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Best Mattress For Sex (2021 Update)

Mattresses are the main place where most love making happens and so being good for sex is very important. Doubly so for active couples.

There are so many factors that go into what makes a mattress great for sex and so after researching, feedback, and testing (yes we tested them for sex :)) we have compiled a list of mattresses for you that we think are the best.

Best Mattresses For Sex

#1 Natures Novel Mattress (Any Firmness)
best natural non toxic mattress
#2 Katy Mattress
#3 Hanna Hybrid Mattress
#4 TEMPUR-breeze Mattress
# 5 Idle Latex Hybrid

Natures Novel Mattress (Any Firmness)

(Best Overall)​

natures novel mattress

Best Overall

We decided that Natures Novel would be our best overall because it passes all the requirements that make a bed good for sex. It has the right amount of bounce to keep the rhythm, the right amount of support and comfort and good durability as well. Also, this is the mattress we recommend for a very active couple. 

It is well known that sex decreases the longevity of the mattress. Active couples can go through the lifespan of a mattress much faster than regular use. This is especially true for coils mattresses but less so for all foam mattresses.

The Natures Novel Mattress, however, is not only a no coil mattress but also uses very high-density Talalay and Dunlop latex (5.1 pcf) to achieve a long lifespan.

Natures Novel also comes with a generous lifetime warranty to support its durable mattress.

Latex is much better than memory foam when it comes to sex as it retains heat much less and also offers a much better bounce and support.

Also, this mattress is absolutely noiseless. This is a good factor to have if you are looking for discreet sex!

How is The Natures Novel Mattress Good for Sex?

  • A sturdy 12-inch design that utilizes both Talalay and Dunlop latex to maximize the mattresses lifespan.
  • Natural cotton and Talalay latex along with natural wool make for a very cool and comfortable sleep.
  • Its durability is matched by its generous lifetime warranty.
  • This bed is completely noiseless, yet responsive and bouncy making it perfect for an active couple.

Katy Mattress

(Best Value )

Best Value Choice

This mattress consists of the Cooling O-Cell in its comfort layer and though it may seem like gel memory foam it is quite different. 

The Katy O-Cell is responsive and bouncy while also being cool and comfortable. It may not be as good in pressure relief as memory foam, but it is much better for amorous activities as it does not trap heat or movement. 

For cooling the Katy mattresses use the natural viscose cover along with the previously mentioned O-Cell foam. We tested this mattress and can confirm that these terms are more than just cool marketing gimmicks. This bed is actually cooler than most all-foam mattresses and does a very good job in comfort and support.

Best of all, these amazing features come at a very reasonable price making the Katy mattress our budget choice for sex.

How is Katy Mattress Good for Sex?

  • Has almost all the needed features for a sexually active couple but with a great price
  • Its all-foam construction means no noise and almost unnoticeable partner disturbance.
  • Katy’s Cooling O-Cell Foam works together with its natural Viscose cover to offer good breathability.

Hanna Hybrid Mattress

(Best Hybrid)

Best Hybrid Choice

This mattress is the very definition of luxury with its 14-inch profile many different layers used. Because it is built with the correct balance of soft foam, and supportive pocketed coils, it offers the best of both worlds.

It has a very nice responsive feel yet with the contouring and comfort of memory foam mattress without the memory foam. Cooling is one of the most important factors when it comes to mattresses and sex and this bed is noticeably cooler than most mattresses.

The pocketed coil system also allows for a lot of room for breathability which adds to the overall comfort and cooling.

How is The Hanna Mattress Good for Sex?

  • little to no heat retention. The combination of cooling cover, and pocketed coils make for a very cool mattress.
  • Good bounce and comfort balance. Through the O-cell foam and coils combination this mattress offers a good responsive yet comfortable feel.
  • Durability with a lifetime warranty. After months of use, we have not detected any sagging at all. Not to mention that the Hanna comes with a lifetime warranty.


TEMPUR-breeze Mattress

(Best memory Foam)

Best Memory Foam Choice

TEMPUR-breeze is a memory foam mattress with a good cooling system that also accommodates an active couple.

TEMPUR-breeze is also very well known for the high-end materials they use. Material like the Breeze cover and Tempered Memory foam.

Being all foam means that there is absolutely no noise made no mattress the amount of motion.

How is The TEMPUR-breeze Mattress Good for Sex?

  • Good edge support provided by edge foam encasement that is missing in almost all online brands.
  • Good cooling for both sex and sleep. The mattress is cool considering it a memory foam mattress.
  • Excellent longevity. This bed will last a very long time even for the most active of couples.

