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Best Memory Foam Mattress (Reviews and Buyer’s Guide)

Why Memory Foam?

Since its inception in 1966, memory foam has quickly risen to the top, becoming the most popular mattress in the world. This is evidenced by the 81% of mattress consumers who gave it the highest satisfaction rating as recorded by sleep like the dead.

What it is: Memory foam is a NASA product that was invented in 1966 to cushion pilot’s seats and help protect them during a crash. It’s made by adding chemicals to regular polyfoam to increase its viscoelasticity. A factor that makes memory foam the most comfortable mattress material ever made.
That’s one of the greatest reasons to go for a memory foam mattress.

Why memory foam:

Its viscoelastic nature helps it conform to your body perfectly, creating a soft cradling feeling that helps relieve pain from pressure points.

This, and the fact that it’s highly durable, isolates motion, is dust mite resistant and is easier to move around, making it an easy choice for a mattress.

But there are many memory foams manufacturers out there and it’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the available options. That’s why we made this guide to help you select the best memory foam mattress.


Best Memory Foam Mattresses 2019

# 1 Katy Mattress
cheap mattress
# 2 Layla Memory Foam Mattress
layla mattress
#3 DreamCloud Hybrid Mattress
Dream cloud mattress
#4 Bear Mattress
bear mattress
#5 12" Cool Bliss Mattress By Plushbed
luxury memory foam mattress

Katy Mattress

(Best Overall)

cheap mattress

Best Overall

Katy mattress comes with a beautiful Aloe Vera and cotton cover, a natural fire retardant and a very high-density Open-Cell memory foam for an unbelievable price making it without a double, our best overall choice.

This mattress is built like a good luxury mattress with 3-inches of high-density Open-cell memory foam and natural cotton and Aloe Vera cover.

The cover of the mattress is soft but nice and thick giving the mattress a touch of a traditional feel. We enjoyed testing the Katy mattress and we can confidently say that it is one of the best affordable luxury mattresses in the market.

During Testing, we noticed that the mattress has a very good balance of firm and soft. The 3-inch Open-Cell memory foam has a very good pressure relief and cushioning to it while the ventilated firm base layer works on supporting weight and keeping the back aligned.

How is the Katy Mattress The Best Overall Choice?

  • Unmatched value for what you pay for, with 3-inches of high density Open-Cell memory foam, a natural Aloe Vera and cotton cover, a ventilated 50 ILD base layer, and an even natural fire retardant that most memory foam mattresses lack.
  • Katy is an American made mattress that comes with a lifetime warranty, a 100-night sleep trial and financing for the peace of mind. Also, every Katy mattress goes through quality testing before it is shipped to customers.
  • The Open-Cell technology works alongside the natural cover to offer a great cooling sleep experience. We never noticed any heating or sweating during the weeks we tested the mattress.
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Layla Memory Foam Mattress

(Best Double Sided )

layla mattress

Best Double Sided 

There is so much to say about the Layla mattress because of their unique approach to sleep. I have to say, however, that their mattress being double-sided is the main distinctive feature of Layla, especially since each side has a different firmness.

On both sides, Layla mattress uses a nice ThermoGel infused cover that regulates body temperature and helps circulate air.

After the cover, Layla has a layer of copper infused memory foam on both sides (thicker on the soft side) to reduce both pressure points and pain since copper is widely used to relieve pain.

On the softer side, Layla also uses a 2-inch transition layer that is zoned for individual support and also to increase the mattress’s softness.

In the middle between both sides is the 4.5-inch base layer that acts as the foundation for both sides of the mattress.

How is the Layla Mattress The Best Double Sided Choice?

  • Each side of the Layla mattress is distinctively different in firmness offering a good 2 in 1 approach for those that might not be sure about what they like.
  • The copper infused memory foam is good for pain relief and shoulder and hip pressure relief.
  • The ThermoGel infused cover and the transition layer increase the mattress’s breathability and air circulating.


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DreamCloud Hybrid Mattress

(Best Hybrid )

Dream cloud mattress

Best Hybrid

If you want to add the traditional feel of responsiveness and quick recovery to your memory foam mattress then DreamCloud is for you.

DreamCloud has the pressure relief and contouring benefits of memory foam and the traditional feel of coil beds that we’re so used to.

The mattress uses 8 different layers of cover, foam, and coils to offer a great sleep experience that is well balanced without any drawbacks.

First, you have the Cashmere Blend Fabric that is silky soft and cool. Then you have the layer of memory foam for comfort and then a layer of latex right under it for added support.

Finally, the Patented Spring Coils with 5 zoned encased micro coils that make the DreamCloud a great hybrid.The DreamCloud mattress comes with a 365-nigh sleep trial and a lifetime warranty.

