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DreamCloud Mattress Reviews (2021 Update)

Dream Cloud Hybrid Mattress

(Hybrid Choice)

Dream cloud mattress


DreamCloud mattress has a true hybrid design where the comfort layer is foam and the support layer is a pocketed coil unit.

This bed has a more responsive feel compared to memory foam mattresses while a less bouncy and sleep on feel compared to latex mattresses. 

The DreamCloud company also has other things to offer. In addition to their mattress, they also have a pillow, a sheet set, a weighted blanket, and an adjustable base among a few other things.

On paper, this mattress is a true luxury and has everything you want in a mattress from good quality materials to good pricing. However, does it stand up to our high expectations and pass our rigorous testing. To find out read more. 

 What Is The DreamCloud Mattress Constructions?

The DreamCloud mattress is constructed using 5 main different layers of foam, cover, and coils.

 1- Cashmere blend cover Latex


Starting from the cover, the mattress has a cashmere blend cover for a nice luxury feel on top with handles on the sides for easy movement. The cover does add to the plushness of the mattress as it is soft. Also, the lower cover where the mattress comes in contact with the foundation has a rougher feel so that it keeps the mattress in place and eliminate sliding.

 2- Gel memory foam

Right under the cover, there is a layer of cooling gel memory foam for both cooling and comfort. This layer comes first so that sleepers can enjoy the much needed pressure relief that memory foam offers.


 3- High density foam

After the softer top, this layer comes in to balance the softness and sinkage to make sure people don’t sink into the mattress too much and cause back pain. Instead, this layer ensures good support for good spinal alignment.

 4- Pocketed coils

This is what makes the DreamCloud a hybrid. Pocketed coils offer individual support, unlike the regular coil mattresses. The support here is more zoned and the motion transferred is a lot less. Pocketed coils offer a more traditional feel but without the drawbacks of traditional mattresses like poor longevity, noise or motion transfer.


 5- Base foam

Finally, at the last layer of this amazing mix is another high density polyfoam to ensure the coils are well supported and do not come on direct contact with the foundation increasing both the longevity of the mattress and the overall support.

Overall, the DreamCloud has a complicated build-up but its simple truth is that it works, and it works very well.

Great 85%

 How Are the Support and Comfort?


The DreamCloud mattress depends on its memory foam and cashmere cover for comfort and its pocketed coils and high density foam layers for support. Here is how that works 

– First, let’s talk about comfort:

What we noticed during the testing period is that the pillow top which consists of the cashmere quilted cover and gel memory foam does a great job as far as pressure relief and comfort is considered.

Side sleeping on the mattresses without a pillow didn’t feel as if my arms would go to sleep at all. same goes for hips as well, we didn’t notice much pressure on the hip area which makes this mattress really good for side sleepers.

– Now let’s talk about the support:

This is where the DreamCloud mattress shines very brightly. Using both a zoned pocketed coil unit and high density foam layers this mattress has some of the best-offered support out there.

The pocketed coils cause the mattress to contour individually to what that specific area or person needs. The coils respond differently to your shoulders and hips that they would with your back. The coils are also very durable making the bed couple and romance friendly.

Support and Comfort
Excellent 90%

Does the DreamCloud Mattress Sleeps Cool?

Even an average hybrid fairs very well when it comes to cooling and DreamCloud is anything but average.

First, you have the cashmere blend cover and the gel memory foam that dissipate heat quickly and keep the mattress’s surface dry as well.

Second, you have the empty space in the middle of the mattress where the coils are; this space helps circulate air much better than an all foam mattress. Combined these features make for a cool, dry and comfortable sleep experience.

Our take from the time we spent testing this mattress is that it actually is cool and not just good on paper.

Excellent 85%

How Is the Edge Support of The DreamCloud Mattress?


Unlike most bed in a box mattresses, the DreamCloud has a special coil system where it’s stronger on the edges allowing the sleeper to utilize the whole sleep surface.

Though we didn’t test the mattress for months we can easily say that we never felt like rolling off the mattress during sleep near the edge. 

Strong edge support will also work toward increasing the overall longevity of the mattress since a lot of the sitting is done at the edge of the mattress and in most cases, the edge is the first place to sag but with a good edge support system that wouldn’t be the case.

Edge support
Excellent 90%

Does DreamCloud Mattress Have Motion Transfer or Noise?

All coil mattresses are noisier than all foam mattresses and that’s just common sense because it’s the coils that make most of the noise.

However, not all coil mattresses are just as bad. The DreamCloud mattress, for example, has a pocketed coil system where coils don’t come in direct contact with each other resulting in much less noise than a traditional mattress.

Also, the DreamCloud uses HD foam under the pocketed coil system to reduce its contact with the foundations which results in even less noise

Same goes for motion transfer, the pocketed coil system in the DreamCloud acts as individual support units where one coil does not dram the other ones around it.

This causes way less motion transferred between partners. Thought it is there, it is barely noticeable.

Overall, we felt like the DreamCloud mattress did a good job for both motion transfer and noise.

Motion transfer
Great 80%

Is the DreamCloud Mattress Good for Sex?


For an active couple, a sex friendly mattress is a must. There are a few things that dictate how good a bed is for romance. The most important part is how responsive and bouncy it is, and that is covered by the pocketed coil of the DreamCloud mattress.

