any heating issue testing the Katy mattress
  • Along with great value, Katy mattress comes with a lifetime warranty, 100-night sleep trial, and free shipping.


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Bear Mattress

Best Memory Foam

bear mattress

Best Memory Foam:

Though memory foam is known to be softer, the Bear mattress is actually on the firmer side. Because of its firm high density support foam and cooling Graphite-Gel memory foam, the Bear mattress has the firmness you’ll looking for while also providing the memory foam feel.

The Bear mattresses main feature is its breathable Celliant Cover that increases body recovery rate and helps to regulate the sleep surfaces temperature.

Under this advanced cover is the layer of Graphite-Gel memory foam that improves pressure relief and overall comfort.

The Bear mattress comes with 100-night sleep trial and 10-years warranty

How is the Bear Mattress The Best Firm Memory Foam?

  • High density Graphite-Gel memory foam, transition foam, and base foam makes the Bear mattress ideal for those that want firm and memory foam.
  • Breathable Celliant Cover and Graphite-Gel memory foam give the mattress a cooling and comfortable sleep experience.
  • Considering all those patented technologies and quality, Bear’s price tag is very generous.


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Dream Cloud Hybrid Mattress

Best Firm Hybrid

Dream cloud mattress

Best Firm Hybrid

We chose this mattress because it is one of the best firm hybrids you can get since most hybrids are on the softer side. DreamCloud Mattress is a memory foam/latex hybrid made with pocket coils, natural latex, memory foam, and cashmere blend cover. We found it to be great for back sleepers.

Because of its half coil half latex and memory foam design, this firm mattress has a very responsive traditional feel while also proving good firm support.

Another unique feature for this mattress is the edge support. Usually, bed in a box mattresses sink a little at the edge. But because this mattress has a coil system as well, you get the benefit of added edge support. Therefore, you can use all of the mattresses and sleep right up to the edge without feeling like you will fall off.

How is the DreamCloud Mattress The Best Firm Hybrid?

  • A unique 8-layer design that balances good comfort with firm support.
  • The uses of natural latex, gel memory foam, and cashmere along with pocketed coils make the DreamCloud one of the best mattresses in terms of cooling.
  • one of the best features of the DreamCloud mattress is that it comes with a lifetime warranty and 365-night sleep trial.

-What Are The Benefits Of a Firm Mattress?


 – Better spinal alignment :

Firm mattresses push on the heaviest part of the body and make sure that the spine is at better alignment without too much sink in. Proper posture matters, even during sleep. If your backbone is all out of whack for eight hours, it can be hard to function normally the next day. A firm mattress does a better job of keeping your spine nicely aligned so you can get through the day without a lot of stress or strain.

Our body cannot rest on a soft or sagging surface. It adds to your discomfort. That is because your body always tries to compensate for the unconventional positions while sleeping. Your spine needs the perfect posture when you rest.

Why the spine alone?

Even your neck, limbs, shoulders, and other parts of your body require a comfortable resting position when you retire to bed. All these factors help you sleep better. Therefore, shop for a firm mattress that induces comfort and sleep.

Firm bedding items will keep your spine aligned so that you can work and handle all stress throughout the day. Even if you need to stoop during the day, resting on a firm surface at night will realign your spine.


 – More durability:


It’s not a myth that firm mattresses last longer. To make mattresses firmer the manufacturers usually use high-density foams that are automatically more durable. Also, in coil mattresses, the manufacturers use higher coil gauge which is also more durable. If durability is a top priority, you are usually pretty safe when you opt for a latex mattress, and they are usually firm. While high density is your best bet, what you need to focus on here are the various blends on the market.

Synthetic Or Natural Latex

There are two basic raw materials used to manufacture firm latex mattresses, and these are natural and synthetic latex. Natural latex is extruded from the rubber tree, which is a natural resource. It usually features a higher level of elasticity. Synthetic latex is manufactured using petrochemicals and is not typically as durable as natural latex, but can often be purchased at a lower price.

It’s important to note that each type is known for durability, but natural products will typically give you a little more bang for your buck. If you can’t quite decide and want something in-between, you may want to consider a hybrid product containing both natural and synthetic latexes.


 – Better weight distribution: :


A firm mattress produces less sinkage. A good firm mattress should have firm support and countering. This way it offers better weight distribution. Soft mattresses, on the other hand, do not have as good weight distribution because of too much sink in.

