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Latex For Less Mattress Review

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latex for less
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Great 88%

Latex For Less is an all-natural latex mattress that is available in 9-inch or 7-inch with its main highlights being cleaner, healthier and cheaper. 

Still, even if it all sounds good, did this natural mattress pass our demanding trial and testing, or is it only good on paper? 

We ordered the 9” mattress and had our team with different sleep habits test it. Here is what we think.

What is the Construction?

 Latex For Less uses both types of latex, Talalay, and Dunlop along with natural wool and cotton to make its rather simple yet effective design. 


Organic Certified Cotton

The first layer and the one your body will come in contact with is a layer of organic certified cotton that is both durable and comfortable. The cover feels nice and soft and since it is organic certified you don’t have to worry about anything.

Natural Wool Fire barrier

Right under the cotton cover, there is a half-inch natural wool that goes around all six sides of the mattress and acts as the eco-friendly fire barrier. A natural fire barrier is actually very important as chemical fire barriers can make the mattress warmer and trap heat, not to mention the reduced air quality caused by the chemicals.

Natural Talalay Latex


Under the cover and the fire barrier and on the softer side is a 2-inch Talalay latex layer that is the main comfort layer of the mattress. Talalay latex is better than Dunlop latex in both comfort and pressure relief making the softer side of the Latex For less mattress more suitable for side sleepers.

Natural Dunlop Latex

The 6-inch Dunlop latex acts like the base layer for the softer side and the main comfort layer for the firmer side.  Dunlop is firmer and more supportive than Talalay but if you like a firmer feel or if you sleep mainly on your back or stomach then it might work better for you.

Overall, the Latex For Less mattress construction is good if a little thin for those that are on the heavier side. 

Great 85%

How Is the Support and Comfort?

To better judge the Latex for Less mattress and better explain the support and comfort of the mattress we have to talk about each side differently. 

The Softer Side:

The softer side was my personal favorite since I mainly sleep on my side. That’s because the bed has good contouring and pressure relief for me. The Talalay latex layer, though only two inches, does a good job of reducing pressure on my shoulders and hip. 

Lightweight back and stomach sleepers will most likely be happy with this bed also as it has a very effective soft but firm design that the best mattress in the industry use. 

This side may not work for average weight back and stomach sleepers as there might be too much sink for them. 

The Firmer Side

Much more suited for back and stomach sleepers as the Dunlop latex’s firmness is very dominant on this side. Though the Dunlop latex is only 6-inches, it is dense enough (85n) to support different people with different weights, shapes, and sizes. We only noticed a slight pressure on the shoulders for heavier people that sleep on their side. 

Overall, between the soft and the firm side, there is a very good chance that this mattress will work for you. 

We always update our reviews with the feedback our readers give us and the Latex For less mattress has very good feedback.

Support and Comfort
Excellent 90%

Does This Mattress Sleep Cool?

The short answer is yes. Here is why.

Latex mattresses, in general, don’t have cooling issues but the latex for less goes an extra step by having both its cover and fire retardant natural.

Polyester covers reduce overall breathability, especially when you sleep on them for over an hour as they keep gathering heat, but this is not the case with Latex for Less. The cover is organic certified cotton and even the fire barrier is wool.

Finally, both Talalay latex and Dunlop latex are cool and natural materials that help circulate air and reduce heat tapping.

Excellent 95%

How Is the Edge Support?

Honestly, like most bed in a box companies, the edge is good to sleep on without feeling like your falling out of the bed but to sit on it feels somewhat unsupportive. Though this is not an apparent issue unless you sit on the very edge. Also, it is important to note that edge supports require polyfoams to be sturdy and since Latex For Less is a green company trying to reduce there impact on the planet, they didn’t use any. 

I think it is understandable that the edge support will not be as firm without polyfoam.

Edge Support
Great 80%

Is There Motion Transfer?

As far as noise is concerned, the Latex For Less is practically mute. Things that make noise in a mattress are coils and sometimes the chemical fire barrier sack but since none of these are in this bed the Latex For Less is completely silent.

Now for motion transfer, Latex For Less is an all latex build meaning no coils whatsoever to transfer motion. Still, moving on the bed you would feel some movement but far from what we would consider disturbance. The little movement you feel is because latex is responsive by its nature causing that little motion transfer. 

Overall, Latex for Less offers an almost quiet and disturbance-free sleep experience for couples.

Motion Transfer
Excellent 90%

Is This Mattress Good for Sex?

A Mattress that is good for amorous activates needs to be responsive in feel, somewhat bouncy and offers good comfort and durability since sex wears the mattress down. Fortunately, Latex For Less has all these things covered.

Latex is responsive, bouncy and durable and it is what Latex For less is made of, so this mattress is very recommended for active couples.

For Sex
Excellent 90%

How Firm Is It?

