Latex Mattress Buying Guide​

Why Latex?

Latex is the preferred choice for making mattresses for people prone to pressure points that cause pain and people who end up feeling hot when sleeping. Furthermore, latex is a green, eco-friendly material suitable for people suffering from allergies. An eco-friendly material also promotes a clean environment.

When it comes to getting the best latex mattress for you, the right product greatly affects your overall well-being, comfort, and quality of life.

When looking for the best latex mattress, you are going to encounter lots of product types featuring a variety of components.

Acquiring a latex mattress is a happy investment when it comes to durability. Latex is a great sleeping surface because it offers a lot of the benefits found in memory foam mattresses without some of the drawbacks. You get great comfort and support without sleeping hot.

What To Look For In a Latex Mattress?

 1- The Right Construction:


Whether Talalay or Dunlop, getting a latex mattress without coils might be better for the long run. Even if the mattress has a blended latex base it would last much longer than an innerspring base.

Now that we’ve decided on the base, have to ask yourself what type of latex is better for you. if you want a firm feel with little to no give and almost no sink in then Dunlop would work for you.

However,  if you want excellent contouring and pressure relief and good support then Talalay is better for you. Talalay usually wins the argument of which is better every time but always costs more.


 2- A High Profile:

An 8-inch Latex

An 8-inch latex mattress usually has two problems. First, it will not provide enough support for medium or large sized people and second, it will not contour to your body well enough especially if you sleep on your side. So basically, you’ll end up with an expensive mattress that probably won’t get the job done.

A 10-inch Latex

A 10-inch latex mattress will have enough room to contour to your body and not push on your pressure points as much while also keeping you well supported. If you, however, sleep on your side or are a larger person then you should definitely consider the 12-inch.

A 12-inch Latex

A 12-inch latex mattress will most likely suit you the best if you are fine with the price. At 12-inches the mattress will contour to your body perfectly especially if the company made a softer top and most 12-inch manufacturers almost always do. It will also support you better as you won’t sink in too much. Most manufacturers do the 12-inch latex mattresses in three different layers of latex with each having a different firmness.

This is called waterfall comfort. Waterfall means that a mattress has a soft top medium core and firm base. These mattresses usually work with everyone and so we can’t recommend them enough.

 3- A Cool Natural Mattress Cover:


The cover of the mattress may look like a small detail, but it is actually pretty important. The cover is the only part of the mattress that comes in direct contact with your body and so being natural is essential. Look for a natural wool or cotton cover.

These covers last a long time and are very cool, comfortable and breathable. They are also famous for being moisture-wicking which means you’ll sleep cooler and drier.

 4- A Natural and Chemical-free Fire Retardant:


The fire retardant of a mattress is right under the cover. Most companies use a chemical fire retardant so be aware of what the fire retardant is in a mattress. If it was not specified on the website, you could always chat and ask.

The best fire retardant is natural wool. A natural wool fire retardant will actually prevent fire and contribute to the overall comfort coolness and lifespan of the mattress. The second-best fire retardant is Natural Silica.

It is second best because it does not contribute anything to the mattress but allows it to pass fire laws without adding harmful chemicals.

  5- Good Value:


Some latex mattress companies overdo it with the price. If you find a latex mattress priced at over $3000 then you’re probably overpaying. This mostly happens in brick and mortar stores because they depend on their charming salespeople to get the sale.

Online competition is tough but overpriced mattresses are still all over the place so be careful. A well-priced latex mattress is under $2000 for a 10-inch queen size.

Quality latex needs time and expensive materials to build so don’t think you’ll get a $700 latex mattress that is quality. Especially Talalay latex as it needs 300% more time than Dunlop latex to be made and Dunlop is the second most expensive type of foam.

 6- Lengthy Sleep Trial and Warranty:

You need the lengthy sleep trial to determine if the bed is right for you. Make sure the trial is at least 90 days. To have a good idea about what a mattress offer, you need to try it at least for a month.