Idle Latex Hybrid

(Double Sided)

Best Double Sided Choice 

Idle Latex Hybrid uses a total of 4 different layers of natural latex and coil to achieve two different firmness levels. Both of these levels of firmness are good for sex as they are comfortable, bouncy and offer good support.

latex is a good option for active couples in general so if you find a layer of it in a mattress, it’s a very good sign. Idle Latex Hybrid however, uses latex in its main comfort construction other than the cotton and wool cover.

The one thing we do have to point out is that the edge support is a little softer than regular mattresses.

As far as noise, this mattress is almost completely silent, even its luxury cover does not make any noise. Also, due to its heavy weight, it is also very stable making the bed more couple friendly as you will feel less disturbance by your partner.

How is The Idle Latex Hybrid Mattress Good for Sex?

  • The natural latex build makes this bed a bouncy, comfortable, and cool sleeping experience.
  • Good sturdy pocketed coils in the construction mean less noise, with extremely low partner disturbance.
  • latex is one of the most durable materials used in the bedding industry. Its refining process makes it pure and very long lasting.

Mattress Buying Guide For Sex 2021


A mattress will be used for other things apart from just sleeping. It should complement the most intimate moments while at the same time ensures the best sleeping experience.  

Choosing a mattress suitable for sex does not mean you should sacrifice the comfort and support of a bed for night’s sleep. However, some mattresses are simply better for sex than others. This means their surfaces are bouncy and respond to motion.

A mattress that is less responsive is problematic for sex because it causes couples to sink too deeply.  The best mattress for sex contrary to what you may think needs to perform better throughout the entire time. Not just when you are making love.

There are quite a few things that will enhance the mattress performance for sex. We are going to talk a lot less about sleep and a lot more about making love. Some of the factors we discuss might not apply to you while others might be of crucial significance.


What Makes A Mattress Good For Sex?

1- The Right Bounciness and Responsiveness:

The right bounciness means the mattress will return to its normal state quickly even after a deep compression. For example, innerspring coils and latex top layers make for a good, nice responsive bounce that is awesome for good sex, unlike memory foam.

With a good bounce, it means you will spend less energy fighting the bed, and more energy enjoying good sex with your partner. Simply put, bouncier mattresses are better for sex. It helps get couples into a rhythm that makes sex more enjoyable.

Generally, the bouncier the better. A supportive mattress provides a proportional response to the weight of your body. This is helpful in assisting you to align your spine properly.

A misaligned spine means you experience backaches and discomfort, thus not good for sex. Most people don’t enjoy the experience of sinking too much into a mattress during sex. So’ you’ll probably want to avoid a mattress that’s on the plush end of the firmness scale.

2-   Comfort and Support:

You need a comfortable mattress that won’t get in the way during sex. For example, one of the most common complaints is that innerspring mattresses can be hard on a man’s knees during sex. Look at the comfort layer. This is the topmost part of the mattress that most directly supports the person on the bed.  

A comfort layer too thin (2 inches or less) or made with low-density foam won’t offer adequate support. A thin comfort layer is less likely to handle the rigors of active sex life. A too firm mattress has no give in, therefore, moving on it during sex can be uncomfortable.

Furthermore, sexual positions can be uncomfortable or probably painful on it. On the other hand, a bed too plush sinks easily and excessively that it seems like you are stuck.  Sex is disrupted if your motion is restricted by plushness.

For the most comfort and support, consider medium-soft, medium and firm mattresses for the best sex. Luckily, these are also the most popular according to feedback and data from mattresses sold by different manufacturers.


3-    Durable Materials:

A mattress will be bad for sex if it starts to sag. Take note that sex can decrease the longevity of a mattress. So, ensure the mattress is made of durable materials. A mattress made of materials of low quality has a lesser chance to withstand the extra strain that comes with an active sex lifestyle.

When the bed begins to cave in, it won’t provide sufficient comfort or support for sleep and sex again. Know the difference between materials and available options. Latex is the most durable material followed by memory foam, innerspring and air mattresses being the least.  

But of course, it isn’t that simple as the density and manufacturing process also play a big role in quality. For example, a good 5 lb density memory foam will outlast a low-density cheap latex. The memory foam material is quite flexible. This explains why it rates quite well in durability. The springs in innerspring mattresses can warp, thus they’re not the most durable choice.

When looking for a durable mattress, the most important part to pay attention to is the foundation layer. Check that the foundation is thick enough and the materials are strong and resilient enough to handle the repeated downforce that lovemaking delivers.

