Bedding Review

Cariloha Resort Bamboo Sheets vs. Nolah Bamboo Sheets

In the realm of bamboo bedding, Cariloha Resort and Nolah are two names that have earned a solid reputation. As a seasoned user of both brands, I’m prepared to offer an in-depth comparison of these offerings based on six critical aspects: comfort and feel, suitability for hot sleepers, durability, available sizes and colors, value for money, and company policies including returns, shipping, and warranties.

  Feel and Comfort

Cariloha Resort and Nolah Bamboo Sheets both offer superior comfort. However, Cariloha, with its 400 thread count Sateen bamboo viscose, delivers an exceptionally plush and luxurious feel that’s a notch above Nolah’s offering.

  For Hot Sleepers

Bamboo, as a material, is renowned for its cooling properties, and both these brands showcase this quality well. They’re adept at wicking away moisture, keeping the sleep surface cool and comfortable throughout the night. Here, it’s a tie.


In terms of durability, Cariloha Resort sheets with their high thread count have an edge. These sheets are designed to withstand regular use and washing while maintaining their original quality. Nolah’s sheets are still quite robust but may show signs of wear a bit sooner.

  Available Sizes and Colors

Cariloha Resort offers a more extensive range of colors compared to Nolah, which only offers its sheets in white. Both brands offer a variety of sizes to accommodate different bed dimensions.

  Value for Money

This is where the real distinction lies. Cariloha Resort’s 400 thread count, 100% bamboo viscose sateen weave sheets come with a heftier price tag – $330 for a queen 4 piece set. On the other hand, Nolah, while not as luxurious, offers a more budget-friendly option. If you’re looking for good quality at a lower price point, Nolah would offer better value for your money.

  Return Policy, Shipping Policy, and Warranty

Both Cariloha and Nolah provide reputable return and shipping policies, ensuring a smooth purchasing experience. However, their warranty offerings may differ, so it’s essential to check these details before making a decision.


In summary, while Cariloha Resort Bamboo Sheets stand out for their exceptional quality and luxury, Nolah Bamboo Sheets present a more budget-friendly option. If you’re seeking an opulent sleep experience and don’t mind the higher price, Cariloha is a fantastic choice. However, if budget is a significant consideration, Nolah offers decent quality at a more affordable price point. As always, your ultimate choice should align with your specific needs, preferences, and budget.