Most companies actually ask you that you try their mattress for at least 30 days because that’s how long you need to get used to it. Your body is so used to the old mattress for better or worst that a new one can feel strange at first.

As far as the warranty, even if most will offer at least 10 years, the company that offers longer shows how confident they are about their product. Also, most latex mattress owners do keep their mattress for a good 15 years so getting a lengthy warranty is useful.

  7- A Reputable Company :

Though this may be unimportant to everyone, but to know that you are buying from a company that cares about the plant and is doing its part for the community is a good thing. Also, a reputable company will try to take care of you better as they have a reputation to keep.

What to Get with Your Latex Mattress?

  1- A Natural Mattress Protector (Essential) :

No matter how great a mattress you have, without a mattress protector, it will start to sag in a matter of months. The millions of dead skin cells with the sweat that we lose into the mattress every day will turn it into a dust mite haven. The mites will eventually compress the foam and sag the mattress.

This is true for all mattresses so make sure to get you a mattress protector. You should get a natural mattress protector, so you won’t lose the natural properties of the mattress itself. If you didn’t find one, then any mattress protector is better than none.

  2- A Sturdy Foundation (Essential) :

If your current foundation is not flat and strong, your warranty of the new mattress might be void and here is why. A weak foundation will bend over time. This bending will cause the mattress to sag and since this is considered customer abuse, not common wear and tear, your warranty would be void.

Just take a look at your bed or foundation, if it is old then make sure to get a new one. Foundations are very hard to ship so its almost always a better deal to get your foundation, box spring, or bed from a local store.

  3- An Adjustable Foundation (Optional):

Adjustable foundations can be pricey but are worth it because they work very well with latex mattresses. They’re not worth it just because you get to watch TV in bed more comfortably.

Adjustable bases help keep you in a healthy posture and reduce the pressure on the lower back. Adjustable bases are also useful to recline your feet after work to make it easier for the heart to send oxygen using the bloodstreams.

This will help promote proper blood circulation. These customizable beds are especially useful for people with Acid Reflux. Basically, if price isn’t an issue, they are the best optional add-on you can get for your latex mattress.

  4- A Natural Pillow (Optional):

Though pillows are essential, most people have their own pillow that they are comfortable with. The right pillow is very hard to find so if you are fine with yours then never mind this advice.

However, if you are looking for a pillow then a natural pillow is the best kind to complement your latex mattress. Look for a thick pillow if you sleep on your side, a thin one if you sleep on your back and a really thin and soft one if you sleep on your stomach.

 How Is Natural Latex Foam Made?

Natural Latex Foam is the premium choice for bedding products. Natural latex is a foam produced from liquid latex through the vulcanization process. Different variations of this process are used in the production of Talalay latex and Dunlop latex.

Each of those processes is completed using natural latex. The Dunlop process of latex foam formation precedes the Talalay process.

So, let’s take a look at what goes into making a batch:

• Rubber trees are tapped for liquid latex
• After being whipped, the latex is put in a mold
• The contents of the mold are exposed to heat in an oven
• Then the latex is cleaned
• Moisture is exterminated through heating again

Now, the production of the Talalay latex resembles much the Dunlop process, except when pouring the mold, there is a small space remaining, and this allows for expansion of the latex. Carbon dioxide escapes and this produces small pathways that help in keeping your mattress cool.

When looking for a mattress made of natural latex, it helps to research and read reviews about whether the mattress you plan on purchasing contains Talalay latex or Dunlop Latex or a blend of the two.

 Talalay Latex VS Dunlop Latex

Both the Talalay and Dunlop process of Natural latex production involves washing the latex foam to remove impurities and additives. The Talalay process is based on the Dunlop process but adds a freeze and vacuum step before vulcanization to produce a more open and interconnected latex structure.

