What is a Hybrid Mattress?

Do you love sleeping on a memory foam mattress, but miss the old bounce factor of a traditional spring bed? You can have the best of both worlds with a Hybrid mattress. 

What is a hybrid mattress? Simply put, a hybrid mattress is a combination of memory or latex foam with coil springs.

However, not every combination passes as a Hybrid mattress. For a mattress to qualify as a hybrid it has to have at least 4 inches of memory or latex foam in its top layer combined with coil springs in its base layer.

 How does a Hybrid mattress differ from memory foam or a spring mattress?

Hybrid mattresses differ from traditional spring beds in several ways.

While traditional spring beds are made with a grid of coils at the base and a thin layer of tufted foam or fiberfill at the top, Hybrids combine the two most common mattress types. That is a spring mattress with memory or latex foam. 

Also, Hybrid mattresses improve on the negatives of foam and traditional spring mattresses.

One of the biggest complaints against a traditional spring mattress is the noise factor. By using individual- pocketed coils, Hybrid mattresses can minimize noise and motion transfer significantly.

On the foam side, the greatest complaint is that foam beds especially Memory foam mattresses tend to sleep hot. They also lose support much more quickly and the sink in feel is not for everyone.

It makes it hard to move about in bed. A hybrid mattress solves this, it adds a natural bounce to the bed, which makes it easy you get on and off. 

The use of springs at the base of the mattress allows for increased air circulation.

As such, Hybrid beds offer more support, sleep cooler, and are more silent. Yet, they offer the same cloud-like embrace and pressure relieving support of memory foam mattresses.

  What’s inside a Hybrid Mattress?

A hybrid bed comes with several layers of materials. All aimed at providing optimal comfort and support.

   Support layer

At the base of this bed is the support layer, which is made up of coil springs.

As mentioned before hybrid beds differ from traditional spring beds in that, instead of a grid of springs, they use individually pocketed springs.

This way each spring compresses and expands on its own without affecting the other, therefore minimizing motion transfer and offering exceptional contouring abilities. 

  Transition Layer

The transitional layer or the layer immediately above the coils is made up of high-density foam for added support. This can be high-density memory or latex foam.

Some brands add gel technology to this layer to enhance the mattress’ cooling ability.

  Comfort layer

The comfort layer is made up of 4 or more inches of soft memory or latex foam. Great for comfort, contouring, and pressure relief. To enhance breathability some brands, add perforated foam in this layer which helps with air circulation.

Depending on your sleep style you should check the firmness level of this layer. Side sleepers will want a plushier feel, while back and stomach sleepers will require a medium to firm feel, for added support.

People who weigh more should also consider a firmer mattress to avoid sinking in too much

  Pillow top layer

Though hybrids have a flat surface compared to the tufted look of a traditional spring mattress, some brands add an extra cushiony layer on top of the comfort layer.

This can be attached to the comfort layer in a Euro fashion or can have a gap. This layer is made up of quilted memory foam, latex, fiberfill or cotton filling.

This layer adds to the bed’s softness and eliminates the need for pillows.

 How to choose the right Hybrid bed

When buying a Hybrid mattress, you have to be wary of the hybrid tag. Some manufacturers market their mattresses as Hybrid because they combine different layers of foam but these types are not true Hybrids.

A real Hybrid mattress must contain coil springs and at least 4 inches of specialty foam on top.

Likewise, some genuine Hybrids are of better quality than others. Considering the price of a Hybrid, you want to ensure you get value for your money. As such, check for the following things when buying a hybrid mattress.

  Coil Gauge and count

Coil gauge refers to the thickness of the coil springs used. The thicker the coil, the higher the strength and durability of the mattress.

Thicker coils, however, add to the rigidity of the mattress. But are still better than thinner coils which don’t last. 

Most Hybrid mattresses feature coils with a gauge of 12-18 mm. The lower the gauge, the thicker the coil. Check that the coils are made out of steel or strong alloys. A good coil gauge will enable your mattress to offer uniform and steady bounce over the years. Also, consider the coil count, more is not always better.

Hybrid mattresses feature 800 to over 2000 coil count. However, an average of 1000 coils will do well for a standard queen size mattress.

These number of coils is just enough for the right balance between rigidity and extra bounciness.

  Cooling technology

If you have slept on memory foam, you may have noticed sleeping hotter than with other mattress types. When purchasing a Hybrid mattress, you want to ensure that it will sleep cool.

As such, look for brands that use natural cooling materials such a natural latex, gel, or copper infused memory foam. This will help you sleep cooler at night.


Depending on your needs, you can choose a memory or latex foam hybrid.

Memory foam is unbeaten at comfort and pressure relief, while Latex is great for support and sleeping cool. Natural latex is hypoallergenic too.

Also, consider the density of the foam. Low-density mattress won’t last long. 

Depending on your sleep style, choose the mattress with the right firmness level. Nevertheless, you will find most Hybrid mattresses combine latex and memory foam to give you the best of all worlds.

  Risk-free sleep trial, warranty, and company reputation

Everybody wants a piece of the Hybrid cake, but who has the right product for you? You will only know this by asking the right questions, doing your investigation, and trying the product. 

It’s advisable to try a Hybrid mattress before purchasing it, however, there are good bedding companies online that won’t necessarily make this option available.

To vet these types of companies, look for risk-free trial periods. This way you can return the mattress for a full refund at no extra costs if you don’t like it.

You should also look at what is covered in the warranty, some cover sagging that is greater than 1 inch and manufacturer faults.

Hybrids should last up to 10 years, good brands offer warranties that cover this period. Read online customer reviews as well. They will help you determine whether the product is as advertised.

  Pros and cons of hybrid mattresses




Edge support


Pressure relief


Good bounce

Good at motion isolation

Chances of Overheating

Slight chance of noise


There you have it, an answer to What is a Hybrid Mattress. All the hype surrounding this mattress type is truly deserved given the abundance of benefits it provides.

Just remember that not all mattresses labeled Hybrid are genuine. Check the information on the layers to understand what you are purchasing. Don’t shy away from asking questions if you can’t find the information you are looking for. 

With that, we wish you all the best in your mattress shopping.

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