How is the DreamCloud Mattress The Best Hybrid Memory Foam Choice?

  • The Cashmere Blend Fabric works with the natural latex to achieve a cooler more restorative sleep.
  • The memory foam layer and the gel memory foam provide the needed comfort and pressure relief.
  • The high density foam and pocketed coil system keep the spine in alignment and the back well supported.

Bear Mattress

(Best for Athletes)​

bear mattress

Best for Athletes

The Bear mattress made our best for athletes and active people pick because of its simple yet effective design.

The Bear bed has a 2-inch Graphite gel memory foam that is the main comfort layer of the mattress. This layer gives the mattress the ability to offer excellent pressure relief and cooling at the same time.

The second layer is the 2-inch transition layer. This layer balances the sink-in feel of the mattress so that heavier people won’t sink in too much and feel the firm base foam while also increase the comfort for lighter people.

The last layer is a 6-inch high-density support base that keeps the mattress in shape and gives it its main support. 

This design of a softer top and firmer bottom makes the Bear mattress our best for active people pick.

How is the Bear Mattress The Best mattress for active people and athletes?
  • Because of its good design, the Bear mattress works for most people that are looking for good pressure relief and contouring.
  • Despite the good quality and the number of features the Bear mattress brings, it is still very well priced and offers a great value.
  • The Bear mattress is made in the USA with 100 days trial and a 10-year warranty. 
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12" Cool Bliss Mattress By Plushbed

(Best Luxury)

luxury memory foam mattress

Best Luxury

Plushbeds never ceases to amaze when it comes to luxury beds. From their latex beds to their memory foam beds all of their products are very high quality and made with high standards.

The Cool bliss is a 12-inch memory foam mattress with multiple layers that work together to provide for amazing night’s sleep.

The Cool Bliss’s first layer after the cooling cover is a 3-inch cooling gel memory foam that gives the mattress a classic memory foam feel and gives it its good pressure relieving ability.

The second layer is a 2-inc natural latex that increases longevity and offers a more natural sleep. Then there is the 2-inch transition foam to allow air to circulate and also increases the cushioning feel. Overall the Cool Bliss by Plushbeds is a luxury that is well worth its price tag.

How is the Cool Bliss Mattress The Best Luxury Memory Foam Choice?

  • With 3-inches of gel memory foam and 2-inches of natural latex, the Cool bliss offers a great comfort layer with contouring, the right amount of sink in and support.
  • The Cool Bliss has a nice 12-inc profile and consists of high-density materials making it ideal for heavier people.
  • Being Greenguard certified means that this mattress is made with absolutely no harmful chemicals 

Memory Foam Mattress Buying Guide

What to Look for in a Memory Foam Mattress?

Memory foam has many sleep benefits making it one of the most popular mattresses on the market today. It’s rapid growth however means that competition is high and some will say just about anything to get you to buy their mattress. 

Considering we spend a third of our lives sleeping and that a mattress is quite a huge purchase. It’s important to do our homework before we go for memory foam mattress shopping.

As such, we have listed important factors to consider when looking for the best memory foam mattress here below.

 1- The Right Build

A memory foam mattress is seldom made entirely out of memory foam. It would be too soft and unsupportive if that were the case.  Instead, memory foam mattresses are built in layers.

These layers consist of a soft-top also known as the comfort layer, a medium core, and, a firm base. The thickness of these layers determines how comfortable and supportive the mattress is.

Heavier weight tends to compress a memory foam more. It’s therefore very important to consider one’s weight. This helps in selecting the right thickness of the memory foam. 

Memory foam layer formation

To ensure good support and comfort, check that the top/comfort layer of the mattress has at least 2” or more of memory foam.

The middle core should contain at least 2-3” of a firmer foam (usually made out of medium dense polyfoam) and the base should contain a minimum of 6-inches high-density polyfoam.Be wary however of convoluted foams, this tends to wear out faster.

 2- The Right Density

Contrary to popular belief, density doesn’t dictate a mattress’s firmness instead it dictates the quality and durability of a mattress. Density in the mattress world is the measure of weight per cubic foot of a mattress.

The denser the mattress, the higher the quality. This is why you need to ensure that your memory foam mattress has the right density level.

However, since memory foam mattresses are made up of different layers of memory foam and polyfoam, it’s important to note that these foam types have different density measurements. 

Memory foam’s density tends to have a higher measure of 3-5 lbs, while polyfoam registers a lower measure of 1 -2 lbs

Here is a chart showing the different classifications of density that determine whether a mattress is high, medium, or low density:

Foam type

Low Density

Medium Density

High Density

Memory Foam








 How does density affect the price?