Talalay latex can be produced in softer grades and feels softer and more yielding. On the other hand, Dunlop feels more solid and provides a very stable support. Because Talalay does have tunnels within the material to help it breathe, this can cause it to have a lower density.

However, the two processes of Talalay and Dunlop can be manipulated in a manner to affect their overall durability. Talalay latex is better known for responsiveness. If you want a mattress that reforms quickly when pressure is removed, it is the Talalay.


Is a Latex Mattress Good For You? 

(Latex Mattress Advantages)


Latex may be the best type of mattress but still may not be for everyone. But since you are thinking about a latex mattress, it is likely that you are looking for something different than your current mattress provides. From the durability point of view, you simply can’t go wrong with latex mattresses.

Also, a latex mattress is good for you if you tend to sleep hot on other materials, you experience painful pressure points, you want to remain eco-friendly and you have a sleeping partner. Here are the main features of latex for you to decide if it’s good for you.


  1-  Good Conforming to Body Shape:

Latex possesses incredible elasticity that allows the mattress to conform pleasantly to your body shape. Sleeping on a latex mattress it feels wonderfully soft at first touch, then firms up as your body settles deeper.

This gives the body full support. It is no wonder that most people with musculoskeletal ailments such as back pain find relief in a latex mattress.

Because of the ease of conformity to your body, latex mattress provide a very comfortable night’s sleep. A  latex mattress provides better support than a memory foam mattress as the spine is kept in alignment throughout the night.

  2- Responsive Feel with Little Sink:

If you’ve ever had a mattress that is not responsive enough, you understand how difficult it is to move around in bed or get in and out of it. To achieve full relaxation, you want a mattress that reforms quickly when pressure is unmounted. For those who responsiveness is a high priority, Talalay latex is a better product for them.

The rubber content and foam grid construction give latex mattresses a bounciness similar to innerspring mattresses. Therefore, the mattress recovers quickly from applied pressure. All night long tension is based on any pressure points or injuries that you may have along the whole course of your body.


  3- Cool and Breathable:

Latex material is naturally breathable. This allows it to provide a consistently cool sleeping surface that does not retain body heat. It can be uncomfortable sleeping on a mattress that retains body heat, especially if you are a hot sleeper.

Mattresses that retain heat its because they have closed cell foams. Natural latex features a natural open cell structure and pinhole patterns that create excellent air circulation that quickly dissipates body heat for cool, peaceful sleep.

Natural latex foam combination breathes up to seven times more efficient than other foam mattresses. You enjoy a comfortable, temperature-neutral sleeping environment. Coolness and breathability are important in warm humid climates.


  4-  Good Back Support:

A latex mattress is good for pain reduction and pain prevention. It relieves pressure points and also prevents or reduce other pain you may experience, including lower back pain. Latex is a resilient material; therefore, it is able to support sleepers who experience excess pressure on the hips and shoulders, and contours just enough to support proper alignment.

Unlike memory foam mattresses which fully envelop the body, latex mattresses have a more rounded contour effect. Talalay latex is soft thus provides more contour than Dunlop. Latex mattresses relieve lower back pain and pressure points without letting you sink too far into the mattress, so you won’t feel trapped.

  5-  Couple Friendly and Zero Motion:

The ability of a mattress to absorb the motion from a user’s movement is important, especially for couples. Zero motion transfer means that when one partner rolls over or tosses and turns, movement on the other side of the bed is barely noticeable.

This is couple friendly as it promotes a much more pleasant sleeping experience with fewer disturbances. It makes it much easier for people sharing the bed with their partners to stay sleep regardless of other partner’s continued movement.

This is attributed to the latex mattress ability to absorb movement. The heavyweight, especially in the case of Dunlop latex, keeps the mattress firmly in place which also helps keep things quiet.


  6-  No Off-Gassing:

Talalay and Dunlop latex mattresses do not contain petroleum, glues, and treated fabrics, therefore they do not off-gas. Off-gassing is the emission of chemical odor that can be toxic or irritating to humans. Talalay and Dunlop latex are 100% natural and without glues, adhesives, chemical flame retardants, and dyed fabrics.