Heath Benefits

Weight distribution while sleeping is a crucial factor because it can impact on your health. A soft mattress will make your body weight to be unevenly distributed and this is the major cause of misalignment of the muscles and joints. A firm mattress offers adequate support for your body and this means that your body weight will be evenly distributed and will not sag towards one direction.

Misalignment in Joints and Muscles

Not enough weight distribution means that your body will eventually sag in one direction, which is a leading cause of misalignment in joints and muscles. You need to sure that your body weight is properly distributed when you sleep at night. If you shop for a soft mattress, your weight will be unequally disseminated, leading to misalignment of your joints and muscles in the body.


 – Romance friendly :


Medium Firm Mattress

Firmness is a critical consideration for both sleeping and sex. An extremely firm mattress has virtually no give and can be uncomfortable to move on top of. This can make sex encounters uncomfortable or even painful. On the other hand, an extremely plush mattress is easy to sink into so much that you can feel stuck, and if plushness limits motion, this can disrupt sex.

With clear drawbacks to both very firm and very plush mattresses, the best mattresses for sex are usually medium-firm. Firmness is commonly rated on a scale of 1-10 (with 10 being the firmest), and the best mattresses for sex usually fall in the range of 6-8.

A firmer mattress with bounce, like innerspring latex mattresses, which allow for a more enjoyable amorous activity promotes good sex. An innerspring latex mattress is a hybrid mattress built with coil-on-coil innerspring construction and high-quality foam. The innerspring core results in exceptional bounce and strong edges, both important factors for bedroom activities.

Both the responsiveness and bounce are good factors for producing an enjoyable experience. Also, sex is known to reduce the lifespan of a mattress much more than sleeping and since firm mattresses are more durable, they can last at least as long as an average marriage 🙂

-Is a Firm Mattress Good for You?


 – Back sleepers:


When sleeping on your back, the body tends to assume a relatively straight and natural posture; but this posture can be disrupted if the body doesn’t get proper support. As a result, it is necessary for back sleepers to choose their mattress carefully. If you sleep on your back, you’ll want to make sure that you select a mattress that contributes to a restful night’s sleep and that doesn’t induce back pain. Back sleepers need a good firm mattress with support because their torso should not sink in too much or they will have back pain.

Medium Firm

For back sleepers, the best firmness level is medium-firm. A mattress that is extra plush will be too soft to keep the body in a straight line. A mattress that is too rigid will typically be both uncomfortable and will put undue pressure on the neck and the small of the back. Medium-firm mattresses fall between 4-7 on the typical firmness scale, and back sleepers typically do better with mattresses toward the higher end of this range. This is especially true for back sleepers who weigh over 200 pounds.

A firm supportive mattress is one that contours to the body so that cushioning is provided in the places where it is most needed. For back sleepers, it’s important to have a mattress that is highly responsive or else the natural curve in the lower back can be exaggerated.

 – Stomach sleepers:


Most stomach sleepers require a mattress that will provide exceptional support, especially around the midsection where a large amount of weight is concentrated. Firmness is another important consideration; though preferences vary by factors like height and bodyweight. The majority of stomach sleepers say they feel most comfortable on mattresses that are firmer. Stomach sleepers actually need a mattress that is firmer than back sleepers as an even little sink will cause them back pain.

As you shop for the best bed for stomach sleepers, you’re going to want to get familiar with the term indentation load deflection. This is a measurement resulting from a test in which a mattress is compressed a total of 25 percent of its thickness using a 50 square inch circular indenter. The higher this number is, the firmer it will be.

The reason this number is important is that there is no set measurement when it comes to the terms plush, medium, and firm. You get whatever the company feels is representative of each level, and you may find you have a different expectation. Knowing the ILD can give you a better understanding of what to expect.

To put the numbers in perspective, 12 is very soft and 50 is very firm. You’ll typically find lower ILD’s in the comfort layers with much higher numbers in the base and support layers.

 – Heavy people:


Bodyweight is an important factor to consider when selecting a new mattress, particularly for heavier individuals. People in the above-average weight group (more than 230 pounds) tend to prefer beds that provide extra support and cushioning to areas of the body where more weight is concentrated, such as the abdomen and hips. A heavy person should only consider a firm mattress as anything else will not be durable enough and won’t support their weight.

Firmer, thicker mattresses are the best option:

The sleep surfaces of these mattresses align the spine and alleviate pressure points without excessive sagging, and the higher thickness profile eases the process of getting in and out of bed. While few mattresses are specifically designed to accommodate larger sleepers, heavier individuals can choose from a wide selection of beds that are firm and thick enough to properly support them.