Since density determines a mattress’s durability, it also determines a mattress’s price. The denser the memory foam, the higher the price. Mattresses with higher density contain more material per cubic foot than their counterparts, which means they are more expensive to produce. 

Luckily, it also means they don’t wear out as quickly as the lower density ones. Therefore, considering the density of your mattress is of high importance if you want value for your money. 

A general rule of thumb is to always go for a memory foam that has a density of 4 lbs or higher. As for the base, always be on the lookout for a density of 1.8 lbs or higher. 

 3-Cooling Materials

One notable downside of a memory foam mattress is its ability to trap heat. This causes people to sleep hot, a fact that can cause sleepless nights, especially during the summer. 

To solve this complaint, manufacturers have come up with innovative ways for cooling down memory foam mattresses.

These include adopting an open cell memory foam structure for better breathability. Or infusing copper into the memory foam, and using gel technology to cool down the mattress.

Open Cell Memory Foam:

Traditional Memory Foam had a closed-cell structure that restricted the free flow of air, trapping heat between the body and the mattress. A fact that many early consumers of memory foam mattresses complained about.

To resolve this, some manufacturers adopted an open cell memory foam structure. This structure allows free flow of air, thus making the mattress breathable.

Copper Infused Memory Foam:

Copper is the new craze in cooling down mattresses. Known as one of the best conductors of heat, mattress manufacturers are infusing this naturally found element into memory foams, and it’s working like a charm in keeping sleepers cool.

What copper does, is draw thermal energy aka heat away from you, keeping you cool enough for a good night’s rest.

Gel Memory Foam:

Much like Copper, gel is also a top cooling agent in memory foams today. This cooling material absorbs heat from your body until it reaches its maximum holding capacity.

After which it releases the absorbed heat into the surrounding mattress. This allows you to cool down enough to fall into a deep sleep.  

There are two gel cooling techniques, one involves gel beads and the other involves infusing the memory layer with a cooling gel. If given the choice, pick the latter, it does a better job of dispersing heat.

Cooling Covers:

Natural Cotton, Tencel, Bamboo Another way to combat memory foam’s sleeping hot problem is to use a cooling mattress cover. The best cooling materials are natural in nature.

That’s why using materials such as natural cotton, bamboo, and Tencel or Aloe Vera in a mattress cover, help keep you cool at night. 

If you sleep hot and must sleep on memory foam, the cooling techniques mentioned here will help keep you cool at night. Pick a mattress that features these materials for the best sleep.


  4-The Right Height

The mattress’s height is another important component to look at. Memory foam mattresses range from 6 inches to almost 15 inches tall. As mentioned earlier, heavier weight tends to compress a memory foam much more than lightweight.

To obtain the right amount of support, it’s important to consider the mattress’s thickness and one’s weight. Lighter people are recommended to get a memory foam mattress that is at least 8 inches tall.

Medium-weight people do well on a 10-inch tall or higher mattress. While heavy-weight people are best suited for a 12-inch memory foam and or higher. Check out the chart below for weight/ thickness guide

Mattress Thickness (inches)

Weight in Pounds









Over 15

Over 250

Please note that the thicker a memory foam mattress is, the more the sink-in feel. It’s therefore not recommended to go for memory foams beyond 12 inches unless you are heavier than 250-lbs. Or you are a couple whose combined weight is considerably heavy.


 5-The Right Value

When all is said and done, consider the value you are deriving from a memory foam mattress. While your budget might dictate the kind of mattress you end up getting, at times it’s much better to wait a while and save just a little more to get a quality memory foam mattress. 

Memory foam mattresses as noted above differ from manufacturer to manufacturer. Use of higher quality foam, the inclusion of cooling agents, and the density of the memory foam play a huge role in increasing the prices of the memory foam.

Though, memory foams cost a premium, digging a bit deeper might unearth a more affordable mattress that meets your needs. In such instances, however, be wary that you don’t compromise on quality.

Ensure the base of the mattress you are buying is not made of lower density material. Such mattresses don’t last.

Some manufacturers also use cheap memory foams sourced globally that might not meet the right safety standards. Check if a mattress is CertiPUR-US certified for the best quality standards.


 6- Good Company Reputation

Speaking of quality standards, most manufacturers will put so much false hype on their memory foam mattresses. It’s your job to cut through the hype and find out the facts of the mattress.T

his can be a daunting task, because of misrepresentation that happens quite a lot in the mattress industry. But luckily, this is the era of reviews, instead of suffering buyer’s remorse, you can read what others have to say about the mattress and the company.

A company’s reputation gives you an idea of the quality of the product you should expect from them.A good company employs the right business ethos, has good governance, provides exceptional customer service, and is reliable.

A good place to find out all these factors is through reviews given by previous customers. Companies which have been in the business longer usually have a proven track record, but that’s not to mean they offer the best product.