Natural latex may give off a rubbery smell when new, but this is not toxic or irritating, This smell wears off in no time. In fact, the new mattress fragrance of Talalay and Dunlop latex can be slightly appealing. Talalay and Dunlop latex mattress won’t intoxicate indoor air quality because it is made entirely from natural materials.

  7- Natural and Green Sleep:

Talalay and Dunlop latex is a healthy and safe material to sleep on. Other mattresses utilize adhesives and petroleum-based foams which release toxic chemicals into the air as they age. Natural latex mattresses are Oeko-Tex 100 standard certified, Eco-Institut certified or Green Guard certified which ensures that they are free of harmful toxins.

Natural latex is naturally fire resistant while other kinds of mattresses have many different chemicals added to them to increase resistance to fire. Raw, water-based components used to make natural latex comes from renewable resources.

The main ingredient is rubber tree latex. During the 25 years, a rubber tree remains in production, it plays an important role in reducing greenhouse gases.

  8- Dust Mites, Mildew, and Mold Resistant:

Natural latex mattresses do not retain moisture. Therefore, they are highly resistant to mold and mildew. Furthermore, they have a natural composition that does not absorb humidity from the surrounding air and do not hold body heat that causes night sweats. Airborne mold and mildew spores simply can’t take hold and grow in Talalay and Dunlop latex foam.

The latex foam is resistant to dust mites because they are not able to permeate its cell structure. If you are prone to allergies of any kind, including asthma, natural latex is your ideal choice. Its anti-fungal and antibacterial qualities make natural latex foam ideal for hypoallergenic mattresses.

  9- Durable Material:

Buying a natural latex foam mattress is a very wise investment in terms of durability and longevity. The length of time a product lasts is one of the biggest measures of quality if a product. While an average mattress lasts around seven and a half years, a natural latex mattress has a better than average durability and longevity, with a lifespan of ten to twelve years.

This shows that a natural latex foam outlasts other types of mattresses by two to seven years. Its resiliency outlasts and outperforms even memory foam. The foam’s density allows it to hold up through years of use. Though very durable, latex is also biodegradable.


  10- Better For Sex:

Talalay and Dunlop latex mattresses have plenty of bounce to promote easy movement on the mattress and to prevent you from feeling stuck. This is a plus for better sex. The mattress always scores the highest for sex because of the high degree of bounce it has.

The right mix of design and materials provide a sleep surface that is comfortable and responsive without sacrificing bounce. Latex foam mattress ensures enough bounce while accommodating pressure points and providing a comfortable amount of firmness.


Could Latex not be for you?

(Latex Mattress Disadvantages)


No product is perfect for everyone. Preferences certainly do differ. The benefits outlined above is what majority of people will find as good. Since no material is perfect, even Talalay and Dunlop latex foams have some disadvantages.

The following list of disadvantages is what some people are most likely to dislike about latex foam mattresses. Overall, the balance of natural latex foam mattress pros and cons is in favor of Talalay latex. But the following are three problems that occasionally come up.

  1- Price:

Talalay and Dunlop latex mattresses carry a high sticker price. Yes, the material is premium quality, but the cost is not only about luxurious comfort or unsurpassed support. Talalay latex requires 400 percent input of production time and effort than Dunlop latex.

On the other hand, Dunlop latex is generally priced as the second-most expensive material for bedding. If you encounter an unusually low price on a latex mattress listed as Talalay or Dunlop latex, thin twice.

  2- Hard to Move (Very Heavy):

Latex is the densest material and so is the heaviest. Heavyweight can be an issue for some latex owners who face difficulty moving the mattress. It can be even more difficult moving the mattress alone.

Some good news is latex does not need to be flipped or rotated on a frequent basis like spring beds. Some consumers don’t want to deal with a heavy bed, but others recognize the extra weight as confirmation that they’re sleeping on a 100% natural latex mattress.


