Bedding Review

Plushbeds Bamboo Sheets vs. Nolah Bamboo Sheets

In the fascinating world of bamboo bedding, every brand comes with its unique attributes. Today, I’m comparing two well-regarded brands in this sphere: Plushbeds Bamboo Sheets and Nolah Bamboo Sheets. Having spent a fair amount of time with both, I’m ready to delve into a thorough comparison based on six critical areas: comfort and feel, performance for hot sleepers, durability, range of sizes and colors, value for money, and company policies including returns, shipping, and warranties.

  Feel and Comfort

Plushbeds and Nolah both offer a comfortable sleep experience. However, despite its lower 230-thread count, Plushbeds Bamboo Sheets hold a slight edge in terms of softness. They provide a smooth, comfortable finish, making them an inviting cocoon of relaxation each night.

  For Hot Sleepers

Both brands perform well in keeping sleepers cool, thanks to the inherent breathability of bamboo-based bedding. They efficiently wick away moisture, helping hot sleepers enjoy a more comfortable, cooler sleep. Therefore, it’s a tie between Plushbeds and Nolah in this category.


When it comes to durability, Plushbeds Bamboo Sheets and Nolah Bamboo Sheets are on relatively even footing. They both demonstrate a fair resistance to wear and tear, with neither showing a distinct advantage in this area.

  Available Sizes and Colors

Here, Plushbeds clearly stands out. They offer a broader range of options, with six sizes and six distinct colors, including white, ash, driftwood, rain, citron, and ivory. In contrast, Nolah offers a more limited range, with their sheets only available in white. If you’re looking for versatility and customization in your bedding, Plushbeds is the clear winner.

  Value for Money

Both brands offer good value for money in their own ways. Plushbeds sheets, while priced competitively, still manage to offer a smooth and comfortable sleep experience. On the other hand, while Nolah sheets are more affordable, they offer limited color options and comparable comfort and durability to Plushbeds.

  Return Policy, Shipping Policy, and Warranty

Both brands uphold commendable standards when it comes to their customer service and policies. They provide reasonable return and shipping policies, ensuring a reliable and stress-free purchase experience.


In conclusion, both Plushbeds and Nolah Bamboo Sheets have their unique merits, making them suitable for different customer preferences. If you’re looking for a broader range of color options and a slight edge in comfort, Plushbeds might be your preferred choice. However, if budget is a top concern and you’re satisfied with a basic color range, Nolah offers a viable alternative. As always, the final decision should align with your personal needs, preferences, and budget to guarantee a comfortable and refreshing sleep experience.