The extra bit of foam on top gives the mattress a nice plush feel initially, helping ease those pressure points and provide a comfortable sleeping experience. A foundation add-on provides additional support. Though the foundation makes the bed extremely high, it definitely is needed for a mattress that can support the heaviest of us.

-The firm mattress might not be good for you if:


 – You are lightweight:


Mattress thickness can be the most important deciding factor for people with heavy and light weights. For lightweight people, thinner models often can provide enough support with a lower price, so there’s no need for buying mattresses with thicker support layers.

Lightweight people will feel as if the mattress is even firmer to where the mattress is just normal firm. If lightweight persons prefer a firm bed, it’s better if they go with a medium mattress. The lighter a person is the less mattress thickness they tend to need to support their weight. Buying a firmer mattress than one needs can be a waste for lightweight persons.

Firmer/thicker/ taller mattresses can be a challenge for lightweight /smaller/shorter people to get on and off of. A lightweight person often prefers a mattress with soft to medium firmness. This person does not tend to exert enough pressure on a firm mattress to allow it to conform and contour to their body; the result is often pressure points and discomfort.

Low-Density Mattress Comfort Layer

A low-density mattress comfort layer is often best suited for a small person. This means having low-density (3.5 lbs/ft or lower) foam, including memory foam, in the comfort layer. Low-density foam often conforms more easily to a small person’s body resulting in more comfort. Unfortunately, density-related specifications are not always provided by the manufacturer.


 – You are a side sleeper:

Mattress thickness can be the most important deciding factor for people with heavy and light weights. For lightweight people, thinner models often can provide enough support with a lower price, so there’s no need for buying mattresses with thicker support layers.

Lightweight people will feel as if the mattress is even firmer to where the mattress is just normal firm. If lightweight persons prefer a firm bed, it’s better if they go with a medium mattress. The lighter a person is the less mattress thickness they tend to need to support their weight. Buying a firmer mattress than one needs can be a waste for lightweight persons.

Firmer/thicker/ taller mattresses can be a challenge for lightweight /smaller/shorter people to get on and off of. A lightweight person often prefers a mattress with soft to medium firmness. This person does not tend to exert enough pressure on a firm mattress to allow it to conform and contour to their body; the result is often pressure points and discomfort.

Low-Density Mattress Comfort Layer

A low-density mattress comfort layer is often best suited for a small person. This means having low-density (3.5 lbs/ft or lower) foam, including memory foam, in the comfort layer. Low-density foam often conforms more easily to a small person’s body resulting in more comfort. Unfortunately, density-related specifications are not always provided by the manufacturer.


-What Makes A Good Firm mattress?


 1- Higher Density Foams:


One of the most common misunderstandings when it comes to density levels is an association with firmness. What many will mistakenly take away from density specs is that higher numbers mean a firmer mattress. If you are guilty of this, you’re certainly not alone, and it’s certainly understandable where the misunderstanding comes from. What density really reveals to you is quality and durability expectations.

4LB Or 5LB Density Foam

A firm mattress should be made firm by its denser foam and not through chemical processing’s. A good density for memory foam is 4lb or 5lb. At 4lb or 5lb density, memory foam will be firm but also offers good contouring. As far as regular polyfoam, a good density is 2.0lb. A 2.0lb polyfoam will last longer and perform better.

You can typically expect mattresses featuring higher densities to be heavier and more solid. Lower densities, on the other hand, are lighter and easier to move around. However, with higher densities, expect the increase in the compression of material to provide better durability.


 2- Higher coil gauge:

Just like foams, a coil gauge is also a good component to make a mattress firm. Coil gauges 12 or 13 provide excellent firm support and durability. Also gauge 14 is good but anything higher is not recommended. A higher gauge number means a thinner coil wire, and a lower number means a thicker gauge.

Lower coil gauges (thicker wires) result in a firmer spring, while higher coil gauges (thinner wires) create a more gentle spring. If you enjoy a mattress that is more forgiving, then you should look for a mattress with a coil gauge above 14. If you like a very firm level of comfort, then you generally want a mattress with a gauge of 13 or lower.

Coil gauge can also be a signal of the durability of the mattress. Typically, mattresses with a lower coil gauge have a longer durability than mattresses with a higher coil gauge because the thicker wire won’t wear out as fast. However, most people replace a mattress long before the coil system wears out, so coil gauge isn’t the primary determining factor of a mattress’ durability.