Look for a mattress foundation made of 6 inches or more of high density foam or high strength spring coils or better yet latex or even blended latex. If you like memory foam then go for a memory foam mattress with higher density memory foam as it will last longer and provide better pressure relief.

If the innerspring or hybrid mattress is your choice look for the one with better coil gauges. For example, 12 and 13 coil gauges are good. One with coil gauges 14 or 15 will not last as long unless they use a lot of coil count like 1000 or more.

If latex is your thing then make sure the company is reputable and stay away from cheap latex mattresses as they use lower quality and density latex that will last less than a cheap coil bed. Remember. God latex is expensive to make.


4-    Cooling and Breathability:

If breathability is an issue, no amount of comfort will be enough for good sex. Especially so for side sleepers, they need a mattress that provides a cooling technology or uses natural materials. Natural materials like latex and cotton provide good breathability.

Considering that sex increases the body temperature, using a mattress that retains heat will make sex an uncomfortable experience. The best mattress is going to absorb the heat right off your bodies. Phase-changing materials feel cool to the touch and copper-infused foam conduct heat away from the body.

A memory foam mattress can be infused with copper, a superior conductor of heat away. This helps with cooling. A hybrid mattress could have a combination of the coils and aerated latex which creates good air flow. This helps keep the surface of the bed cool as things heat up during sex.

5-    Noise

When you are having sex, you need discretion desperately. The last thing you’d want is for your mattress to give it all up quicker than it’s possible. You don’t want to draw up unwanted attention. The ideal mattress for sex should reduce the noise to a minimum. This will keep the act of sex to you and your partner alone.

Mattresses with springs, coils, and other metal components may produce squeaking noises during sex. Mattresses made of foam or latex, on the other hand, are virtually silent and allow for more discreet sex. Innerspring mattresses can draw noise because of the bounce they can exhibit.

To keep the noise level down, pocketed springs are incorporated, and can be paired with responsive foams. One of the things that people love about latex mattresses is though bouncy, it doesn’t produce noise.

Latex is quite bouncy but without the potential of making noise. Noise output is extremely low, making it discreetly great for family homes and roommates.


6-    Edge Support:

A mattress with better edge support promotes better sex. A mattress without an edge support means you cannot use the edge of the mattress. Or the complete surface of the bed. Therefore, it is important that the mattress you use for sex has strong edge support.

That being said, keep in mind that nowadays most mattresses including the best have below average side support. That is because of the bed in a box industry and how difficult it is to make good edge support.

Also, most latex and natural mattresses avoid adding pol foam to their mattresses and so they do not have edge support. Some mattresses produce minimal sinkage at the edges where people tend to sit or lay.

Certain features of a mattress can improve edge support. For example, foam encasements around the support core and low-gauge steel coils in innerspring and hybrid mattresses. Mattresses that offer little to no support at the edges means sexual activity can contribute to premature sinkage at the edges.

This is more so if couples are used to changing their sexual positions. Stable support for such different movements can play important roles in ensuring a great sex life.


6-    Convenient Warranty and Trial Period:

A good non-prorated warranty ensures you have good peace of mind. This ensures if the mattress starts to sag, there is a warranty backing the mattress. If couples have doubts that the mattress will serve them for a long time or not, they should be extra informed about its warranty.

Most manufacturers provide sleep trials for their mattresses. This allows testing out a mattress for a particular period agreed and return it before the expiry of trial time.

To get back your money partially or fully. The agreed period is usually 30 to 90 days. Note that soiled, stained or damaged mattresses are not usually accepted back by the majority of the companies. Also, most companies will ask you to try the mattress for at least 30 days before initiating the return.

The warranties usually last between 10 to 20 years. In addition to the warranties, sagging, protruding wires, indentations and other forms of defects are replaced or repaired by the manufacturer. But to be sure, it’s better to read the warranty of the specific mattress you plan on getting.

What Is the Best Type of Mattress for Sex?

– Natural Latex:

Latex mattresses are most recommended for sex because they meet almost all requirements. Latex is very bouncy; one of the main things people love about it. This is exactly the type of responsiveness that can make movement during sex feel smooth.

Latex also does not produce much noise. And it is very responsive, thus it is fairly easy to move around. Edge support can be good, but this depends on the manufacturer and model in question. It is like memory foam, offering the same support, but it can lack in terms of pressure relief. It is a leader in bounciness and how cool it is. Both big benefits if you are having sex.