 7-Free Returns with a Good Warranty

When shopping for a memory foam mattress you want to be sure that the company you are buying it from, allows returns. This is essential because buying a mattress is a considerable investment.

Your health is invested, as well as, your hard-earned money. You want to avoid committing to something that you aren’t 100% satisfied with.Luckily, this is the era of bed-in-a-box companies.

To compensate for their inability to offer you a mattress tryout before purchase, these online bedding companies offer good return deals. 

To stand out among the competition, many offer free returns and generous warranties. Companies that are confident about their products offer good warranties. 

As such, the greater the warranty, the more confidence a company places in their mattress. Be on the lookout for these two factors when looking for a memory foam mattress.

 Is a Memory Foam Mattress Good for You?

Advantages of Memory Foam:

Memory foam is without a doubt the most popular mattress out there. Over 80% of its users swear by its comfort.

This is further evidenced by the fact that this material was once a novelty material used in the most comfort sensitive industries such as hospitals and aircraft.

But is it really good for you? These benefits of memory foam can help you figure that out…

 1- Excellent Comfort, Contouring and Sink in Feel

Memory foam is unmatched when it comes to comfort.The foam’s ability to soften when heated helps it to contour perfectly to your body shape. 

This creates a nice sink-in feel, that most have likened to sleeping on a cloud.In that instance, the viscous nature of the foam is usually in play.

However, once you get off it, the elastic factor returns the mattress to its original form. This is a great characteristic of memory foam mattresses because it offers just the right amount of spine alignment for perfect lumbar support.

 2- Great Value

Comfortable sleep is memory foam’s greatest bargaining chip. Coupled with durability and pressure-relieving factors, it’s easy to see why this type of mattress is of great value.

Memory foam prices vary depending on the materials used. These mattresses are either pricey or cheap. Here is where your budget plays a role. But please note some of the cheaper memory foam mattresses use low-density foam and skip cooling layers.

This means your mattress won’t last and you will probably use more money getting mattress coolers for it.It’s also worth noting that the increased supply of memory foams has brought prices down considerably.

So, if you are pressed for cash, you can still get a good deal with some that are priced at just under $1000.

 3- Good Longevity

Memory foam is durable. Data collected from big brand names like Tempurpedic show that low-density memory foams tend to last up to 6 years. Spring mattresses last half that period.

Medium to high density last up to 10 years or longer. That’s among the highest recorded mattress life.  It’s therefore worth it to splurge a little and go for the higher densities to derive as much value from your mattress as possible. 

Also, ensure you check that you don’t buy cheap imported memory foam that tends to wear out faster. Check for quality standards adopted in the production of the memory foam you choose to ensure its quality and durability.

Please also note, that how you largely use your mattress will determine its life. With good care and regular rotation, your mattress could last even longer than predicted.

 4- Amazing Pressure Relief

The greatest advantage of a memory foam mattress is its pressure-relieving properties. People who use memory foam have reported reduced pain in their necks, backs, and hips

Pressure point relief is the actual reason that memory foam was created. Memory foam was specially designed in the 1960s to reduce pressure points in aircraft seats in case of a crash. 

This picked the interest of the medical industry which has since used memory foam padding in x-ray beds, hospital beds, and wheelchairs. Medics swear by the foams ability to alleviate pain and reduce pressure sores.

As such, people suffering from some ailments such as arthritis and fibromyalgia have greatly benefited from a memory foam mattress.

Its ability to contour to the body’s curves provides exceptional lumbar support and aligns head, shoulders, and hips, creating proper alignment of the spine and reducing pain from pressure points.

 5- Completely Silent with No Motion Transfer

Memory foam is great at motion isolation. It does this by absorbing energy (heat) released during movements and localizing it.  This makes memory foam rather couple friendly. 

If you share the bed with someone who tosses and turns a lot, then a memory foam mattress is a good choice for you. This way, you won’t get jostled awake when the other person gets up or moves about.

It’s the slow response, makes memory foams silent, unlike spring mattresses which make metallic noises with every movement. This helps light sleepers sleep throughout the night regardless of their partner’s movements.

Motion isolation improves with a mattress’s density, so the thicker a mattress is the better the motion isolation.

 6- Dust Mites, Mildew, and Mold Resistant

Dust mites are microscopic critters which live off of human’s dead skin cells. They are common in mattresses and are mostly harmless but can aggravate allergies.

Memory foam has an advantage over spring mattresses in that it’s closely knit structure keeps the dust mites from burrowing their way through your mattress. 

This makes memory foams; especially dense memory foams partially dust mite resistant.

However, please note that to keep your mattress completely free of dust mites and other allergens, a hypoallergenic mattress cover is best.