Coil gauge shouldn’t be your only focus

While coil gauge can give you some information about how a mattress feels, it shouldn’t be your only focus as you try to find the ideal firm mattress. The firmness and comfort a mattress provides comes from a combination of the coil system and comfort materials. A mattress with a low coil gauge could have a pillow top or euro top and thus, feel a lot softer than some other mattresses with the same coil gauge.

Type of Coil

The type and construction of the coil may be considered more important than the number of coils and the gauge of coils. There are three main types of mattress coils:

Hourglass Coils:

Hourglass coils are the most common type of mattress coil. Two subtypes of hourglass coils are Bonnell and offset hourglass coils. Bonnell coils are less expensive to make and are therefore more popular, whereas offset coils are constructed with a hinge-like rounded top and bottom and therefore make less noise when slept on. Offset coils also conform more to the user’s body shape. The Sealy Posturepedic coil system uses offset coils.

Pocketed Coils:

Pocketed coils, also known as Marshall coils or encased coils, reduce the sensation of movement on the bed because each coil is wrapped in a textile. Pocketed coils are often used in high-end mattresses because they are expensive to manufacture and create. These coils have become more popular over the years.

Continuous Coils:

Continuous coils, also known as Mira-coils, are made in an S-shaped curve rather than being coiled, and are made from one long wire. These coils provide a more stable and interlinked coil structure. Mattresses with continuous coils have been noted to be more durable.

Offset Coils:

These are typically more expensive than the open coil mattresses. The structure is similar to the Bonnell mattresses but each of the songs is hinged together, and this enhances the motion isolation and contouring. These coil systems are therefore found in the mid and high-level mattresses.

Tampered Coils:

Other factors include whether or not the mattress coils have been tempered. Tempered coils are more durable because they have been heated and cooled repeatedly to ensure and solidify the shape of the coil. For customers who require firm support, such as those with a larger frame or greater mass, tempered coils will be ideal.


” width=”20″ height=”20″>


 3- Natural materials:


A good 5.1lb density Talalay latex will outperform any other foam on the market when it comes to durability, comfort, support, and healthy sleep. Natural latex is carefully manufactured to keep the final product pure. There are two manufacturing processes that are slightly different, and these are known as Talalay and Dunlop. Both are capable of producing materials with a number of attractive properties like:

  •  Will last longer than most other mattress materials on the market
  • Meets the most stringent textile and furniture emissions certifications
  • Little off-gassing


Many consumers today prefer to buy products that are made from natural materials, have a relatively minimal environmental footprint, and contain few (if any) chemicals that are hazardous to human health. Mattress shoppers are no different. The current mattress market includes a wide range of models that are suitable for eco-friendly buyers.


When shopping for a green mattress, certifications are a major concern. Beds made from organic and/or natural materials carry certifications that indicate low human health risks, such as OEKO-TEX Standard 100 and CertiPUR US. Other certifications, such as the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and GreenGuard, indicate the materials have a low environmental impact.

Durability Where It Really Counts

Especially if you’re purchasing a blended product, pay close attention to the material in the comfort layer as it’s here where most of the pressure is going to be applied. It’s at this layer where you’ll typically begin to notice wear and tear over time, so, ideally, it would do you well to look for a product which features natural latex at the comfort layer level.

Even in its softer versions, you may be surprised at the amount of support this material is able to offer. This allows it to fill in the typically slimmer lumbar area of your body while still allowing cradle for the hips and shoulders.

Natural Latex as Comfort Material

When used in the upper layers of a mattress, latex can be made with an incredible softness to increase overall comfort. Indentation load deflection lets you get an idea of firmness. As a reference, though, 12 is very soft and 50 is very firm. It’s not unusual to find a comfort level layer of latex to have an ILD as low as 14. Since it’s usually able to be made softer than Dunlop, Talalay is a very popular choice in the comfort layer. It can also be specially-formulated to more efficiently transfer heat, a great quality if you tend to sleep hot. However, if you prefer a firmer product, Dunlop may be a better choice.

Great Contour

Much like memory foam, latex has the ability to conform well with your body as well as provide a cradle, and this can be highly beneficial if you suffer from pressure points. However, unlike memory foam, you can easily change position using latex and don’t get that “stuck” feeling. Latex typically bounces back quickly when you remove pressure.