The big advantage of latex mattresses is the lack of serious drawbacks. Where every other mattress does not do well in one category, the latex mattress does not have that problem. Especially if you can afford them.

Latex mattresses rate excellent for durability and score average or above in every other category. One of the reasons it gets a rating of well overall. If you don’t know what to get in a mattress for sex and have a budget of $1000 to $2000 then you should certainly consider a latex mattress.

In contrast to memory foam, the top-rated high-density latex mattresses offer exceptional support as well as more give and take. Though this type is known to be long lasting and responsive, its downsides include a hefty price tag.

You should consider acquiring a latex mattress comprising of several layers that are packaged in premium covers.  And have adjustability characteristics and supportive upper layers.

– Memory Foam:

Memory foam mattresses are the most popular type; however, they do not rank the best when it comes to sex. The lack of bounce and quick responsiveness is some of their downsides. They can also lack the edge support and cooling effect.

Furthermore, due to the presence of their body-contouring abilities, it can be difficult to change positions quickly during sex. If you want to choose this mattress for sex, perhaps the ones with denser and higher quality foams are better.

Memory foam mattresses are not that bouncy. Some of the brands might be constructed to be a bit bouncier but, typically, memory foam mattresses perform a bit worse in this specific category.  It is also not that responsive, potentially making some brands a bit harder to move on during sex.

However, when it comes to comfort, memory foam mattresses are generally considered great all-rounders; for sleep and various sex positions can be enjoyed with a premium feel.

Discretion is paramount during sex. This is addressed in memory foam mattresses in the form of good noise reduction. Yes, this mattress is excellent when it comes to low noise output while having sex. The mattress is the quietest you can buy; just don’t make the mistake to buy a squeaky box spring or bed frame to place it on.

– Hybrid:

Hybrid mattresses consist of half pocketed coil and half memory foam or latex. They have at least two inches of memory foam and, but not necessarily, latex in the layer of the comfort system and a pocketed coil in the support core.

Due to the fact that part of a hybrid mattress is made of coils, the mattress generally doesn’t have the much needed durability that sex requires. Hybrid mattresses take the best of the features of memory foam and innerspring mattresses, without many of the negative aspects they each possess.

Hybrid mattresses offer excellent body conforming and back support, and a perfect balance of bounciness for sex. They are designed to be less bouncy than innerspring mattresses so that couples are not disturbed by excess movement during sex. They are just bouncy enough for sex.

Hybrid mattresses are for customers that don’t wish to give up the feel of a conventional innerspring mattress but also need to pressure relief that memory foam mattresses provide. Hybrid mattresses can be quite pricey and there can be a lot of variation in how the comfort layers are designed.

Therefore, be aware that some models may have plusher materials that can inhibit sex. Hybrid mattresses offer excellent cooling during sex. Empty space where the coil system acts as a cooling layer, hence cooling your bodies down while making love.

– Innerspring:

Innerspring mattresses are ranked fourth for sex because of their lowest durability, pressure relief, and comfort. But are affordable. If budget is not your biggest concern, innerspring mattresses should be avoided. The mattress can be very noisy, as it produces that creaking sound people are very familiar with.

Beware of lower-quality coil construction that possesses high-gauge coils and lacks sufficient comfort layers. The creaking sound comes from the metal coils as they compress when you lie on the mattress and spring back to their original shape when the pressure is off. These mattresses can be problematic as long as sex is concerned because they make too much noise and are likely to break down.

An innerspring mattress does well in some areas and not so well in others. What this means is that this isn’t the mattress to choose if you don’t know what is most important for you. Latex and hybrid mattresses are better across the board in this regard. You can buy the innerspring mattress if the upsides, like bounce, are important and the downsides, like discretion, don’t matter as much.

Most innerspring mattresses have a surface that is bouncier and more suitable for sex than other options. Innerspring mattresses are known for forming around the body firmly, but they offer enough traction that can increase the thrill of sex as you hit a high.

An innerspring mattress that does not last might cost you more in the long run and sex is know to wear out spring mattresses quickly.

– Airbeds:

Airbeds use air chambers to provide support. Most of the airbeds have at least two air chambers, but some models can have 10 or even more. There are fewer airbed models to choose from. However, most airbed owners who commented on the subject said the mattress to be average or better for sex, compared to all foam and innerspring mattresses.

With the right adjustment, airbeds can provide a high degree of support which can make it easy to move on the beds and change positions. Therefore, airbed mattresses are far way better than all foam mattresses in providing the right support for sex.