Any mattress can be susceptible to mold. Mold thrives in wet dark surfaces. The dense nature of memory foam may discourage water from seeping through to the bottom. This can deter the growth of mildew, but it doesn’t guarantee you a mold-free mattress.

So, keep your mattress well-aerated, use a good mattress protector and lower your bedroom’s humidity to ensure your mattress is mold/mildew free.

  Is a Memory Foam Mattress Bad for You?


Despite memory foam’s many benefits, there are a few drawbacks that are worth considering. Some, one can live with, but others can be a deal-breaker.

All this, however, depends on an individual. Is memory foam bad for you? Let’s find out, shall we?

 1- Sink in Feel May Not Be for You

The sinking in feeling that set’s memory foam apart from other mattresses is also one of its greatest undoings. Some people just don’t like that sinking in feeling.  This phenomenon limits mobility on the mattress and can make one feel trapped.

This makes memory foam mattresses not the easiest kind to move around on or get out off. If you have a condition that limits your mobility, you may want to consider another mattress type other than memory foam.

Or if you simply don’t like the sink in feel, you also might want to rethink this type of mattress. Stomach sleepers can have trouble breathing when sleeping on a memory foam mattress.

This happens when the head sinks in too much. If you like a floating feeling while sleeping, opt for a lower density memory foam or another type of mattress like latex.

 2- Possible Heat Issues

One major complaint made against memory foam is that it sleeps hot. If you are a hot sleeper who tends to wake up hot and sweaty, then you might want to consider a different kind of mattress. 

The dense nature of viscoelastic foam and its energy-absorbing properties work to trap heat between a sleeper and the mattress. This can make a hot sleeper even hotter causing them sleepless nights.What you can do is opt for memory foams that use cooling technologies.

The most effective include copper-infused, gel layer, and open-cell memory foams. If you must have the comfort properties of memory foam, then consider buying a mattress cooling topper for your foam bed.

 3- Lack of Transparency in Quality

It is very common in the memory foam industry that the manufacturer doesn’t show the specs of their mattress. You always need to ask for the density and the certifications and not give in to advertising.

The bed-in-a-box revolution has brought some much needed streamlining in the mattress market, but with it, increased competition too. In a world, where it’s increasingly important to find out where, and how, what you consume was produced.

It’s important to get truthful information from the manufacturers about what you purchase.Unfortunately, the memory foam industry is quite unregulated.

Some good manufacturers choose to use best practices, others not so much. Luckily, some certifications can help you choose a quality product.

When getting a memory foam mattress look for a CertiPur-US certification. Ask to see the mattresses makeup and confirm with the relevant authorities that the certifications are genuine.

Because of the chemical treatment of memory foams, they are known to emit VOCs, volatile organic compounds.

These compounds can be harmful in uncontrolled amounts. Ensure to check that your mattress manufacturer of choice uses a safe kind of memory foam to create the bed you are interested in like the mattresses in this list.

 4- Off-Gassing

All manufactured things tend to have a smell, like the new car smell, new paint smell and so on. This smell is usually as a result of the breaking down of volatile organic compounds that were resultant from the manufacturing process.

New memory foam tends to have a smell as well. This is resultant from the breaking down of the VOCs contained in the chemicals that create memory foam’s viscoelastic nature.  

While some of these VOCs are considered harmless. Some people have reported headaches, nausea, eye, and throat irritations from prolonged exposure to this gasses.

To minimize your exposure to these chemicals, check for a CertiPUR-US labeled mattress. CertiPUR-US checks mattresses for harmful VOCs such as CFCs, phthalates, formaldehyde, heavy metals, and PBDEs.

Off-gassing can last up to 4 weeks. Try airing out the mattress for at least a week before use. To reduce the off-gassing problem some manufacturers are including plant-based materials in memory foams to reduce this effect. Be on the lookout for such memory foams.


 5- Not Very Sex Friendly (Though Couple Friendly)

Memory foam is great at isolating motion but in so doing it might also affect the rhythm of sex. Compared to spring mattresses, whose bouncy nature aids couple’s movement during sex, memory foam is unresponsive and does little in the way of aiding movements during this activity.

One benefit, however, is that the person below doesn’t bear all the weight of the person on top. Memory foam contours perfectly to the bottom person’s body.

This helps spreads out their weight evenly across the mattress, alleviating pressure points. 

Another benefit is the couple friendly nature of memory foam which is utterly silent. With memory foam, you don’t have to worry about waking up the kids, neighbors, or even the next-door motel occupants.

Unlike the noise produced by a spring bed, memory foam absorbs motion and isolates it, keeping the bed silent.


 What to Get with Your Memory Foam Mattress?


 Things you might need with your memory foam mattress:Having decided on a memory foam mattress, below is a list of items that complement that mattress well.