Natural latex support layer

We spend a lot of time speaking of ILD’s and densities, but there’s another component worth looking at when it comes to latex as a support layer. This is the latex compression modulus, and this term describes its ability to conform to the body upon initial compression and to become firmer when deeper pressure is applied. Because of this specific quality, manufacturers are able to apply a support layer with ILDs as low as 28 while still maintaining the ability to support the heavier areas of your body and keep your spine aligned.

Natural comfort layers

Comfort layers made of organic New Zealand wool and natural Dunlop latex provide close conforming and good pressure relief for most sleepers. Along with the organic cotton cover, these components also allow the bed to sleep fairly cool. The support core contains another layer of natural latex over the pocketed coils for optimal cushioning and support.


 4- Longer and Better Warranty:


A good firm mattress should have a longer and better warranty than just 10-years. Though most people won’t use their warranty, it’s good to see the brand being confident about their product. When purchasing a new mattress, the conditions of the warranty should be one of your primary considerations. In the mattress industry, there can be many variables that affect a warranty and how much protection it actually offers to you as a customer.

How long is the warranty valid?

What are the prorated and non-prorated terms? How does the warranty address issues like sagging? These are some of the questions that all potential mattress buyers should ask before finalizing the sale.

What is a Warranty?

At its most basic level, a warranty is a way that a customer is protected if a product is faulty. It works to make sure that customers have recourse if the product they purchase turns out to be faulty. The more relevant type of warranties when it comes to mattresses are written warranties. That means that they are explicitly offered by the company and have defined terms and conditions.

Though they share many characteristics, not all warranties are created equal. For this reason, we strongly suggest reading the fine print of any warranty before purchasing a mattress. If the mattress seller does not have the warranty terms available for you to read, we suggest you hold on to make your purchase until those terms are provided to you.

How is a warranty different from a sleep trial?

One of the things that have enabled the rapid expansion of the online, direct-to-consumer mattress industry is the in-home sleep trial. After purchasing the mattress and having it delivered, the sleep trial gives you a grace period during which you can return the mattress and get a refund if you’re unsatisfied with the mattress for any reason. Most sleep trials are for 100 nights, but they can range from 30-365 nights depending on the company. Most sleep trials also offer free return shipping or even pickup of a mattress from your home if you decide to return it.

Test Your Mattress at Home:

This sleep trial model is distinct from a warranty. The point of the sleep trial is to let you test out the mattress to see if you like it. The point of the warranty is to protect you as the customer if the mattress was built improperly. The sleep trial usually allows returns for any reason, including general dissatisfaction with the mattress, whereas a warranty applies specifically to defects with the mattress. Warranties last much longer than sleep trials and tend to be much more restrictive in their application.

Does A Warranty Apply To The Whole Mattress?

A mattress is made up of multiple different parts including its internal components and its cover. In most cases, the warranty will cover defects or flaws in any of these parts. However, it is important to read the warranty carefully because some may be more restricted when it comes to the cover.

In addition, some mattresses are built with electrical components. For example, airbeds have remote controls and pumps that regulate air in the mattress. Mattresses that have sensor technology (often referred to as smart mattresses) may have these sensors built into a layer of the mattress. Keep in mind that often these components are not covered under the same terms as the other mattress components. Usually, they have a shorter time period for warranty coverage. If you’re buying this type of mattress, make sure to look closely to know for how long the warranty will apply to these parts of the mattress.

How do I file a warranty claim?

It’s important to know the brand of your mattress because the manufacturer is solely responsible for warranty fulfillment. Some third-party mattress companies may help you in facilitating the warranty claim process, but they ultimately bound to the requirements set forth by the manufacturer.

Some manufacturers will require you contact their warranty center directly as they handle claims for their products from start to finish. You can reach them by calling their provided numbers.


  5- Good Trial Period:


A good firm mattress should have a good trial. This way you can rest easy knowing if its firmness is not working you won’t be stuck with a mattress you don’t want. While buying a mattress online is perhaps the most convenient and most efficient way to purchase a new mattress, there are certain pitfalls involved. For starters, you don’t get to try out the mattress before you shell out your hard-earned money. Fortunately, most retailers have a trial period with a no-risk return policy. These no-risk trial periods are usually between 30-120 days, with some variance among retailers.

So how do you make the most of this time?