As we mentioned earlier the Latex For less mattress is double-sided and has two distinctive firmness feels.

The Soft Side Firmness 

We felt like the softer side of the Latex For Less was 5 out of 10 in firmness. A true medium-soft feel with good contouring. Well made for side sleepers and lightweight people in general.

The Firm Side Firmness 

More towards the 8 out of 10 (10 being firmest). Better suited for back and stomach sleepers and heavier people in general.

How Durable Is This Mattress?

The durability of a mattress is determined by the materials it is using along with the process the mattress goes through.

Latex for latex is made of two main components, those Being natural cotton/wool cover and latex foam. 

Both of these materials are very durable if they were processed in a good eco-friendly way. Since Latex For Less materials are green and organic certified we can be sure that they are not cheaply made with chemicals. 

This means that Latex for less will most likely last a long while before you start seeing body impressions. Also, remember that this bed comes with a 20-year warranty in case defects happened prematurely.


Excellent 92%

Where Is It Made?

Latex For Less is handmaid is Los Angeles California. Being made locally is good for two reasons. First, mattresses that are made in the US very seldom go out of stock; and second, the mattresses are not stored away for many months before they are shipped to customers. Storing mattresses in boxes for long periods will reduce their longevity as the foam is very compressed. 


Does It Have Any Unpleasant Smell?

We only noticed a very mild new mattress smell that didn’t linger at all. Keep in mind that latex For Less has no harmful chemicals in and has organic and green certifications so even if you do smell something that feels like a new bed, don’t worry as this mattress will not harm your air quality.

Excellent 95%

Is It Good for Heavier People?

Yes, especially on the firm side. Latex For less is only 9-inches but surprisingly good for heavier people on its firm side. Dunlop is a marvel when it comes to support and even only 6-inches of it is good enough for heavier people (230 lb to 300 lb).

The only thing worth mentioning Is that people pass 300 lb might feel the mattress thickness being insufficient with the 2-inch Talalay latex causing some sinking in.

Overall, we confidently recommend Latex For Less for heavier people as it passed our tests.

Is It Good for Side Sleepers?

The softer side has the 2-inch Talalay latex that reliefs pressure and reduces the discomfort of shoulders and hips. We should mention however that heavier people that sleep on their side primarily might find it a little thin and the firm side a little hard.

The firmer side is a lot more on the firmer side and unless you personally prefer firm mattresses, you might not feel enough give and comfort on the shoulders. The firmer side, in general, is more suited for back and stomach sleepers.

Is It Good for Back and Stomach Sleepers?

The firm side of Latex For Less excels at catering for back and stomach sleepers. This is why this mattress is one of our team’s favorite mattresses that we recommend all the time.

For average weight and heavier people that sleep on the back and stomach, they can try the firmer side as well to see if it works better for them in case they need more support. Overall, Latex For Less can easily be recommended for stomach and back sleepers.

Is This Mattress Worth It for the Money?

I don’t think there are two people that argue about the value of Latex For Less. This is a natural latex mattress that offers two separate firmness feels with a 120-night sleep trial and a 20-years warranty for under $1000.

Excellent 95%

Trial Period and Refunds


Latex For less mattress has a 120-night sleep trial during which you can request a return for a full refund. The customer will not pay shipping costs, restocking fees or any other fees.  

You request a return by simply calling their customer service and they’ll give you the step by step for a return. There might be some packing and boxing needed as Latex For Less will send a carrier to pick up from your address.

Trial & Refunds
Great 80%



Latex For Less has a 20-year none prorated warranty meaning that the value covered will not be decreased over the years and the mattress will be covered in full for the duration of the 20 years.

Latex For Less covers any manufacturing defects on the latex foam of the mattress. 

Make sure you use the Latex For Less mattress of a sturdy foundation with no sagging or the warranty will be voided. Also, it should go without saying that the mattress should be clean as well.

The warranty only covers the original buyer of the mattress.

Great 80%

Shipping Options


Latex For Less has the standard free shipping offered by most bed in a box companies. However, if you wish to have white glove delivery instead then you can have it for a flat fee of $299. 

Final Verdict

Latex For Less is under $1000 for a queen yet comes packed with a package of comfort and support using both Talalay and Dunlop latex.

This great value mattress is also double-sided with each side having a noticeably different feel that really feels like a 2 in 1.  

If you are in the market for a green and natural mattress and are on a budget, then Latex For Less is a very valid consideration.

Overall Rating

Our team gives the Cloud Supreme Breeze 8.8 out of 10 in Overall Rating

Great 85%
Excellent 90%
Sleep Cool
Excellent 95%
Edge Support
Great 80%
Motion Transfer
Excellent 90%
Good For Sex
Excellent 90%
Excellent 92%
Excellent 95%
Excellent 80%
Trial & Refunds
Great 80%

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