Some are essential and you should consider getting them to derive maximum benefit from your memory foam mattress. While others are optional but great to have.

 1- A Cooling Mattress Protector (Essential)

No matter the type of mattress you get, you should always invest in a mattress protector. Memory foam is known to sleep hot. To solve this problem, you can add a cooling mattress protector

A Tencel mattress protector for example would be ideal for your memory foam mattress as it protects it from bugs and also improves the cooling factor to increase quality of sleep, hitting two birds with one stone. 

Another major thing to consider is what the cooling cover is made of. Natural materials are known to be cooler. As such, invest in a cooling protector that features such materials as Tencel and bamboo.

Tencel is a highly absorbent fabric that is softer than natural cotton. It keeps you cool by absorbing excess moisture and distributing it to the rest of the fabric, keeping you dry. It’s used in all manner of clothing meant to keep you cool.

 2- A Strong Foundation (Essential)

While memory foam mattresses are undoubtedly comfortable, using the wrong type of foundation can reduce this benefit drastically. A strong foundation is essential for protecting your mattress from fast wear and tear. 

It is also great at supporting your body by absorbing your weight and distributing it evenly, providing excellent support for your back. That’s why manufacturers are shifting away from box springs to more modern, thicker foundations.

The wrong type of foundation can void your mattress warranty so it’s important to ensure you invest in a good foundation.Platform beds, adjustable bases, steel or wooden frames work well. When using a slat bed ensure there are 3-6 inch spaces between the slats.

3- Cooling Sheets (Optional)

We have already established that memory foam sleeps hot. One tip for cooling down a memory foam mattress is to use cooling sheets. However, you need the right kind of sheets. The best moisture-wicking sheets are made from natural materials.

The natural cotton of the long-staple kind has long been proven to be very effective at cooling beds. As well as Bamboo sheets which contain natural bamboo fibers.

These are better at aerating your sleep surface and more absorbent than cotton. Which keeps you cool enough for a good night’s rest. 

However, if you are looking for the coolest material to sleep on, then Tencel is it. Tencel is a fabric made from the cellulose of wood pulp. It’s all the rage right now due to its numerous benefits.

Like the fact that it’s more absorbent than bamboo and cotton combined. It doesn’t wrinkle easily, it’s eco-friendly and great for people who suffer allergies.

 4- An Adjustable Foundation (Optional)

There are many reasons to get an adjustable bed and the good thing is that they work well with memory foam mattresses.Improve your sleeping position with an adjustable bed whose major benefit is creating ergonomic sleep positions.

Back Pain:

Adjustable foundations help reduce back pain. If you are used to seating upon your bed, to read, work or watch the T.V, then you know how uncomfortable that can get. You having to constantly adjust the pillows supporting your back.

However, if you are using an adjustable foundation, you can seat up as if seating on the couch and work without straining your back.For those who suffer back pain, sleeping in a slightly inclined position with support under your knees can alleviate this issue tremendously.

Help with medical conditions:

Adjustable foundations also help with certain medical conditions such as Acid reflux, sleep apnea or even varicose veins.

Raising your bed at the head and feet positions when suffering from either one of these can help reduce their effects greatly. Of course, you should consult your doctor first.

Reduces snoring:

Perhaps the best reason to get an adjustable bed is if you or your partner snores. Raising a snoring person’s head while they sleep, helps open up the blocked air passages. This helps them breathe better while sleeping and cures snoring. An adjustable bed will help achieve this.

 5- A Comfortable Pillow (Optional)

Pillows play important roles in our sleep. They help support the head, neck, and back. Besides, most people just feel more comfortable when using a pillow.

Consider your sleeping position to get the right kind of pillow. Side sleepers and back sleepers are recommended to sleep with pillows. But in this case, one size does not fit all.

When to use a pillow:

Side sleepers need a firmer pillow that fills the gap between their head and the bed. This is the only way they can achieve proper spine alignment.

Sleeping on an extremely soft pillow causes their head to sink in. This causes an awkward neck raise that can hurt their back.As for back sleepers, if they have to use a head pillow, then they need one that is thin and soft.

So, as not to raise the head in an awkward position that could hurt their back. Back sleepers also need a second pillow under their lower back, to help support that natural curve of the back.

It’s therefore important to get the right pillow by weighing in various factors like your sleeping position, weight and any medical condition you might be suffering from. 

Other benefits of a pillow:

Other benefits of getting a pillow include cooling you down at night. Research shows that the head heats up faster than any other body part. You can’t wake up at night to flip the mattress to the cooler side but you can with a pillow. 