Offering in-home trials allows mattress consumers to truly try out their product before they officially commit to buying it. It’s a refreshing change in the ten minutes or so we used to spend checking out a new mattress at the brick and mortar store! Still, while many offer “risk-free” in-home mattress trials, that doesn’t necessarily mean that all risk-free in-home mattress trial programs are created equal. Quite the contrary, actually.

Breaking Your Mattress In

The first thing we need to realize is that mattresses – like boots, jeans, and cast-iron cookware – need to be broken in to reach their peak performance. The process can be disparagingly long, more than a month or two in many cases.

This is why so many mattress companies mandate customers sleep on their mattress for at least a month before opening up a return ticket.

For now, let’s try and figure out what you should be looking for during the trial and break-in period, and when to call it quits.

Gauging your trial period experience

During your first night, you might feel like you’ve made a huge mistake. You could find yourself tossing and turning, waking up with aches and pains, or even kept awake by a mysterious chemical-y odor seeping out of the bed.

This Is Normal

Whether it’s a firm innerspring, a pillowy-soft memory foam mattress, a middle-ground latex or hybrid, all these mattress types need to take their sweet time breaking in.
During the trial period and the break-in process, you should be keeping track of a few things.

What To Look For?

Aches and pains. After a few nights in your new bed, you might encounter some new and exciting discomfort you didn’t have on your previous mattress. Again, this is normal. The mattress hasn’t had time to conform to your body shape as your old one has. Your joints and muscles might protest at first but like any good relationship, give your mattress some time to breathe and get used to you.

Give It Some Time:

Give it some time, but if after a month or two the aches and pains aren’t diminishing, it’s probably time you get in touch with customer service. You might have bought a bed that just isn’t for you. As long as you bought it from a company with a no-risk return policy, then it’s no sweat.

Sleep Duration

While your first nights (or weeks) with your new mattress might have you flipping around like a flounder all night, you should be seeing a steady crawl back toward your usual amount of sleep over time. A new mattress is going to feel extraordinary different than your old one, and it could take some time to get used to how your body feels on top of it.


Don’t you just love that new car smell? No? Well, mattress smell is kind of like that, except you can’t roll the windows down for fresh air and you might be stuck with that smell for a few nights. Many mattresses need to go through a period of “off-gassing” – where they expel smelly Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), or the smells of glues, foams, and packaging that came along with your mattress. Memory foam can be the offender here, but some latex and hybrid mattresses are fine.


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Medium-firm memory foam or latex tends to perform well because they allow the parts of the body that needs to sink in to do so, and while still giving support in the places that require it. Medium-firm memory foam or latex are better choices. These sleep surfaces tend to perform well because they don’t force the spine to curve and contort into unnatural positions while you sleep. Instead, they allow the parts of the body that need to sink to do so, while still giving support in the places that require it. Hips and shoulders are cushioned, while the lower back is fully supported and able to relax.

Some have concerns about memory foam being safe, and those are legitimate. Indeed, some memory foam mattresses are manufactured with materials that contain potentially harmful chemicals. But other types of memory foam mattresses are made with safe, natural plant-based materials.
In short, it really depends on what brand you choose. If you have a particular bed in mind that you’re thinking about buying, read memory foam mattress reviews and find out what the foam is made of. Here’s a hint: If a manufacturer uses safe, nontoxic materials, they’re usually pretty happy to talk about it, and it’s easy to find the information on their website.

It’s true that some memory foam mattresses made from synthetic materials like polyurethane can trap heat. But that’s not the case for all memory foam mattresses. Those made with natural, plant-based materials tend to sleep cooler and more comfortable.


Like memory foam mattresses, memory foam toppers conform to your spine’s natural curves. That helps your vertebrae stay properly aligned to reduce muscle tension and joint twisting while you sleep. If you’re sleeping on a traditional spring mattress, a memory foam surface that 1 1/2 to 2 inches thick will go a long way towards making an old, creaky bed more comfortable.

Medium-firm memory foam mattresses assist vertebrae alignment, reduce muscle tension and aid the body’s natural processes.

Final Verdict

There is a reason why you hear that doctors recommend firm mattresses. They work better to keep your spine aligned, last longer, distribute your body weight better, and provide you with the support you need during amorous activities. Though firmness is a mattress of preference, medium-firm mattresses are more recommended especially the ones that are made of natural materials. Customers are not as happy with very soft or very firm mattresses as they are happy with medium-firm mattresses. That’s why all the mattresses we recommended here on this page are medium firm.

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