Honey Hybrid Mattress VS Avocado Mattress Comparison


Honey Hybrid Construction Score: 9.9

  1. GOTS Certified Organic Cotton Quilted Cover & Fill
  2. GOTS Certified Organic New Zealand Calmera® Wool as Natural Flame-retardant
  3. GOLS Certified Organic Dunlop Latex (Carbon Neutral Certificate)
  4. Honey Micro Coils® (Excellent Pressure Relief, Perfect For All Types of Sleepers)
  5. Individually Wrapped Coils Made of American Recycled Steel – (1584 coils in queen)
  6. GOTS Certified Organic Cotton/Wool Blend. It works as a stable base.

The Honey hybrid has a 3-Firmness-Design with dual coils to allow maximum individual support and comfort. The layers are structured as soft then medium then firm, to ensure all are supported regardless of body shape and sleep position. 

For example, heavier back sleepers will have the needed comfort through the organic quilted cotton and wool cover and the organic latex. For medium support, there will be the Honey micro coils to make sure nothing is pushing on their pressure points while the firm support is provided by the firmer individual-wrapped coils. 

Finally, the coil count of the honey Hybrid is almost twice of that in the Avocado mattress allowing for more individual support and couple friendliness. 

Avocado Mattress Construction Score: 8.6

  1. GOTS-certified cotton/wool cover.
  2. GOLS-certified Dunlop latex 
  3. Individually Wrapped coils 
  4. GOTS Certified Organic Cotton/Wool Blend. It works as a stable base.

Though the make of the Avocado mattress is impressive, It lacks the soft but firm feel that makes the Honey Mattress so comfortable. The Avocado is a firmer mattress with great support. More suited for back sleepers in general because of its firm feel. 

You can, however, add the pillowtop to make it softer and more suited for side sleepers but that comes at an increased price. 

With only one coil system, the individual pressure relief is less but it still offered great comfort. 


Honey Hybrid Cooling Score:  9.9

From the organic cotton to the organic latex all the cushion layers are temperature-regulating and cool. The duel coil system allows a lot of air circulation. 

Finally, the overall natural organic built with no fire barriers means no chemicals to cause overheating or trap heat. Overall, this mattress will not have any cooling issues whatsoever. 

Avocado Mattress Cooling Score: 9.2

The same as the Honey Hybrid, the Avocado only uses organic natural materials with no fire barriers. The slight difference in cooling is that the Avocado uses a single coil system. This allows for slightly less air circulation in theory. However, in the test, both mattress were very cool and breathable


Honey Hybrid Value Score:  9.8

6 layers of organic nontoxic materials designed with a patented dual coils system to offer great overall comfort and support. The Honey bed also comes with a 100-day sleep trial and lifetime warranty to back its great quality. 

Avocado Mattress Value Score: 8.5

Another great value of a bed. However, when compared to the Honey, the Avocado is 3 inches less with only 4 layers and a single coil system but is priced at $400 more than the Honey Hybrid. 

Though by itself is a great value but is less so than the Honey Hybrid due to the marketing costs of a brand as large as Avocado. 


Honey Hybrid Sustainability Score:  10

There is nothing to be added here even if we tried! The Honey Hybrid is only made from sustainable organic materials and the company that makes it, Sweet Zzz is certified as Carbon Neutral. This means that they have no negative effects on the environment. Sweet Zzz is also part of both The 1% For The Plant and the Sustainable Furnishing Council, making sure we have a better future for all. 

Avocado Mattress Sustainability Score: 10

Same as above. If there is one thing the Avocado mattress company is known for, it’s their sustainability and environmental help. You can go with either one of these two beds and sleep easily at night knowing you are helping the environment through your purchase rather than adding more issues like other beds. 

Firmness Rating

Honey Hybrid Firmness Score: 9.7

Luxury Medium

The Honey Hybrid mattress utilized its patented Honey Micro Coils to allow for a broader range of firmness since the coils react differently to different people. 

We rate the Honey hybrid mattress as 4-8. Meaning it’s a medium with a great soft but firm comfort that allows pressure relief yet support at the same time. The Honey Hybrid firmness works for all sleep positions and body shapes. 

Avocado Mattress Firmness Score: 9.2

Firm – Medium Soft with pillowtop 

Avocado offers 2 different feelings. The regular firm, and the pillow top which feels much softer.

The regular feels like a 6-8 firmness and is actually a firm feel with great support. If you are a back sleeper, this choice is good for you. 

The pillowtop option is more like a 4-6 and offers more cushioning at the expense of support. If you sleep on your side or are lightweight, this choice is for you.