 3- Budget latex mattresses are not worth it

Keep in mind that natural latex process formation is costly. Therefore, latex cannot be made cheap. If you come across a cheap latex mattress then know it is made very cheaply with low-density latex.

When looking for natural latex mattress to buy, consider that some latex mattresses may not be created equal, nor do they cost the same. Budget latex mattresses are always substandard. Therefore, shop wisely to find 100% natural latex mattress at a good price.

Latex V.S Memory Foam



Latex foam mattresses are known for their durability, natural materials, and healthiness. On the other hand, memory foam mattresses are known for their pressure relief and comfort. Latex has more elasticity and produces a generalized hug. This means a faster response time and more bounce, which is a bonus for couples.

Memory foam is made from polyurethane and additional materials that produce viscoelastic properties. When pressure is applied to memory foam, the mattress hug, and contours to those pressures.

This depends on the type of memory foam in use. Latex and memory foam are both types of foam, but there are lots of differences in the look and feel of these surfaces.

 1- Sleep In VS Sleep On Feel:

Memory foam has an upper hand on the sleep-in feel and hugs your body more compared to latex. Memory foam perfectly contours to your body’s curves. Latex foam has a somewhat the same contouring feeling, but it pushes back more against body weight.

This produces a greater sense of buoyancy. The latex feel is responsive, and you feel less stuck. You get pressure relief, but you don’t feel like you are necessarily sleeping in the mattress. It is better as you feel more like you are sleeping on the mattress.

When you spread out your fingers and press firmly on each type of mattress, the latex foam bounces back fairly quickly. On the other hand, your handprint on the memory foam takes more time to vanish.

People like latex because of the pressure relief sensation, but without the real sinking in the feeling of memory foam. Excess heat can interfere with sleep as it builds up between the sleeper’s body and the memory foam. However, new technology has been invented for memory foam cooling.


  2-   Cooler VS Warmer:

Latex is the coolest material for a foam in the mattress industry. Latex foam sleeps cool because the material has an open cell structure. This promotes better airflow through the mattress. Memory foam, on the other hand, sleeps somewhat hot. This is due to its cell structure and the way it traps heat, and its body-hugging properties.

However, today memory foams have addressed the issue of heat trapping. These memory foams have added cooling gel layers and other ventilation agents into the foam mattress. This helps reduce heat-trapping, thus making memory foam much cooler than it was back in the 90s.

There are also plant-based memory foams which promote a cooler surface than other types of memory foam. What’s important to understand is that by memory foam it does not necessarily mean that the mattress is warm.

There are many different memory foam mattress designs that manage heat-trapping issues quite well. Designs are employed such as gel layers, gel infused foam, cooling fabrics and fibers and convoluted foam to curb heat-trapping. Still, despite all these technologies for memory foam latex wins when it comes to coolness and breathability.

  3- Durability Comparison:

Several factors contribute to the durability of a mattress. Memory foam and latex foam both are durable materials. But comparing the two, which one lasts the longest, latex wins. This is attributed partly due to latex being denser and natural material. Natural latex foam mattresses are among the most durable.

They last several years longer than memory foam mattresses. Memory foam does not last quite as long, but its durability varies depending on the quality and density of the foam. Denser memory foam generally lasts longer than lighter ones.

Generally, low-density memory foam tends to stop responding fully after a few years, and support may become uneven. The surface will still spring back visually, but the interior foam cells could collapse and lose their capacity to support.

On the other hand, high-density memory foam mattresses provide you with optimum support and comfort equally even can surpass low-end natural latex foam mattresses. Still, the latex structure prevents sagging and most latex users report keeping their mattresses for over twenty years. Latex is simply more durable.

  4- Natural VS Manmade:

Latex is natural, made from rubber tree sap whipped into liquid foam in a centrifuge, poured into molds or continually onto a belt tray and steam baked. And even if it is sometimes blended it is still partially natural.