The second part is how comfortable it is and as we said before this is a comfortable 15-inch mattress with good cushion. Finally, how easy is it to move on and from what we tested; we can comfortably say that it is easy to move on this bed. 

We did our own testing of course and overall this bed is more than romance friendly

For Sex
Excellent 90%

How Firm Is the DreamCloud Mattress?


On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being firmest, the DreamCloud has a firmness rating of 6.5. That is a medium soft feel with good contorting and cushion while also good back support. 

DreamCloud simply wants to take the safer route since the majority of people are happy with the firmness being at medium (5 to 7)

As a side sleeper I felt that this mattress offers good pressure relief and even though I did feel some pressure on my shoulders, I never woke up with soreness or pain.

Another thing to mention is that our team member that is 225 pound and sleeps on his back was also very pleased by the performance of this bed.


How Durable Is the DreamCloud Mattress?


Most coil beds have the reputation to last shorter than all foam mattresses and that is somewhat true. The reason being is that the coil part of the innerspring mattresses starts to wear out sooner than most foams.

Thankfully the DreamCloud mattress’s coil is better than most. It is a pocketed coil system that is reinforced around the edges with thicker coils in the perimeter.

Now as far as the foams in the mattress, they are all high density and high quality bringing the average lifespan of this mattress to higher than most.

If you are concerned about the durability of this mattress then there are two very important things to consider here. First, the DreamCloud mattress comes with a 1-year sleep trial.

A lot of the lower quilt mattresses will show signs of sagging during the first year even if just ¾ of an inch.

Since they give you a whole year to try the mattress, they are obviously very sure of their mattress. Second, after your 1-year trial, you are backed by a lifetime warranty which shows the company’s confidence in their quality.

Durability wise the DreamCloud scores high overall.


Excellent 80%

Does DreamCloud Have Any Unpleasant Smells or off-gassing?


Like most new beds the DreamCloud has a miner new bed smell that if aired will dissipate. Because of their use of vegetable oils in their foam to reduce the petroleum oils, the off-gassing this mattress is actually less than most memory foam mattresses.

We never felt that the odors of this mattress are a real issue at all and easily forgettable after a day or two.

Excellent 80%

Is DreamCloud Worth it for the Money?


Yes, very much so. The DreamCloud is made with luxury materials where most mattresses are usually priced in the $1299 to $1999 category but this bed cost much less.

At 15 inches with cashmere blend cover, gel memory foam, vegetable oil base foam and edge support pocketed coils this mattress is well worth every penny.

Excellent 90%

How is the DreamCloud Return Policy and Trial?


The DreamCloud mattress comes with a 365-day sleep trial and their return policy has no hidden fees or charges at all.

This means that you get to try the mattress for all four seasons and see how it fairs in terms of comfort, support, quality and durability and then decide to keep it or return it after almost a year for a full refund.

Their return policy is honestly one of their mean appeals as it leaves no room for guessing or remorse whatsoever.

A few notes to bear in mind that all return policies have some similarities just in case you never read another review.

When you initiate a return there will come a time when they need to pick up the mattress for donation and if the mattress was not in donatable condition then there is a chance they will not accept your return request.

Make sure to keep the mattress completely clean if you wish your return and warranty to be accepted.

Trial, returns and refunds
Excellent 95%

DreamCloud Mattress Warranty


The Dream could warranty is for lifetime and it is pretty standard. The first 10 years they will replace the mattress if the sagging was greater or equal to 1.5-inch.

After the 10 years, they will try to fix it and if unsuccessful they would replace it still. The warranty covers the mattress owner only and only if it was purchased from DreamCloud or its azotized sellers. 

Like any other warranty in the industry, if the mattress sagging was caused by neglect or customer abuse or use or improper foundation then the warranty is void. 

Basically, what you need to know is to make sure the foundation is good and has no sagging.

Then make sure to always use a mattress protector to keep the mattress absolutely spotless.

Finally, make sure that the original buyer submits the claim and you should be fine.

Great 85%

Shipping & Financing Options

– Shipping options:

Similar to the rest of the online mattresses, the regular shipping which is next to your doorstep is free of charge. However, if you wish you can add a white glove delivery service for a nun-refundable charge of $149.

With white glove delivery, a team will deliver your mattress and set it up in the room of your choice. See their FAQ page for more details.

– Financing and payments options:

Most payments methods are accepted here and as far as financing is concerned, DreamCloud offer up to 24 months financing with Affirm with or without down payment and with or without interest. See their financing page for me details.

Final Verdict

DreamCloud is a true hybrid with a responsive feel and miner good sink in that comes with 15-inches high and composed of different layers of cashmere cover, gel memory foam, vegetable foams and pocketed coil. All of that for a very reasonable price tag. 

There you have it. Everything you need to know about the DreamCloud mattress.

 If you need more information or felt like there was something we didn’t cover then please feel free to comment below.

Overall Rating

Our team gives the Cloud Supreme Breeze 8.8 out of 10 in Overall Rating

Great 85%
Excellent 90%
Sleep Cool
Excellent 85%
Edge Support
Great 90%
Motion Transfer
Excellent 80%
Good For Sex
Excellent 90%
Excellent 80%
Great 80%
Excellent 90%
Trial & Refunds
Great 95%

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