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Nolah Evolution 15” vs. Avocado Green Mattress: A Comprehensive Comparison

In this comprehensive comparison, we’ll put the Nolah Evolution 15” and the Avocado Green Mattress under the microscope. As professional testers, we’ll provide an impartial, in-depth comparison based on our personal testing experiences. Let’s dissect their materials, comfort and support, cooling, motion transfer, firmness rating, durability, reputation and service, value, and warranty and sleep trial.


The Nolah Evolution 15” has a complex construction consisting of high-resilience foam, proprietary cooling Nolah AirFoamICE™, HDMax™ tri-zoned support coils, and a breathable, quilted Euro top. The Avocado Green Mattress, on the other hand, focuses on organic materials, featuring GOLS certified organic latex, GOTS certified organic cotton, organic New Zealand wool, and a support layer of individually wrapped recycled steel coils.

  Comfort and Support

The Nolah Evolution 15” excels in providing pressure relief and support, thanks to its high-resilience foam and tri-zoned coil system. The Avocado Green combines latex and coils to offer balanced comfort and targeted support, catering to all types of sleepers.


The Nolah Evolution 15” uses its proprietary cooling Nolah AirFoamICE™ and coil system to ensure a cool sleeping surface. On the other hand, the Avocado Green Mattress enhances cooling with its breathable cotton cover, moisture-wicking wool, and temperature-regulating latex layer.

  Motion Transfer

Both mattresses perform well in terms of motion transfer due to their respective coil layers. However, the Avocado Green might have a slight edge due to its latex layer, known for its ability to absorb motion effectively.

  Firmness Rating

The Nolah Evolution 15” is available in a plush, luxury firm, and firm options, catering to a wide range of sleepers. In contrast, the Avocado Green Mattress provides two firmness levels, Standard (medium-firm) and Pillow-top (gentle-firm).


While both mattresses are made from high-quality materials suggesting a longer lifespan, the Avocado Green Mattress, with its latex layer, may edge out in terms of durability.

  Reputation and Service

Nolah and Avocado are both reputable brands in the mattress industry. They’re known for their customer-centric approach, with Nolah offering a 120-night sleep trial and Avocado emphasizing its commitment to green manufacturing practices.


The Nolah Evolution 15”, despite its higher price tag, provides excellent value with its advanced technology and high-quality materials. The Avocado Green Mattress, though less expensive, also offers excellent value with its organic, eco-friendly materials.

  Warranty and Sleep Trial

Nolah offers a 15-year warranty and a 120-night sleep trial, while Avocado extends a more generous 25-year warranty and a 365-night sleep trial.


Choosing between the Nolah Evolution 15” and the Avocado Green Mattress will depend on various factors, including your budget, firmness preference, interest in eco-friendly materials, and the length of sleep trial and warranty periods you’re comfortable with. Both mattresses promise an excellent sleep experience, and this comparison should help you make an informed decision.