Natural latex is actually 95% pure rubber and tiny quantities of antioxidants and additives added. It does not contain chemical flame retardants. If 100% pure rubber sap were baked without no additional ingredients, it would turn out to be an unusable goo. Ensure to view objective, independent certifications to ensure the latex foam mattress is natural.

Memory foam is manmade, meaning it is made not from natural materials. Memory foam is a type of polyurethane foam with added non-natural materials and chemicals that create viscoelastic properties. Attempts can be made to “purify” memory foam with the addition of some latex, scents and hydrolyzed corn protein. But this does not justify labeling such memory foam natural.

Despite all of this remember that millions of people sleep on memory foam with no problems. This is because very few people get skin irritations from memory foam and it usually happens over years of usage.

  5- Which is better for couples?

Memory foam and latex foam mattresses are both couple friendly. By couple friendly, it means how well a mattress is able to keep the motion of partners sleeping in check. However, latex foam mattress is way more sex friendly.

Both mattresses are couple friendly meaning they are able to efficiently absorb one person’s movement on the bed. This keeps the motion movement of one person in one place, preventing it from traveling to another person on the same bed.

A mattress that does not have good motion isolation capabilities potentially can be a disturbance to either of the partners. Good motion isolation is important for couples. Memory foam, especially high-density foam, is outstanding with motion isolation.

Motion isolation is an important factor to consider if one of the couples keeps turning around at night or keeps waking up at night. To summarize, both memory foam and latex are good couple beds with latex being better for amorous activities for its natural bounce.


  6- Price Comparison ?

Natural latex foam mattresses are generally more expensive compared to memory foam mattresses. Although you can still find an excellent latex mattress under the price tag of $2000. The higher price tag of latex foam mattresses is because you are paying for the natural product. Also, the high production costs latex mattresses undergo is relayed back to consumers.

Overall, memory foam mattresses are typically 10% more affordable than latex mattresses of equal thickness. For a person on a budget, a memory foam mattress is a good choice without compromising on quality and durability.

Memory foam mattress can also be expensive. You can have a high-end Tempurpedic memory foam mattress at a higher price tag. The cost of harvesting and manufacturing latex also contributes to the higher end of the price spectrum of latex foam mattresses. To be honest, both have good value depending on the mattress even if latex is generally more in price.

Latex V.S Hybrid



Both latex foam and hybrid mattresses are very popular, but there are significant differences that set them apart. The main difference starts with the materials. Whereas latex foam mattress is built with pure Talalay or Dunlop latex, hybrid mattresses are built with pocketed coil and memory foam. Hybrid mattresses combine two or more support systems, usually memory foam layers with an innerspring system.

Hybrid mattresses provide a better experience in terms of pressure relief of the memory foam while retaining the classic feel of an innerspring mattress. Latex mattresses are highly responsive; they have a natural bounce. People prefer latex mattresses also because of their hypoallergenic nature and their durability.

  1-Both Have Responsive Bouncy Feel:

Latex is bouncy just like coils in hybrid mattresses and both latex and coils respond quickly unlike memory foam. However, latex provides better support for the back and better contouring for pressure point relief on shoulders and hips. You sleep on a latex bed without feeling as though it’s wrapping around you. Hybrid mattresses with greater quantities of foam tend to be better at contouring.

The hybrid mattress is quite comfortable considering the layer of foam above the springs or coils with the casing fabric. But the memory foam has a closely-molded feeling. This can make it quite difficult to change positions while sleeping. A latex mattress can be made in a wide range from soft to firm.

Though both kinds of mattresses are comfortable, when it comes down to it, a natural latex mattress is very comfortable. The spring or coil system boosts the comfort of memory foam in hybrid mattresses.


  2- Good breathability by both :

Latex and hybrid mattress both have good breathability and air flow. In latex foam, the large natural open-cell pores provide for better airflow. While in hybrid mattresses, the spring system allows for better airflow. These qualities keep you cool all night long. This is important, especially for hot sleepers.