Airbeds often provide an above average cushion so that knees, butts, hands, elbows, etc don’t get uncomfortable with pressure. This may allow couples to stay in certain sex positions longer without fatigue or discomfort.  Most users comment airbeds are responsive enough for sex.

That being said, all of this comes at a price that just isn’t worth it. For the same price as an airbed, you can get atop rated latex mattress that is more comfortable, supportive, responsive, and best of all, last way longer.

– Water Beds:

Most people have found that when having sex on this type of bed, it is easier to find their rhythm as opposed to having sex on a memory foam mattress. This is attributed to the water moving easily with their body rather than pushing back against it.

Water beds do not employ conventional metal box springs that can be insanely noisy. Therefore, water beds are great when needing some discretion. It makes hardly any noise during sex because it’s just made with water and vinyl. Thus, it can even be better than latex and foam mattresses in noise reduction.

Waterbeds are equally easy to utilize from any surface of the bed, rather than having sex on beds with uneven corners or sagging middles. They allow for equal weight distribution.

Consider the movement of water. If you feel that this flow would throw off your groove, then the waterbed may not be the best choice for you. Also, like airbeds, waterbeds are extremely expensive with so many tools that can break. They also need maintenance and are very difficult to move. That is the reason why most manufacturers moved away from waterbeds and they are now a rarity.


Other Tips for Mattresses and Sex

Get a Mattress Protector:


Sometimes a little mess can seep through the bedding into the mattress. If you have a mattress protector, it serves to protect the bedding coming into contact with the mess. We tested washing the cover of some mattresses.

Somewhere premiums and others where average but all of them did not feel like they should be washed regularly. This is why we recommend that you use a mattress protector as it is designed to be washed regularly and will not allow anything to go through, unlike the cover.

Also, not all covers are removable and washable so if your mattress has a premium quilted cover than a mattress protector is an absolute must. It goes without saying that washing the protector once in a while with your sheets is much more hygienic than not being able to and sleeping with a stained from sex mattress.

Get a Cooling Sheet:


Cooling sheets are an increasingly popular bedroom staple for anyone trying to sleep comfortably through the night. Just as you prize heavier blankets and sheets during the winter, cooling sheets that keep you cool are essential, especially during sexual activity.

It can be uncomfortable having sex in a hot, sticky bed. Cooling sheets allow couples to enjoy sex even in warm temperatures.  Cooling sheet wicks away moisture with ease, is ultra soft, and doesn’t hold onto heat. Cooling sheets are usually made using natural, long-lasting materials like rayon from bamboo.

That makes them a practical solution for coping with hot temperatures and sticky perspiration during sex. Additionally, the comfortableness of the sheets will help couples get a good night’s sleep, making them feel more energized in the morning.

Even when shopping for the right best cooling sheets, the reasons for choosing one set over another may vary. It’s not just about comfort during sex; it might be about improving your health and helping the environment


Get a Sturdy Foundation for the Mattress:


he foundation you choose for your mattress can have a major impact on the way your mattress feels, even impacting your sex life. Those with active sex lives, it is better to have a sturdy foundation for the mattress. The lack of a sturdy foundation from the bed will undermine the effectiveness of certain sex positions.

With a weak foundation, there is a real possibility of bed collapsing during a particularly expressive session of mutual admiration, and the noise. You have no idea how many people contact us saying “we broke our bed, what do you recommend as a foundation?”

You actually want to think your mattress and foundation as a pair. When you put your mattress on a strong foundation, it helps prevents sagging and also changes the way your mattress feels. These are a plus for active sex lives.  

Also, having a sturdy foundation means you will experience all the benefits of your mattress the way it was intended. A good, sturdy foundation helps keep your mattress structurally intact by absorbing some of the motion and weight put on your mattress during sex, which helps it keep its shape longer.


Final Verdict

Choosing the best mattress for sex is an important decision couples should not get wrong. Because picking the wrong mattress will cause problems in the bedroom and really disrupt intimacy. Latex mattresses can be the best for sex overall.

But if you are on a budget, all foam mattresses can be the best mattress for sex you can get on a tight budget. The best mattress for couples should strike the right balance between support, bounce, longevity, and discretion, not forgetting that comfort reigns supreme to enrich the entire experience.

This is the reason why latex mattress ranks top. Memory foam though popular can be described as an average performer because of the lack of bounce and quick responsiveness. Innerspring mattresses are ranked the worst for sex because of their lowest durability, pressure relief, and comfort.

We know it can be overwhelming when you try to look at all the factors and so this is why we made this list for you 🙂


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