Remember you need to get a pillow that goes well with your mattress. Your old pillow might not work for your new mattress. Therefore, consider getting a new one with the new mattres

 Memory Foam V.S Latex

A sleeper’s experience is determined by the material composition of the bed they lay on. To help you gauge memory foam’s performance compared to its closest competitors, we compare and contrast it with latex below. Though both memory foam and latex are considered foam, they have notabledifferences.

 1- Feel and Comfort Comparison

Due to the difference in the structure of both memory foam and latex foam, the resultant feel is usually different too.

Memory foam is more viscous in nature and so it tends to hug your body creating a sink-in feel. Latex, on the other hand, is more elastic and tends to bounce back to its original position immediately pressure is lifted off.

As such, it creates a more sleep-on, floating feeling while lying on it.When it comes to comfort, memory foam’s soft feel and its ability to conform to the body perfectly makes it a more comfortable surface to lie on than Latex.

Latex’s bouncy nature allows it to only conform to the body’s impressions but it bounces back to its normal form once you move. This makes latex better for support more than comfort.

 2- Material Comparison

While both memory foam and latex are considered foams, they differ in the materials used to construct them.

Memory foam construction:

Memory foam was created by NASA scientists in 1966 to protect its pilots during a crash. It is made from polyurethane treated with chemicals to make it viscoelastic.

Latex construction:

Latex, on the other hand, is created from Hevea milk, a white sap collected from rubber trees. There are three types of Latex, Natural, Synthetic, and Blended. 

Natural latex is made from 100% natural tree rubber sap. It’s very rare and rather expensive to produce. But offers an unmatched springy feel. 

Synthetic latex is made from petrochemicals that mimic natural latex. It’s less springy than natural latex and tends to smell more when new. It’s cheaper than natural latex, making latex products cheaper.

Blended latex is made from a combination of Natural and Synthetic latex. This is so that the end product can capture the benefits of both types of latex. These benefits include a bouncier feel and a decreased cost of production.

Latex’s methods of production:

To add on to this, latex has two different methods of manufacture. Latex can be produced using the Dunlop or the Talalay method.

These methods produce different qualities of latex. Talalay is better preferred for producing softer, more breathable latex.

Both memory foam and Latex have their advantages and disadvantages so it all boils down to your preference.


 3- Cooling Comparison

When it comes to temperature sensitivity, memory foam sleeps hotter than latex. Memory foam’s dense nature is less breathable and tends to trap heat between the sleeper and the bed.

To remedy this, modern memory foam mattresses have adopted an open-cell formula. This allows more airflow and a night of cooler sleep.

Some manufacturers have gone an extra step of infusing cooling materials such as copper and gel into the mattress. This kind of materials actively absorb, distribute and dissipate heat away from you as you sleep.

Latex, on the other hand, sleeps cooler than memory foam. This is aided by the fact that it’s made from natural materials, (when using natural or blended latex). Latex, also, features large pinholes throughout the foam.

This holes, allows it to breathe, helping to keep sleepers cool at night. Latex’s bouncy nature helps users sleep cooler, as well, because it doesn’t trap heat. If sleeping hot is an issue, you are better off going for a latex mattress rather than memory foam.

 4- Longevity Comparison

Both memory foam and latex mattresses are durable options. Latex, however, lasts longer than memory foam but costs a lot more. Because of its ability to bounce back to its original form immediately after compression, Latex rarely sags or indents.

This helps keep it firm and supportive longer than any other mattress type. Memory foam of higher density, on the other hand, lasts just as long as latex or even longer when manufactured right.

To enjoy this benefit, you are looking at a memory foam density of over 5 lbs.  Of course, the higher the density the more money you’ll pay for memory foam. But it’s well worth it for the longer life.

Averagely, latex tends to last up to 8years, while memory foam lasts between 6 and 7 years. Of course, taking care of your mattress, like regularly rotating or flipping it will help make it last longer.


 5- Price Comparison

When it comes to price, memory foam is cheaper than latex. For example, a good queen memory foam bed averages $900 while the same averages $2000 for a latex brand.

That’s a considerable difference in price. This can be explained by the fact that latex is more expensive to produce. Natural latex mattresses are even more expensive because the material is harder to produce.

They are, however, more durable and have many valuable benefits.Memory foams, on the other hand, afford similar if not better benefits and cost way less.

Again, when it comes to a choice between the two, it will all depend on your preference and budget.

 6- Couple Friendliness Comparison

When it comes to couple friendliness, the main determinants are usually motion transfer and response. Memory foam outranks all other mattress types when it comes to motion transfer.

Their nature allows them to absorb motion and localize it, transmitting zero disturbance during movements on the mattress. This is especially beneficial for light sleepers whose sleep is easily interrupted by their partner’s movement in bed. 

