Do You Need a Box Spring?

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Box springs have been in use for close to two centuries now. However, with the evolving bed industry, their role has become more and more uncertain. Giving rise to the question, do you need a box spring?

The answer to which, can be yes, no, or maybe. Whether you need a box spring or not, is determined by the understanding of what it is, what it does, and if you do actually need it? 

And that’s exactly what we answer here in this article.

What is a box spring?

A box spring is a sturdy wooden or metal bed frame covered in fabric, consisting of springs in the middle. 

New age box springs, don’t actually contain the springs but are made of slats on the top side of the box frame. This is, however, more accurately called foundation instead of a box spring.

The main purpose of a box spring is to offer support and lift the mattress off the ground. Box springs give mattresses a strong flat surface to help it feel firmer.

 – There are different types of Box Springs:


The traditional box spring which consists of a system of interconnected coils usually measures 9-inches thick. While a slimmer version has been introduced which measures about 5-inches thick. 

Depending with the height of your mattress you can either use the low profile or high profile box spring. Thinner mattresses would do well with the thicker box spring while thicker mattresses would do well on the thinner box spring.

 What does a box spring do?

A box spring is good for a couple of reasons:

  1. It’s used to lift the mattress off the ground. This is essential in that it makes it easy to get on and off the bed. It’s also good in that it helps keep the mattress off the floor for sanitary reasons.
  2. A box spring also has shock-absorbing properties. This slows down your mattress’s wear and tear. Without a box spring or good foundation, the pressure placed on the mattress when lying on it causes wear and tear quickly.
  3. A box spring offers a firm base for supporting your mattress. Apart from hybrid mattresses, all other mattresses are not supportive enough on their own but require a flat even surface for the right support.



 Do I need a box spring?


While a box spring has all the benefits listed above. There are important factors about a box spring that you should consider. To determine whether you need one or not. Here are those factors.


 – You absolutely need a box spring if:

  • You are using a two-sided mattress design. Two-sided mattresses require flipping from time to time. Without a box spring which absorbs pressure and minimizes wear and tear, your mattress’s performance will suffer.
  • Your mattress warranty specifically requires you use a box spring with your mattress. Failure to follow your mattress warranty clause voids it. Most manufacturers require a sturdy base to support your mattress in order for the warranty to work. Some will specify the type of base that should be used with their mattress. Requiring you to buy a new one if necessary. Most of these companies require that you use a box spring.
  • If you are using a collapsible metal frame, then you might want to get a box spring. This will offer the necessary support needed for your mattress. Otherwise, your mattress can fall through, sag, and most likely void it’s a warranty for lack of a proper foundation.
  • If your bedframe has only a few slats. Most beds that aren’t platform beds have only a few slats and so a box spring or a foundation is necessary and not optional.

 – You don’t need a box spring if:

  • You are using Slats: You don’t necessarily need a box spring if you are using a platform bed with adequately spaced slats. Slats and box spring serve the same purpose. To provide support to the mattress. 
  • Using a solid platform bed: If you have a solid platform bed, then you don’t need a box spring. The solid base of the platform bed will offer the same if not better support for your mattress as a box spring would.
  • Using an adjustable bed: Adjustable beds don’t work with box springs. Box springs don’t have the bending mechanics as is required of a mattress that will use this type of bed.

 What to consider before buying a box spring?


If you have made a decision and to go with a box spring after all. It’s important to keep in mind several factors that will help you choose the best box spring for your mattress. These are:

Size of the Box Spring: Ensure your box spring is the same length and width as your mattress. Luckily, box springs come in regular mattress sizes. This means you will get twin, full, queen, and king sizes, easily.

Ease of Movement: Consider a split box spring if you have narrow hallways in your home. This will make the product easier to move. But ensure your bedframe offers support in the middle, before getting a split box spring. There are three types of split foundations; split king, split cal king and split queen. 

Is the box spring included? If you are shopping for both a mattress and a box spring, consider asking the mattress salesman whether the mattress comes with its own box spring? Some box springs are usually included in the mattress purchase. Or come with a discount if you purchase both.

If you are looking for a box spring without a mattress, consider revisiting the store you bought the mattress from. To check whether it has a recommended box spring for that specific brand of mattress. Same applies if you purchased online, though most online mattresses don’t make it a requirement to have there specific foundation.

Check the warranty terms for your box spring. Most mattress companies require the use of a box spring for the mattress warranty to be valid. Failure to use one, voids the warranty.



There you have it, the answer to the question Do you need a box spring? 

In short, Box Springs while quickly being rendered redundant because of their size are still important in some areas. So important that they can cost you your hard-earned money, if not used properly.

As such, we advise you do your due diligence and check your facts before buying or dismissing a box spring.

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After 8 years as a sleep expert in a couple of mattress stores and seeing thousands of people experiences with many brands, he decided to write and put all of these years of experience into help guides so others can make the right decision when buying sleep products without having to suffer sleepless nights as a result of choosing the wrong mattress.

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