If you snug down under the covers, you still stay cool and comfortable on both latex foam and hybrid mattresses. But the hybrid does not sleep as cool as a natural latex foam mattress. But it is considered better for hot sleepers than ordinary memory foam mattresses.

The superb air circulation of natural latex mattresses is attributed to the inclusion of pinholes inserted in them during their manufacturing. This allows for better airflow than any other mattress. regardless of your temperature preferences, you will fare well with either a latex or hybrid mattress.

  3-Durability Difference :



This is where latex foam mattresses come out on top by a large margin. Natural latex mattresses are known for their durability and longer than average lifespans than other mattresses. Latex foam lasts much longer in comparison to hybrid mattresses. To be exact, natural latex foam mattresses last for a good 20 years while hybrid mattresses last for about five to seven years.

Hybrid mattresses can run the length when it comes to lifespan. This will depend on the quality of the materials used, coil or spring count, the construction, and the type and number of layers in the mattress. Hybrid mattresses can sag in the springs.

Talalay and Dunlop latex mattresses resist impressions and sagging. Warranties usually cover sagging less than 1 inch deep. That means sagging in natural latex mattresses is highly unlikely to happen. Unlike hybrids where warranties require 1.5 inches usually.

We like to highlight the importance of the high purity of the rubber tree sap. This really counts to the high quality and durability of a natural latex foam mattress.

  4- Natural VS Manmade :

Latex foam mattress is made from Talalay or Dunlop latex, a natural product that comes from the sap of the rubber tree. The sap is milky and after extraction from the rubber trees, it is processed into mattress blocks.

Latex mattress blocks have a natural springiness and provide excellent spinal support. Hybrid mattresses are made from a system of coils or springs and memory foam. The system of coils is a series of titanium coils at the bed’s core. The coiled core is then covered with layers of foam, fabric and other padding material.

So, generally, as you can see, hybrid mattresses are made from manmade materials. Hybrid mattresses can provide the ultimate comfort with the coil strength and density that match the size and weight of the sleeper.

Some are elevated with 2-stage coil design, with each coil individually wrapped to reduce motion transfer. Others are suffused with a top coating of gel memory foam for an added level of breathability.

  5- Which is better for couples?


In couple friendly, generally what we are trying to investigate is its motion transfer and conformity. Hybrid mattresses do transfer a little bit of motion but are generally good for couples. Both latex and hybrid mattresses are sex friendly. However, since sex reduces the durability of a mattress, latex come out on top because it is more durable.

Hybrid mattresses no longer perform poorly when it comes to minimizing disturbances one partner feels from the movement of the other partner. Thanks to innovations like pocketed coils and foam comfort layers, hybrid mattresses perform better on this front. Pocketed coils are individually wrapped springs that can move independently.

However, the spring system in a cheap hybrid mattress wears out and becomes noisy over time. Natural latex foam mattresses accommodate all body types and all sleeping styles. Even for those people who are heavy bodied in excess of 250 pounds, it provides support.

  6- Price Comparison


The irony here is you would expect latex mattresses to cost more because they are better in almost everything. However, hybrid mattresses cost more because they are considered luxury.

The cost of hybrid mattresses varies widely. You can find lower end hybrid mattresses at cheap prices. There are those made with high-end quality materials. They are considered are luxury hybrid mattresses. These are the ones which are pricier than even natural latex foam mattresses.

The high price tag of hybrid mattresses is also attributed to them offering the best of both worlds feel. The pocket coils contribute to the improvement of support and a better comfortable, pressure point relieving surface. Usually, this involves a more substantial foam layer than in memory foam mattresses or innerspring mattresses.

Some hybrids off-gas or sag because of lower quality materials used but almost all hybrids are expensive and since they don’t last as long as latex mattresses, they offer less value.


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