Full Vs Queen Size Bed: Which should you get?

Though similar looking, full vs queen size beds differ in various important aspects. As such, there are many considerations to be made when choosing between these two beds. 

Over the years, different theories have come up with many opinions of which bed is best for you. While this is great, to most it has only served to make the decision harder. That’s why we aim at simplifying the matter here by looking at the facts.

So, between a full and queen size bed, which should you get?

Let’s find out. Shall we?

 1-What is Full-Size Bed?


Full-Size Bed otherwise referred to as a Double Bed is slightly larger than a twin bed and slightly smaller than a queen bed. Full-Size Beds measure 54 inches wide by 75 inches long. This is 15 inches wider than a twin bed but at a similar length.  

Twin Beds are the smallest beds after cribs. They measure 38 inches by 75 inches and are better most suited for children and young teenagers. 

While a full bed is smaller compared to a queen bed, it can comfortably accommodate two people, unlike the twin bed.

In comparison to Queen Size Beds, Full-Size Beds are generally 6-7 inches narrower and 5 inches shorter.

More factors to consider about a Full Bed:


Full beds are best for individuals who sleep alone. Sharing it with another person means you only get 27 inches of space each. Even though this can work, it is undoubtedly uncomfortable. 

In essence, a full bed should provide enough space for only one person to sleep comfortably, stretch out, and turn as much as needed.

Full beds are also limited in terms of length. They are 5 inches shorter than a queen bed, which prompts taller people to consider the latter.

 – Size:

One positive aspect of a full bed is that it doesn’t take up much room space, which means that your room remains spacious enough. 


Full Bed’s components such as mattresses, frames, and, box springs are readily available in stores globally. Duvet, duvet covers, and, pillows are also readily available and come at reasonable prices too. You can get duvets for $20 or less, in most stores. 

If you compare full vs queen size bed accessories, you will find that those of a full bed are cheaper than of a queen bed. 

However, do keep in mind that since full size is considered more of a kid bed, most of the accessories available are for kids and you might find it a little difficult to find good full size bedding.


If you are pressed for space, don’t worry. A full bed can fit in small rooms measuring at least 9.6 by 10 feet, and above. But if you are working with a smaller room, then you are better off with a twin bed.

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Pros and Cons




1- Cost-effective

2- Lightweight

3- Easy to find accessories

4- Best for short people and also suitable for kids

1 – Not the best option for couples

2- Restrictive to tall people (5’9 and above)

2 – What is a Queen Size Bed?


A Queen Size Bed is slightly larger than a Full (double bed) and smaller than a King size bed. It measures 60 inches by 80 inches. This is 6 inches wider and 5 inches longer than a full bed. 

With statistics showing the queen making up 32% of all bed purchase while the full bed accounts for only 21% of all bed purchases. Queen beds are more popular of the two. This could be attributed to the fact that the extra room on a queen bed improves comfort incredibly for both singles and couples.

More factors to consider about a queen Bed:


A queen bed might be extravagant for just one person. But space isn’t such a bad thing. 

If you prefer to have enough room to move about while in bed, then a queen bed is the best option for you. This bed also works perfectly for two people sharing. 

In comparison to the full bed, queen beds offer an additional 3-inch width per person. That’s a reasonable amount of space, don’t you think?

The queen bed also has extra legroom, which is especially great if you are tall and don’t fit well on full beds.


At 32% market share of all mattress purchases, the queen bed dominates the bed market. As such, finding accessories for a queen bed is easy. The abundant availability of accessories keeps the prices low too. 

Although these accessories are inexpensive, the prices are slightly higher than those of a full bed. You can get a set of bed sheets for roughly $25 or more. Nonetheless, duvets cost less because they are usable on both beds.

But since a queen is considered an adult size, almost all accessories are made for adults’ ad finding something for you will be easier than a full size.


For your bedroom to look and feel spacious when using a queen bed, a room of 12 feet by 12 feet is recommended. But you can also work with a 10 by 10 feet room if you are pressed for space and must have this bed.

Pros and Cons




1- Appropriate for couples

2- Plenty legroom 

3- Accessories are easily found

4- Great for people with spinal problems

1- Expensive

2- Heavy

3- Requires more floor space


 3- Comparison Between Full and Queen Size Bed:


Check out the comparison chart below for a quick view of the differences between a Full and Queen size bed.


Full Bed

Queen Bed


Full Bed measure 54 inches wide by 75 inches long. Or 137 x 190.5 cm.

Queen Bed measures 60 inches wide by 80 inches long. Or 152.5 X 203.5 cm.


This type of bed is usually cheaper than a Queen Size Bed.

It’s slightly costlier than a full bed. Also, if you add the cost of accessories, then the prices go even higher.


  • A Full-Size Bed is comfortable enough for a single person. But it gets uncomfortable when sharing it with another person. Given you, each get a 27-inch space.
  • It’s also uncomfortable for taller people. Anyone taller than 5’9 won’t fit on the bed.
  • With more legroom and space (at least 30 inches per person), the queen is definitely more comfortable than the full bed.

Space Requirements

10 feet by 10 feet room or higher will fit this bed type perfectly.

12 feet by 12 feet room or higher will fit this bed type perfectly

Suitable for

Teenagers, single adults, or slender couples.

Couples, taller individuals, and people who want more room for stretching.

Final Verdict

Queen-size is better if you can afford the space it takes since the price difference is usually very minor. Most people take full and then have to buy again if they move so keep that in mind and if you can take a queen size from the start that you will keep for a very long time. 

To answer the question of whether or not you need a full or queen size bed, will purely depend on your needs. 

  •   Do you need more space in your bedroom? 
  •   What does your budget allow you?
  •   Will you be sleeping alone or with someone else? 
  •   Do you need more legroom? Or more space for movement?
  •   If it is for a kid or a teenager will they be taller than 75 inches?
  •   Will you be needing a larger bed in the soon future?

If you answered yes to more legroom, space, and sleeping with someone else, then you should probably consider the Queen Bed. 

If you answered yes to a limited budget, need for space in your small bedroom, or being a solo sleeper, then you should probably get the full bed.

All in all, whichever bed you get, ensure you have the right mattress!! That is the next story.

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