This can, however, work against a couple when it comes to sex, and that’s where latex shines. Because of its bouncy nature, latex proves more enjoyable during night time bed activities than the non-responsive memory foam. As such, you have to weigh what’s more important to you, better sleep or better sex?


 Memory Foam V.S Hybrids


Memory foam and spring mattresses are two of the most popular mattresses to ever be made. To take advantage of the benefits produced by both types of mattresses, the Hybrid was created. But is it all that better than memory foam? The following comparison of the two types of mattress will tell us.

 1- Feel and Comfort Comparison

Hybrids are part foam (memory or latex) and part springs. This way they offer both a soft but bouncy surface to lie on. The main aim of a Hybrid is to offer the same comfort offered by memory foam mattresses without compromising on support.

The comfort produced by a hybrid will depend on the material used in the top layer. When using a memory foam top, the hybrid will feel just as comfortable but will have better mobility due to the spring base. 

In essence, if you want more of the comfort feeling, go for memory foam. But if you want a balance between comfort and support without the bed feeling too firm, then go for a hybrid.

 2- Material Comparison

Memory foam mattresses are made up of different layers of foam. These layers comprise of comfort and support. The comfort layer which is the actual memory foam goes on top while the support layers made of denser polyfoams form the base. 

Hybrids tend to walk the line between both worlds. Providing both comfort and support. A hybrid features a top layer made up of memory foam or latex foam and a base made of individual pocket springs.

This balances out comfort with support, ensuring you don’t compromise one for the other.As such, hybrids tend to be better mattresses, but they come at a high price.

 3- Cooling Comparison

Hybrids sleep cooler than memory foam mattresses. The use of pocketed inner springs creates large spaces for ample airflow. This helps keep the mattress top cool enough for a good night’s rest.

Memory foam’s dense nature is known to trap heat. This is one of the mattress’s major complaints. However, to remedy this, manufacturers are now creating cooler memory foams, by adopting the open cell mattress structure.

Or adding a gel and copper-infused layer at the top. These strides have greatly paid off, as memory foams now sleep a bit cooler than before. Overall, if sleeping hot is a big problem for you, then you might be better off with a Hybrid.

 4- Longevity Comparison

While many believe that a Hybrid lasts longer than memory foam. Research shows, that there isn’t that big of a difference in the durability of these two types of mattresses.

They both have a lifespan of 6-8 years.The durability of a mattress is greatly influenced by density. The higher the density the more durable the mattress is.

A higher density memory foam lasts longer than its counterparts. This is because it’s dense content takes longer to break down. This type of memory foam can easily outlast a medium-firm hybrid. 

Hybrids also have a crippling disadvantage with the use of coils. Coils are known to rust, break, and sag over time. As such, you are more likely to experience an earlier sagging feeling on a hybrid more than on memory foam. 

Note, however, that research shows heavier people about 230 lbs and above are better off sleeping on a hybrid than memory foam for support purposes.

What this means, is that you should weigh your options carefully when it comes to determining which mattress durability you’ll go for.

5- Price Comparison

Hybrids cost way more than memory foam beds. Their use of coils increases these bed’s prices considerably. For example, a queen hybrid averagely costs over $2000 while a queen memory foams average $900.

The difference in price is always brought about by the materials used in the production of different types of mattresses. In this case, the memory foam tends to be cheaper, because the polyfoam base is cheap to produce.

Quality also determines price, a careful comparison of the performance of both mattresses shows that hybrids perform better in terms of support, temperature neutrality, and even longevity in some instances.

Some people would rather have the best of the two worlds instead of compromising on one essential sleeping factor for another.With that, it’s clear that though hybrids are more expensive, they are worth every penny.

 6- Couple Friendliness Comparison

Memory foams are good at motion isolation, this means a quiet peaceful rest for you, despite your partner’s tossing and turning. Hybrids, on the other hand, are more responsive and poorer at motion isolation.

Making them noisier. This means, light sleepers are likely to be jolted wide awake by their partner’s movements.To make up for this huge drawback, Hybrids responsiveness makes for more enjoyable sex.

Again, the choice here lies on what you prefer more, quieter sleep or better sex?



There you have it, a guide to selecting the best memory foam mattress in 2019. Remember what to look for in memory foam. The mattress factors such as build, density, thickness, and cooling factors play a huge role in choosing the right kind of foam mattress. Not forgetting the company reputation, it’s a warranty, and return policy.

This guide also gives you a list of the advantages and disadvantages of memory foam. It’s good to know what you are getting yourself into, beforehand. The guide wouldn’t be complete without comparing and contrasting some of memory foam’s greatest competitors.

To complement your foam mattress checkoff list, we even added a few things that you might want to get with it.We hope you find this the most comprehensive guide about memory foam mattresses and that it helps you acquire the best memory foam mattress.

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